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Self-guided Walking Holidays


825 € per person

Experience the best hiking routes in Tenerife on your own. Walk independently, choosing from a variety of trails of varying difficulty. Over the course of a week you will stay in three different hotels and you will have a rental car to move around and walk the trails you have chosen.

Walking holidays in Tenerife, 6 Key Routes in 1 Week:

Includes rental car and 7 nights in small charming hotels, breakfast included, as well as 6 self-guided walks on the trails in Tenerife, to choose from:

primera caminataa:  Chamorga – Roque Bermejo
b:  Cruz del Carmen – Bosques de Anaga


segunda caminataa:  Puertito de Güimar –  Malpaís de Güimar
b:  Las Coloradas – Ventanas de Güimar

tercera caminataa:  Roques de Garcia + Pico Viejo
b:  Montaña de Guajara – Las Cañadas

cuarta caminataa:  Garachico – El Guincho
b:  Ruta del Agua: San José – El Tanque


quinta caminataa:  Barranco de Masca
b:  Macizo de Teno – Monte del Agua


sexta caminataa:  Barranco del Infierno
b:  Roque del Conde – Roque Imoque

MAP Tenerife Esencial program a

Difficulty – option a:

Niveau 2

more about difficulty...
This trip is for you if you like walking and this is something you do on a regular basis; you are in decent physical shape with no health problems; you can overcome certain slopes both uphill and downhill; you love nature and you are respectful of the environment.
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MAP Tenerife Esencial program b

Difficulty – option b:

Niveau 4


more about difficulty...
This programme is for you if you are in excellent physical condition; if you can cover steep slopes and have no vertigo or health problems; if you regularly do long walks and consider yourself a good sportsman, love nature and are respectful of the environment. 
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Mietwagen Rent a car coche de alquiler

rental car

All transfers will be done with your rental car. Circular routes with occasional taxi transfers.

Finca Salamanca Hotel Rural


small charming hotels included, with breakfast (more information in Hotels tab).

What does walking holidays in Tenerife program include?

  • Rental car – during the entire stay on Tenerife
  • Accommodations – 3 different charming hotels, B&B,  7 days
  • Videoconference information – personalised information by video-talk on your arrival day
  • Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival
  • GPX Tracs – to follow your tourss with your mobile device
  • Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or doubt you may have

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    What does this trip include?
    • Accommodation with breakfast
    • Rental car
    • GPX Tracs &  Information material
    • Support 24h
    What is NOT included?

    Flights to and from your home city to Tenerife are not included.

    Cancellation Policy
    – Up to 14 days before the date of arrival, 100% refund without justifying reasons.
    – Between 13 and 7 days before the arrival date, 75% refund or free of charge dates change.
    – Between 6 and 3 days before the arrival date, 50% refund or free of charge dates change.
    48 hours before the arrival date, 0% refund or date change with 20% penalty of total amount.
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    Take out a Cancellation Insurance for your trip just for a few pounds and get a full refund of everything you would have paid, including your flights.

    Tenerife is one of the world’s greatest hiking paradises, its routes are recognised as the most versatile, unique and breathtaking on the planet by the most experienced hikers.

    It is also one of the very few places in the world that has the luxury of having all the climates of the world in such a small area. In a single day we can hike the snow-capped peaks of El Teide and walk along a coastal cliff with dreamlike views.

    Winter, summer, spring or autumn, the island is definitely a dream for any hiker regardless of their level of experience and skill.
    We have routes that range from the gentlest of complex family-friendly hikes with gentle gradients and idyllic scenery to the steepest of gorges that only the most expert hikers dare to cross.

    Streams, waterfalls, crags, cliffs and perfect beaches that escape the mass tourism packages that are only accessible through the most beautiful routes on the planet.

    The island is a melting pot of climates, soils and vegetation. You can wander from the desert panorama of volcanic calderas with rugged and rustic landscapes to the most fertile valleys populated by the mythical Canary Island pine.
    Snowy paths and icy crags that outline alpine landscapes that combine with the warm trails of the coast combined with the view of the stone rocks that guard the passage of walkers.

    Without a doubt, Tenerife is a paradise in any of its beautiful corners. The most picturesque villages on the coast contrast with the dizzying pace of the city or the stillness of the intimate solitude of the island’s interior. You will love Hiking Tenerife ESSENTIAL. 

    • Destination
    • Included
      Bed & Breakfast accommodation
      Car Rental
      Liability and accidents insurance
      Maps and printed descriptions
      Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    • Not Included
      4WD transfer
      access permissions
      Arrival transfer
      Bicycle rental
      Bus transfers
      Courtesy lunch
      field telescope
      Half board accommodation
      HAVEN hanging tent
      in/out Airport transfer
      Local flights + Ferry
      Luggage transfer
      Transfer by ship
      Traslado en 4x4
      Two nights in a hotel
    Day 1

    Arrival in Tenerife

    Pick up the rental car at the airport and drive by your own to the hotel.

    Accommodation + breakfast:   Hotel Rural La Casona Santo Domingo (Güimar) or similar
    Day 2

    a/ Chamorga - Roque Bermejo

    Chamorga is a village located at the northern end of the Parque Rural de Anaga, a protected natural area of great botanical interest, at the end of the TF-123 road.
    The route starts where the Bar Casa Alvaro is located and continues along the Tafada path towards the mountain of the same name.  From this mountain, the path descends towards the Lighthouse of Anaga and finally reaches a picturesque fishing enclave called Roque Bermejo. After an obligatory pause, the path starts its ascent towards Casas Blancas through the Barranco de Roque Bermejo ravine to return to Chamorga.

    Niveau 2 7,9 km | + 605 m | - 605 m

    b/ Cruz del Carmen - Macizo de Anaga

    From the Mirador de La Cruz del Carmen the path crosses a lush forest of laurel trees, a plant residue from prehistoric times.  The Sendero de Anaga heads towards Las Carboneras and Chinamada, although our path continues through a dense mass of fayas and heather towards the Mirador del Escobón.
    ] After ascending towards Las Hiedras, the path takes us back to the Mirador de la Cruz del Carmen.

    Niveau 2 8,6 km | + 434 m | - 434 m

    Accommodation + breakfast:  Hotel Rural La Casona Santo Domingo (Güimar) or similar
    Day 3

    a/ Puertito de Güimar - Malpaís

    From the picturesque Puertito de Güimar, the road runs along the coast towards the Montaña Grande, surrounding it on its way back to the Puertito.
    The fascinating landscape of its Malpaís captivates from the first moment. It is an authentic treasure of great ecological importance that was declared protected area in 1987. Today, this Special Nature Reserve has a unique volcanic landscape that occupies a large valley in the southeast of Tenerife, from the Montaña Grande to the coast.

    Niveau 2 9,5 km | + 150 m | - 160 m

    b/ Las Coloradas - Ventanas de Güimar

    The Ventanas de Güimar is an aerial trail that runs through old water galleries, along an ancient water channel, 1000 metres above the sea. A very spectacular but dangerous route. Not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo and requires the use of torches to cross several tunnels.
    ] The route runs permanently along a narrow path carved in the vertical walls of the summit. Its high walls fall perpendicularly from the gigantic peaks that culminate in the altos de Izaña.

    Niveau 2 11,5 km | + 750 m | - 1115 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel & Spa El Tejar (Vilaflor) or similar
    Day 4

    a/ Roques de Garcia

    The Roques de García are basaltic remains that emerge at the foot of Pico del Teide, at the base of Las Cañadas, 2100 metres above sea level. Because of their extraordinary beauty, they were declared Heritage of Humanity and are a photogenic motive for hundreds of daily visitors.
    The path that surrounds them is easy to walk and allows to enjoy a spectacular environment, both for its endemic plants and for the interesting geology of the place.

    5 km | + 225 m | - 225 m

    b/ Guajara Mountain

    To the south, the Montaña de Guajara is closed by an impressive natural amphitheatre: Las Cañadas del Teide. Its peak, rising up to 2715 metres above the sea, offers unbeatable views towards the whole south coast of Tenerife and the spectacular omnipresence of Pico del Teide, in the north.
    ] The Circular Path of Guajara starts from the Parador Nacional to reach the summit of the third highest peak of Tenerife. It is undoubtedly the most spectacular viewpoint towards the Pico Viejo and the summit of the Teide.

    Niveau 3 10,5 km | + 645 m | - 640 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel & Spa El Tejar (Vilaflor) or similar
    Day 5

    a/ Garachico - El Gincho

    This is a beautiful coastal route, but it also climbs through the Protected Landscape of the Acantilados de La Culata. The old town of Garachico shows the importance that this municipality had before the eruption of the Arenas Negras volcano.
    From the top of La Culata you can see the rivers of lava that ran into the sea and devastated the village and the old port. And when descending to the Mirador del Gincho, a beautiful view of the coastline stretching towards the new harbour by the Playa de las Agujas opens up.

    Niveau 2 8,8 km | + 515 m | - 535 m

    b/ Water Route: San José - El Tanque

    The Water Route offers spectacular views from the Isla Baja to El Teide. The trail runs through one of the last redoubts of laurisilva in the area, through the bed of a ravine of singular beauty. Fountains, galleries and cabocos follow one after the other through a path that goes along the Barranco del Agua up to El Tanque.
    This is an area that was once prosperous thanks to the cultivation of cereals and other products of the land. Today, however, it lives its melancholic decadence preserving all the beauty of its landscapes.

    Niveau 3 13 km | + 575 m | - 575 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel  La Casona del Patio   (Santiago del Teide) or similar
    Day 6

    a/ Barranco de Masca

    <<Pre-booking essential&>>
    From the picturesque village of Masca, 612 metres above the sea, this route through the Parque Rural de Teno, descends through a deep ravine of spectacular beauty. The trail ends at the beach of Masca, squeezed between the high cliffs of Los Gigantes.
    After a rest and possible swim, you will have to undo all the way back to the car or use the boat-taxi transfer to Puerto de Santiago (and continue by taxi to Masca to pick up the vehicle).

    Niveau 2 6,5 km | + 25 m | - 565 m

    b/ Macizo de Teno - Monte del Agua

    The Aldea de las Portelas is the starting point of a circular route of 11.5 kilometres through the Parque Rural de Teno, a natural space of singular beauty. This is a route that crosses part of the well-known "Monte del agua", shelter of a valuable laurel forest,
    ] After ascending through the interior of the forest with exclusive vegetation of the Macaronesia, we reach the Morro de los Tomillos from where there are privileged views towards the Pico del Teide.

    Niveau 2 11,5 km | + 575 m | - 580 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel  La Casona del Patio   (Santiago del Teide) or similar
    Day 7

    a/ Barranco del Infierno

    <<Pre-booking essential&>>
    Along an old shepherds' path, the route goes ascending next to the bed of the ravine of the same name until arriving to a spectacular waterfall of 200 metres of altitude.
    ] The Barranco del Infierno is nowadays a protected space as Special Natural Reserve because it shelters a fauna of great richness and diversity, and a considerable variety of endemic fauna and flora.
    The route starts and ends in the Calle de Los Molinos in the municipality of Adeje, 350 metres above the sea.

    Niveau 2 7,5 km | + 350 m | - 350 m

    b/ Roque del Conde - Roque Imoque

    From the same Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Arona following the GR 131 path towards Barranco del Rey, we will ascend towards the summit of Roque del Conde to enjoy an unbeatable view of the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and towards the urbanisations in the south of Tenerife.
    The path climbs up to the Roque Ichasagua to continue to the Roque Imoque. After enjoying the breathtaking views from its viewpoint, the trail descends to rejoin the GR 131 on its way back to Arona.

    Niveau 3 10,7 km | + 840 m | - 840 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel  La Casona del Patio   (Santiago del Teide) or similar

    Day 8


    You drive to the airport for the departure and delivery of the rental car.


    We have designed the Essential programme for those who value the freedom to travel the best routes with no strings attached and with complete freedom to plan their times, stops and routes. A programme that allows you to have at your absolute disposal the right vehicle to drive at your own pace from a specially chosen accommodation to make the best routes through one of the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic. For a week you will enjoy your circular routes with various options and routes of different lengths, complexity and levels of demand. Come to Tenerife and fill yourself with experiences that will remain in your memory forever.


    Price per person 825 € in double room
    • The price includes:
      • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast
      • Rental car
      • Maps and information material
      • Information via Zoom
    • The price does NOT include:
      • Flight from/to your country to Tenerife
      • Lunches and dinners
    Single Supplement: +495 €


    • Hotel Rural La Casona Santo Domingo or similar (Güimar)
    • Hotel & Spa El Tejar or similar  (Vilaflor)
    • La Casona del Patio or similar (Santiago del Teide)

    Additional overnight stays

    It is also possible to book some additional overnight stays, before or after the trekking week, or an additional week for relaxation.


    The hiking week is moderate. It is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo as some trails run through narrow passages. Some sections of the trail may be slippery due to loose stones and/or wet spots, especially in rainy weather. To participate and enjoy the routes, it is essential to be in good health and physical condition.


    The Canary Islands have a well-marked network of trails. All the stretches along which our routes run are perfectly marked. In addition to precise indications, you will receive a detailed map of the island.

    We recommend

    Suitable hiking clothes and sturdy footwear. During the hikes, it is necessary to have enough food and drink, as well as sun protection, a hat, light windbreaker and in the winter months warm clothing. Chestnut poles are available free of charge.


    The programme is suitable for individual travellers, but is subject to a supplement.

    Luggage transfer

    We take care of the transfer of luggage from one accommodation to the next, so that during the routes you only need to carry a backpack with the essentials for the day. For the whole trip, it is best to have a single suitcase with no more than 20 kg.

    It is possible to book for any date!

    The price does not include flights, dinners, and picnics. Possible to book for any date!


    Request availability at the accommodation before booking!

    TENERIFE has two airports:

    Los Rodeos airport in the north  (TFN), close to the capital, is ideal for those staying in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna or Puerto de La Cruz or for those intending to connect with a local flight to other islands.

    Reina Sofía airport in the south (TFS), close to Los Cristianos harbor and the tourist resorts in the south.




    Take out Cancellation Insurance for your trip for few Pounds and ensure you get a full refund of everything you paid, including your flights.

    Valid in more than 35 different cases for health, legal, labour or extraordinary reasons.