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La Palma REAL

695 € per person

Surround the lush north of La Palma along the GR130 walking on your own, from point to point. Discover the deep green laurel forests at Los Tilos. Walk through magical landscapes past tiny villages and breathtaking cliffs. Immerse yourself in the spectacular mountain scenery by walking through the GR131 from Roque de Los Muchachos to Pico de La Nieve and also crossing the mythical Volcanoes Route.

6 Essential hikes to discover the real La Palma:

Includes 7 nights in 2 charming accommodations, breakfast included. By La Palma hiking 6 self-guided walks on the northern and southern side walking along the GR130 on La Palma. With all necessary transfers, both for person’s support and luggage.


1st – Coastal Path, from Los Sauces to Puntallana

2nd – Hike through the laurel forests, from Los Tilos to Barlovento

3rd – The rugged north coast, from Barlovento to Franceses

4th – Franceses – El Tablado – Roque del Faro on the GR130 la palma

5th – The Caldera peaks: from Roque Muchachos to Pico La Nieve

6th – The Volcanoes Route: Refugio del PilarFuencaliente

more about difficulty...
This programme is for you if you usually do sports and have a good physical background; if you can walk steep slopes up and down and don’t have health problems; if you love nature, are environmentally friendly and are a regular hiker. 
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Programa La Palma REAL

SELF GUIDED hiking tours

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transfers to each tour, by taxi or public bus

El Galeon Recepción


small charming hotels, with breakfast (more information in Hotels tab)

What does this programme include?       

  • Accommodations – 7 nights stay in 2 different charming accommodations, B&B, Santa Cruz de La Palma & Barlovento.
  • Informations –  face-to-face personalised information on arrival day
  • Material  – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival
  • GPX Tracs– to follow your tourss with your mobile device
  • Taxi transfers – all necessary transfers for each route
  • Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or doubt you may have


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    What does this trip include?
    • Accommodation with breakfast
    • Taxi transfers & public bus transfers
    • GPX Tracs
    • Support 24h
    What is NOT included?

    Flights to and from your home city to La Palma are not included.

    Cancellation Policy
    – Up to 14 days before the date of arrival, 100% refund without justifying reasons.
    – Between 13 and 7 days before the arrival date, 75% refund or free of charge dates change.
    – Between 6 and 3 days before the arrival date, 50% refund or free of charge dates change.
    48 hours before the arrival date, 0% refund or date change with 20% penalty of total amount.
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    About the Isla Bonita

    With no more than 724 square kilometres, the ridges of La Palma rise vertiginously from 0 to 2500 metres in an instant. This is why it deserves the honour of being among the highest in the world, in relation to its surface area. Its climatic diversity is due to the mountainous mass that divides the island in two and generates different microclimates with their respective landscapes. The north side receives the humidity of the Atlantic and boasts an incredible semi-tropical vegetation. However, the west side has trees with a Mediterranean aspect, made up of pine forests and low scrubland. The south, of recent volcanic origin, is more desert-like and often sun-drenched. It was in a small strip in the south-west that the recent Cumbre Vieja volcano was produced. Fortunately, none of the routes of La Palma hiking have been affected.

    La Palma REAL in words


    La Palma hiking on the Coastal Path, from Puntallana to San Andrés  

    The GR130 is a path that runs along the old Caminos Reales (Royal Roads) and goes all along the north coast of La Palma. Our route starts in Puntallana, 400 metres above the sea. From there the path heads gently towards the coastline. It crosses three impressive ravines, always along the edge of a cliff that drops vertically towards the sea. It crosses countless banana, avocado, mango and pineapple plantations and heads towards the idyllic village of San Andrés, home to the island’s first landowners.

    La Palma hiking through the laurel forests, from Los Tilos to Barlovento

    As in other places in the north, in the forest of Los Tilos we find dense laurel forests together with a very particular endemic flora. Los Tilos was the place where the declaration of Biosphere Reserve was initiated, later expanding it to the rest of the island. In addition to a beautiful waterfall that can be visited before starting the route, we can obtain interesting information about its fauna and flora at the Visitor Centre.  With this background, we can now start our way to the Mirador de Las Barandas, along the PR LP 7. Then we still have to enter the Barranco de la Herradura ravine and reach the Laguna de Barlovento before finishing at the hotel.

    The rugged north coast, from Barlovento to Franceses

    Barlovento is located 600 metres above the sea and, as its name indicates, it receives the wind from the north-east almost constantly. From here the GR130 continues westwards, passing through the Bosque de Dragos de La Tosca and tiny hamlets until it reaches the district of Gallegos. It’s worth a refreshment in the only bar in the area. Marlenny is a Venezuelan woman of Palmeros ancestry who runs a characteristic place where you can have lunch and get your strength back. And now it’s time to cross the last ravine, perhaps the most spectacular. The GR130 descends along the cliff to the height of the sea to climb again towards Franceses, the end point of this route.

    Franceses – El Tablado – Roque del Faro on the GR130

    Probably one of the most impressive, but also one of the toughest routes. After a short transfer, the driver drops us off at the place where we finished yesterday. From there, following the route of the GR130, we descend steeply down a zigzagging path to climb back up to El Tablado. Fortunately in El Tablado there is Claire who runs a small shop and serves as a supply point. Here we leave the GR130 to begin an ascent to Roque del Faro along the PR LP 9. This is a circular path that takes you back to Franceses, passing Roque del Faro. But first you will cross the Barranco de La Magdalena ravine with its impressive laurel forests. 

    The Caldera peaks: from Roque Muchachos to Pico La Nieve

    Today we change tack. Our trail will be the GR131. This is a summit of La Palma hiking trail that skirts the entire crater of La Caldera de Taburiente, before heading south. From the Roque de Los Muchachos, at 2426 metres, we will walk eastwards, leaving behind the Astrophysical Observatory, a group of telescopes of different nationalities. The route offers permanently spectacular views of La Caldera de Taburiente, towards the north and south of La Palma and on the horizon, towards the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro. But on this route we will cross such peculiar landmarks as the Pared de Roberto, the Mirador de Los Andenes or the Pico de La Cruz, before reaching the Pico de La Nieve.

    The Volcanoes Route: Refugio del Pilar – Fuencaliente

    The Volcanoes Route is a classic of La Palma. It is probably the mythical route of the Isla Bonita. Not only because of the recent eruption at Cumbre Vieja (which did not affect this route) but also because of the exotic landscapes and the possibility of walking through an environment of recent volcanoes of extraordinary beauty. The starting point is at Refugio del Pilar, 1450 metres above sea level. From there, the path is marked GR131 in a southerly direction. After leaving the pine forest area behind, the first craters of the San Juan volcano, barely 70 years old, appear. From then on, the volcanoes follow one after the other in a breathtaking scenery that leaves no one indifferent. The final point of the route will be Fuencaliente, after crossing new pine forests in the south. Fuencaliente is known for its wines and for the exquisite almendrados, which you will be able to taste after the route.  

    La Palma weather

    The Canary Islands offer very stable and spring-like weather throughout the year. However, the central summer months can also be hot. The best months to enjoy La Palma hiking tours are from October to May..

    La Palma trails

    The trails are well signposted, with markings and posts in three colours: green, yellow and red. Red belongs to the long distance trails. Green to local trails. Yellow to small footpaths. You can get additional information on Senderos de La Palma web site.

    La Palma hiking
    Cascada de Los Tilos La Palma
    Los Tilos bosque de laurisilva en La Palma
    Ruta de Senderismo con guía por El Tablado en La Palma
    Observatorios del Roque de los Muchachos La Palma
    Ruta de Los Volcanes en La Palma a lo largo del GR131 desde el Regugio del Pilar por el Hoyo Negro
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      Two nights in a hotel
    Day 1

    Programa La Palma REALArrival to La Palma

    Informative meeting in our office to explain all the details of the routes.
    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel El Galeón
    Day 2

    Coastal Path, from Los Sauces to Puntallana

    Costa de Noreste de La Palma A short transfer takes you to Los Sauces, the agricultural epicentre of the region. From its lively square the GR 130 trail descends through banana and yam farms towards the sea, along the edge of the spectacular Barranco del Agua ravine. San Andrés is an idyllic village connected to the coastal path that runs southwards, crossing 3 spectacular ravines. The breathtaking views from the cliffs remain throughout the entire walking route, as you pass through a myriad of orchards with avocado and mango trees and vineyards. Puntallana, the end point of your first route, offers bars and kiosks in its square where you can refresh yourself with a good beer on arrival. The return to Santa Cruz de La Palma takes only 10 minutes by regular bus (line 100 - every hour).

    Niveau 3   14 km |  +835 m / -690 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel El Galeón
    Day 3

    Hike through the laurel forests, from Los Tilos to Barlovento

    Bosque de laurisilva en Los Tilos La Palma Islas CanariasShort transfer to Los Tilos forest, in whose ravine there is a spectacular 40 m high waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation. The Visitor Centre is worth a visit and offers interesting information about the endemic flora and fauna of this forest. The trail climbs first to the Las Barandas viewpoint and continues across the spectacular ravine of La Herradura, where there are innumerable giant ferns and centenary trees. Finally, after leaving the Laguna de Barlovento behind, the route ends at the Barlovento accommodation itself.

    Niveau 2    11 km |  +650 m / -570 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel La Palma Romántica
    Day 4

    The rugged north coast, from Barlovento to Franceses

    GR130 desde El Tablado hacia Franceses en La PalmaToday the route starts directly at your hotel. After breakfast, the GR 130 signs will take you to La Tosca, a picturesque hamlet with enormous centenary dragon trees, from where there is a spectacular view of the entire north coast. But the path continues its route, crossing areas of orchards until it reaches Gallegos, an idyllic rural enclave perched on a slope 300 metres above the sea. Here you can enjoy a good lunch in the Marleney bar, before continuing on to Franceses. Now it's time to cross one of the most spectacular ravines before the route ends. And after a brief rest on arrival, enjoying the breathtaking views of the cliff-top coastline, the 120 bus will take you back to Barlovento.

    Niveau 3   10 km |  +647 m / -860 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel La Palma Romántica
    Day 5

    Picturesque villages on the GR130: Franceses - El Tablado - Roque del Faro

    Vista a la Fajana de Franceses en el GR130 camino real a El TabladoOur driver will take you, in a 20 minutes transfer, to the point of Franceses where you will take the GR 130. And from there the path descends steeply to the sea and then takes a zigzagging ascent towards El Tablado. This is a village that retains a delightful rural charm. There is still a tiny inn where you can have a refreshing drink before starting the ascent to Roque Faro. The GR130 gives way to the PR LP 9.1 trail, which is circular in nature and crosses lush landscapes of extraordinary greenery on its ascent. When we reach Roque Faro we find the legendary tasca Casa Reyes, where the exquisite goat stew in sauce allows us to regain our strength after the relentless climb. Return by bus line 120 to Barlovento.

    Niveau 3   9 km | +1140 m / -626 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel La Palma Romántica
    Day 6

    Superb summits of La Caldera: from Roque to Pico de La Nieve along the GR131

    Vista desde el Roque de Los Mucahchos hacia la Caldera de TaburienteAfter a transfer to the Roque de los Muchachos, at an altitude of 2426 m, the GR 131 trail runs along the edge of La Caldera, one of the largest erosion craters in the world. Leaving behind the various observatories of the Astrofísico de Canarias, the trail progresses slightly downhill through Los Andenes, with the imposing view of the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and El Hierro on the horizon. Leaving the Pico de La Cruz (2,351 m) behind, the GR 131 heads south, offering spectacular views of both sides of the island. A little further on rises Pico de La Nieve (2,239 m), marking the end of this impressive route. But you will still have to descend to the road where the taxi awaits to take you to Santa Cruz de La Palma

    Niveau 3   12 km |  +598 m / -1086 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Holiday Time
    Day 7

    Along the mythical Volcanoes Route: Refugio del Pilar - Fuencaliente

    GR131 por la Ruta de Los Volcanes desde el Refugio del PilarThis is perhaps one of the most spectacular and iconic routes on La Palma. The GR 131 crosses the ridge of the southern mountain range of La Palma, showing a volcanic landscape of enormous drama. The trail starts at 1450 metres above sea level and on the gradual ascent you will be able to observe from the heights the smoking crater of the recent eruption (September 2021). It is a walking route through a succession of contemporary eruptions and ancient volcanic cones from remote times. Las Deseadas are two mounds that, at almost 2,000 metres high, mark the turning point of the route. But there is still the Martin Volcano (October 1646), a beautiful crater that begins to mark the end before penetrating the pine forests to the south and ending in the village of Fuencaliente. Return by regular bus 200 or 201.

    Niveau 4     17,2 km | +660 m / -1400 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Holiday Time
    Day 8


    Transfer to the Airport for your departure.


    Enjoy the lush north of the island, with lush, untouched vegetation. Passing through impressive green jungles and crossing spectacular cliffs with fantastic views over the Atlantic.


    • Price from: 695€ per person 
    • included:
      • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast
      • in/out Airport transfer
      • 6 Hiking tours
      • Taxi transfers and regular bus transfers
      • Luggage transfer, maps and printed descriptions
      • Meeting on arrival day
    Price per person: (double room): 695 € Single supplement: +230 €


    according to availability:

    Santa Cruz:


    Additional overnights

    It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


    The hiking week is not suitable for vertigo sufferers. Some walks can be considered as strenuous and parts of some trails has narrow passages. Some sections can be slippery due to loose stones and/or wet parts, especially in rainy days. To join the hiking week and enjoy the tours, it is essential to be healthy and to have good physical condition.


    La Palma has a well signposted network of trails, over 1000 km long. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of La Palma, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

    We recommend

    Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing. We do offer wooden walking sticks for free.


    The program is suitable for single travelers, although it is subject to an additional charge.

    Luggage transfer

    We move your luggage from one accommodation to next, so on your hikes you should only carry a backpack with the essentials of the day. For the whole trip, it is recommendable to use a single suitcase, not bigger than 20 kg.
    Price do not include flights, dinners, and picnics. 


    Because we know that flying to LA PALMA is not easy, we help you find the best options:

    If you can't find a suitable direct flight, try flying to TENERIFE or to  GRAN CANARIA. From there, you can easily reach LA PALMA by local flights or ferry.

    Fly to LA PALMA  (SPC) from Tenerife (TFN) or from Gran Canaria (LPA) with one of these local airlines:

    Binter Canarias     or     CanaryFly

    ... but if your flight lands at Tenerife South Airport (TFS), you may prefer to combine it with a nice fast-ferry sea crossing (3 hours) from Los Cristianos harbour with:

    Fred Olsen      or      Naviera Armas



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