¿How does the gift voucher work…?

Regalar un bono para un viaje de senderismo en La Palma

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of an

activity or trip

The person receiving the gift will get by email a printable voucher with an attractive gift design, redeemable for any activity or trip on our website, for the amount you have chosen. The difference between the value of the chosen activity and the value of the voucher can be redeemed or refunded. Pay for your voucher online now and provide us with the details of the recipient below:

And what happens if the recipient prefers not to use the voucher?


1.- Could I pass it on to someone else??   …   YES, this voucher can be transferred to any person..

2.- Does this voucher expire on any date?   …  NO, the voucher can be consumed on any date

3.- Can I request a refund?   …  YES, explicitly justifying the impossibility of applying the two previous cases