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The island of Gran Canaria is well known for its sandy beach of Maspalomas. Hidden in its hinterland, multiple small villages, beautiful landscapes, and high mountains offer the perfect setting for a Gran Canaria walking holiday. The north has green and lush ravines with exquisite vegetation. The central plateau has iconic sites such as Roque Nublo or the Artenara houses in caves, and a lofty peak: Pico de las Nieves – 1949 mts high. From there, the view all over the island is impressive. Walking around Gran Canaria is a different way to discover the island and its secrets.

Gran Canaria Contrasts

Gran Canaria - Caldera Tejeda
Gran Canaria - Agaete- dedo de dios

Treasures of Gran Canaria

As part of a super varied ecosystem with the greatest biodiversity on this side of the Atlantic, Gran Canaria has natural landmarks of enormous beauty that will leave you speechless.

Suffice it to say that its beaches are the most beautiful or that its villages are full of a special charm that colors the streets with picturesque architecture.

However, this would only describe a tiny part of the treasures to be found in Gran Canaria as one of the richest territories in natural diversity and a conglomerate of landscapes that we rarely see somewhere else. By doing a Gran Canaria walking holiday you will be able to discover them. Some of the most beautiful natural monuments on the island are:

The Canarian rocks

The profuse volcanic activity with thousands of tons of igneous and basaltic rocks left a series of formations all over the geography of Gran Canaria that stand like great guardians made of stone.

These impressive formations are several meters high and can weigh several tons.

La Gañifa: a world of dreams

La Gañifa window is one of the most enigmatic, mysterious, and energetic places of the island. The warm sea breeze collides with the icy peaks and all this humidity is transformed into a thick fog that covers the whole landscape as in the most fantastic dream.

Snow-capped peaks: A journey to another land

If someone told us that we would need a thick parka or snow gear in the Canaries, we would probably think they were playing a joke on us. However, the beautiful snow-capped peaks of Gran Canaria will give you a very pleasant surprise with their incredible white blanket of steep slopes and beautiful panoramas.

The Grand Canyon

You don’t need to go to Colorado or Arizona to hike through the dry riverbed of a very old stream and marvel at rocky skyscrapers with smooth walls and striking contrasts of colors. Visiting the Coronadero Arch will take you to a landscape more than 10 million years old, one of the most spectacular places during your hiking holidays in Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria Teror
Gran Canaria - Caldera de Bandama

Probably the person who invented the phrase “the world is a small world” travelled through the beautiful geography of Gran Canaria. This beautiful island is home to all the climates of the planet in a single territory.

From the snowy peaks that resemble the landscape of the Pyrenees or the Swiss snowcapped peaks, the most fertile valleys that remind us of the French countryside or the most beautiful Caribbean beaches.

We also find beaches that remind us of the Saharan desert or a small sample of the Grand Canyon of Colorado. Gran Canaria has also panoramas that resemble those of a Martian plain.

Thousands of years of continuous volcanic activity together with the action of Atlantic winds have formed peaks, valleys, depressions, and the most striking geographical features. Within these natural formations, vegetation, soil, and a microclimate that varies radically over just a few meters.

The island has a pleasantly stable temperature throughout the year with few rains and temperature peaks that do not exceed 10 degrees between seasons.

These conditions are ideal for the development of tourism, specially hiking, outdoor adventures and nature exploring, available all year round and in every season.

What to do on your visit to the island?

We should probably ask ourselves what NOT to do in Gran Canaria. In our Gran Canaria walking holidays the answer is very simple… Boredom! The island has one of the largest tourist infrastructures in the archipelago and an infinite compendium of activities.

Relax on the shores of a soft sandy beach with a cool breeze and then rappel down a deep ravine hidden behind a waterfall, suspended dozens of meters above the ground. Gran Canaria has the perfect holidays for ramblers.

Mountaineering, hiking and outdoor activities with an unlimited number of things to do in its beautiful geography. Its seas offer natural reefs ideal for scuba diving in crystal clear waters full of marine life.

In short, having fun on the island is a natural state and will make your stay to feel very short, always wanting to come back.

Culture, gastronomy and the Canarian people

The Canary Islands experienced an important emigration phenomenon during the last third of the last century. The Canarians took the sea, and their adventures led them to every corner of the Earth.

Today, the children of these emigrants have returned to their roots, bringing with them a backpack full of cultural experiences and ways of life that have blended perfectly with the ancestral Gran Canarian traditions.

There is no better place to witness this wonderful fusion than at the table. The new gastronomy of Gran Canaria is full of dishes that combine Caribbean, European, Iberian and Asian ingredients in perfect synchrony.

Wrinkled potatoes are combined with American chili mojos to give them that perfect touch of spiciness while the gofio is combined with Caribbean sugar cane to take the most discerning palates to new heights.

Like any island, in your Gran Canaria holidays there is an infinite supply of seafood. From the richest fish to seafood cooked with the most innovative and traditional techniques to offer unforgettable experiences.

After an exquisite meal, the best thing to do is to explore the Canarian cultural scene, a beautiful collage of art, tradition, new trends and the best of theatre, music, and dance from all over the world. Without a doubt, the greatest treasure hidden in Gran Canaria is the pleasure of sharing with its cheerful people and discovering their famous hospitality.

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