Drive & Walk


Self-guided Walking Holidays


625 € per person

Hiking week with Car Rental ► Includes maps, descriptions & GPX-files for 6 amazing walks – Difficulty: ▲▲▲△△

Hiking La Gomera 

Hiking La Gomera

6 key walks

▸ Includes 7 nights in 3 little charming hotels , bed & breakfast basis.

▸ 6 self-guided circular walks  through the most characteristic places of La Gomera.

▸ Car hire for your whole stay and some taxi transfers to recover the car.


529 £

per person

The 6 best walks in La Gomera

One-week trip

car rental included

Waymarked paths + indications

Map of La Gomera and GPX files

small charming hotels:

  • Hotel Torre del Conde (San Sebastián)
  • Hotel Ibo Alfaro (Hermigua)
  • Hotel Jardín Concha (Valle Gran Rey)

Mietwagen Rent a car coche de alquiler

car rental

All transfers will be done with your rental car. Circular routes with occasional taxi transfers.


Includes accommodation & breakfast in 3 small charming hotels from the island

senderismo en La Gomera Hermigua senderismo en Canarias y gr 131 la gomera

6 walking tours

of approx. 6 ~ 10 km each to discover the most characteristic features of La Gomera


arrival to La Gomera

  • Car rental pick up at the airport and ownwards transfer to the hotel
  • 1st night in San Sebastián > Hotel Torre del Conde

Degollada de Peraza - Roque Agando

  • walking distance:  8 Km
  • ascent: + 700 m
  • descent: – 700 m
  • 2nd night in Hermigua > Hotel Ibo Alfaro

Laguna Grande - Alto de Garajonay

  • total climbs:  10 Km
  • ascent: + 370 m
  • descent: – 370 m
  • 3rd night in Hermigua > Hotel Ibo Alfaro

La Meseta - Hermigua

  • walking distance:  8,5 Km
  • ascent: + 438 m
  • descent: – 757 m
  • 4th night in Hermigua > Hotel Ibo Alfaro

Agulo - Mirador de Abrantes

  • walking distance:      6,2 Km
  • ascent: + 700 m
  • descent: – 700 m
  • 5th night in Valle Gran Rey > Hotel Jardín Concha

Alojera - Puerto Trigo

  • walking distance:  6,5 Km
  • ascent: + 400 m
  • descent:  – 400 m
  • 6th night in Valle Gran Rey > Hotel Jardín Concha

Valle Gran Rey - Arure

  • walking distance:    9,9 Km
  • ascent: + 759 m
  • descent: – 780 m
  • 7th night in Valle Gran Rey > Hotel Jardín Concha


  • ownwards transfer to the harbor or airport

with 7 nights hotel


Niveau 3
This activity is for you if you usually do sports and have a good physical background; if you can walk steep slopes up and down and don’t have health problems; if you love nature, are environmentally friendly and are a regular hiker.
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What does this program include?

con Alojamiento Accommodation – small charming hotel, B&B,  7 days



Videoconference information– personalised information by video-talk on your arrival day

Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival

ICONO GPX GPX Tracks –  to follow the hikes on your mobile device

Car rental – during the entire stay in the island

ICONO 24h-Service Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or enquiry you may have


Senderismo independiente en Canarias

Choose your dates and book

ICONO EQUIPAJE Any arrival date is possible – You decide your travel dates and when to start. However, we must first request availability to the accommodations.

ICONO EQUIPAJE Booking: With an initial payment of 150 € (per person), book now and guarantee your trip. We will confirm your reserve within 24 hours. But in the case of accommodations  unavailability, we will refund the paid amount or propose alternative dates.


Book early!!  …and get a 10% discount for bookings made 90 days before the arrival date.


Book early!!  …and get a 10% discount for bookings made 90 days before the arrival date.

  695 € ▸ 625,5 € per person in double room
2 persons

|    Supplement for single room use
(and 3rd person): + 185 € ▸ 166,5 €

  Solo Traveller (1 person only): 1.170 € ▸ 1053 €

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What is NOT included?

Flights and ferries to and from your home city to La Gomera are not included.

Cancellation Policy
– Up to 14 days before the date of arrival, 100% refund.
– Between 13 and 7 days before the arrival date, 75% refund or free of charge dates change.
– Between 6 and 3 days before the arrival date, 50% refund or free of charge dates change.
48 hours before the arrival date, 0% refund or date change with 20% penalty of total amount.
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    Highlights of the trip:

    National Park Garajonay 

    Roques: Agando – Cano – Petra & Petri

    Valle Gran Rey  – Hermigua – San Sebastián

    La Gomera: a magic island

    Senderismo en La Gomera

    Nestled in the azure embrace of the Atlantic Ocean, La Gomera, an enchanting gem among the Canary Islands, beckons with its raw, untamed beauty. Like an ancient tapestry woven by nature’s deft hands, this island exudes an ethereal allure that captivates adventurers and wanderers alike. Picture-perfect cliffs cascade towards the cerulean waters, while verdant valleys, cloaked in a vibrant tapestry of emerald hues, conceal secrets waiting to be discovered.

    Hiking La Gomera, the rhythmic mantra of the island, whispers through the wind, drawing travelers into its embrace. Embarking on a journey through this rugged terrain unveils a world brimming with untold wonders. Each step upon the winding trails reveals a kaleidoscope of sensations—a symphony of scents as wildflowers perfume the air, the gentle rustle of leaves, and the rhythmic melody of cascading streams.



    With each stride, hikers traverse landscapes that defy imagination. The La Gomera senderismo ancient laurel forests of Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, stand as sentinels of a bygone era, where prehistoric flora reigns supreme. Moss-draped branches, adorned with dew-kissed leaves, create a mystical canopy under which time itself seems to stand still.

    Venturing further, the island unveils its dramatic topography—a playground of soaring cliffs and deep ravines. As intrepid explorers conquer the challenging trails, they are rewarded with breathtaking vistas that stretch to the horizon. Volcanic peaks, their rugged silhouettes crowned by wisps of clouds, command attention, their majestic presence an ode to the island’s fiery past.


    senderos en La Gomera por el Parque Nacional de Garajonay

    Beyond the allure of nature’s grandeur, La Gomera embraces its visitors with a tapestry of culture and traditions. In quaint villages, tucked away in the folds of the landscape, time-honored customs flourish. The vibrant rhythms of traditional music resonate through the cobblestone streets, carrying tales of past generations. Local delicacies tantalize the taste buds, inviting travelers to indulge in the island’s gastronomic treasures.

    Hiking La Gomera weaves an unforgettable narrative, a tale etched in every step, every breath taken amidst this captivating island. It is a testament to the unyielding spirit of exploration, the primal yearning to immerse oneself in the embrace of nature’s wonders. As hikers tread upon the well-worn paths, they become part of a timeless story, etching their own footprints upon the land and leaving their hearts forever entwined with the magic of La Gomera


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      Islas Canarias - Camino del Guanche
      • Destination
      • Included
        Bed & Breakfast accommodation
        Car Rental
        Liability and accidents insurance
        Maps and printed descriptions
        Transfers by taxi and regular bus
      • Not Included
        4WD transfer
        access permissions
        Arrival transfer
        Bicycle rental
        Bus transfers
        Courtesy lunch
        field telescope
        Half board accommodation
        HAVEN hanging tent
        in/out Airport transfer
        Local flights + Ferry
        Luggage transfer
        Transfer by ship
        Traslado en 4x4
        Two nights in a hotel
      Day 1

      Arrival in Tenerife

      Transfer by your own to the harbor from Los Cristianos.
      Ferry from the Los Cristianos harbor to La Gomera island. (there are two different companies connecting both islands in 50/60 minutes approx):
      • Fred Olsen Express
      • Naviera Armas
      + Hotel Torre del Conde  (or similar - San Sebastián de La Gomera)

      Day 2

      Roque Agando La Gomera Degollada de Peraza - Roque Agando

      The Degollada de Peraza, 20 minutes by car from San Sebastián, is a narrow pass through the edge of two mountains and the starting point of the first route in La Gomera.
      The signs of the PR LG 17 indicate the direction towards the beautiful village of La Laja, nestled in a beautiful valley surrounded by palm trees. The winding path zigzags all the way to the bottom between terraces and ruins. After crossing the hamlet of La Laja, leaving behind some terraced orchards, it continues an imposing climb with beautiful views of different volcanic rocks that dot the landscape.
      The Roque Agando, undoubtedly the most spectacular of them all, rises majestically in front of a path that continues in a relentless ascent. After reaching its base next to the viewpoint, we find the junction with the GR131 path. The path runs towards San Sebastián de La Gomera and takes us back to the place where the car was parked.

      Niveau 2   8 km |  +700 m / -700 m
      + Hotel Rural Ibo Alfaro (or similar - Hermigua)

      Day 3

      La Gomera Parque nacional Garajonay Laguna Grande - Alto de Garajonay

      The cloud forest hike on La Gomera begins in the Laguna Grande recreation area. It runs along paths amidst the green laurel vegetation with ferns and endemic plants. Our way leads us to the highest point of the island, Mount Garajonay with 1487 m.

      From here we enjoy a wonderful view over the island and also see the neighboring islands of Tenerife, La Palma and El Hierro.

      After this impressive view, our path runs along a forest road with constant ups and downs and wonderful views again and again until we reach the Laguna Grande.

      There is also a good restaurant with typical Canarian cuisine to strengthen yourself after the tour.

      Niveau 2   10 km |  +370 m / -370 m
      + Hotel Rural Ibo Alfaro (or similar - Hermigua)

      Day 4

      La Gomera walking holidays La Meseta - Hermigua

      From the Barranco de Monteforte ravine, next to the road, the El Cedro path ascends towards the Mirador de El Bailadero viewpoint. From there we cross to El Cedro through a hydraulic tunnel.
      El Cedro is a beautiful hamlet, a reminder of the old villages that lived from the resources of the mountain. El Cedro is situated on a small plateau, on the edge of the Garajonay National Park. The place deserves a small and the Restaurant Las Vistas is the ideal place to recharge your batteries.
      Now continues a steep descent towards Hermigua, passing by three waterfalls. The biggest and most spectacular is undoubtedly Los Chorros del Cedro. It is a waterfall of more than 150 metres high, observable from the viewpoint of El Chorro, which was once used to generate electricity in Hermigua.
      When reaching Hermigua appear the twin rocks of Pedro and Petra, magical sharp rock formations, surrounded by palm groves and in an extremely photogenic environment.

      Niveau 3   8,5 km |  +438 m / -757 m
      + Hotel Rural Ibo Alfaro (or similar - Hermigua)

      Day 5

      La Gomera senderos por Garajonay GR131 Agulo - Mirador de Abrantes

      Today's route begins in the most unique village of La Gomera: Agulo. With superb views towards the island of Tenerife and its Pico del Teide, this picturesque village enjoys the honour of having been selected as one of the 11 most beautiful villages in Spain in 2021 and the most beautiful by The Times in 2024.
      From its small square, it is worth taking a short walk through its winding streets before tackling the ascent to the Mirador de Abrantes.
      The path crosses the road leaving the urban centre behind and starts the zigzagging towards the edge of the cliff that, forming a semicircle, protects the beautiful village.
      Reached the top, we find the spectacular glazed viewpoint floating in the void and offering vertiginous views. From there, the path goes down towards the sea and returns to Agulo by the north face.

      Niveau 2   6,2 km |  +700 m / -700 m
      + Hotel Rural Jardín Concha (or similar - Valle Gran Rey)

      Day 6

      La Gomera con vista al Teide Alojera - Puerto del Trigo

      The northwest of La Gomera has a wild beauty. Its landscapes are rugged and are usually lashed by the trade winds. Nature shows there its most inhospitable and attractive face at the same time.
      It is in this environment that today we approach the route from Alojera to Puerto del Trigo. A path that in its course shows us the life of the locals among splendid views to the ocean.
      Alojera is a tiny village hanging in front of spectacular cliffs. The road crosses the houses on its way down to the coast. Puerto del Trigo, in the past an indispensable wharf for the transport of goods to the capital, is nowadays a refuge for fishermen and a must for those who are looking for the essence of La Gomera.
      The path ascends again by the opposite side of the ravine and continues offering perspectives of singular beauty of the whole north coast of La Gomera.
      Niveau 2   6,5 km |  +400 m / -400 m
      + Hotel Rural Jardín Concha (or similar - Valle Gran Rey)

      Day 7

      La Gomera Valle Gran Rey hiking trips Valle Gran Rey - Arure

      We start from Valle Gran Rey over a short distance to our starting point in Los Granados. Today's hike climbs up the old Camino Real, which has been restored, to the village of Arure.

      On our way up we enjoy the indescribable view of one of the most spectacular gorges on the island, the gorge of Valle Gran Rey.

      Halfway we reach the viewpoint of Cesar Manrique.

      After reaching the village of Arure we visit the viewpoint at the Ermita de Santo where we can enjoy a magnificent view of the Taguluche Valley before beginning our descent to Los Granados.

      Niveau 2   9,9 km |  +759 m / -780 m
      + Hotel Rural Jardín Concha (or similar - Valle Gran Rey)

      Day 8


      Drive to La Gomera harbor for your departure.


      Walking the trails of La Gomera is a unique and unrepeatable experience in any other destination in the world. Time has frozen the island's relief to give us an eternal, marvellous and unforgettable landscape. A sea of clouds formed by the thermal shock between the warm oceanic waters and the freshness of the Gomeran valleys preserves the majesty of the island. This natural dome envelops a paradise that has remained intact for millions of years and that today we can walk through to marvel at its splendour.


      Subject to availability:


      In the capital of La Gomera, San Sebastian, this hotel is located in front of a beautiful park where we find the historic Torre del Conde. In the area surrounding the hotel, a swarm of pedestrian streets offer an interesting range of gastronomic and leisure activities. The historic centre of the city offers old buildings that reflect the time when Christopher Columbus visited the island on his voyage to the New World.

      The rooms enjoy views of the park; they are well equipped for the enjoyment of two nights in La Gomera and enjoy all the necessary tranquillity, despite the hustle and bustle of the city.

      The hotel cafeteria is located on the ground floor for breakfast.


      A small country-style hotel located in a charming spot in the municipality of Hermigua, which boasts "the best climate in the world" (or so says its mayor).

      The rural hotel Ibo Alfaro offers an extremely cosy appearance in an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Very well decorated, with well equipped rooms, strategically located to enjoy the exuberant nature of the north of La Gomera.

      All the rooms offer beautiful views of the Hermigua valley, surrounded by pure nature. They offer all the comforts and services of a hotel of this category, perfectly furnished and decorated with exquisite care.

      Hotel Jardín Concha


      Small hotel located in the neighbourhood of La Calera, in the sunny municipality of Valle Gran Rey. This is an area of tiny streets and traditional buildings, once a refuge for poets and hippies. The hotel Jardín Concha offers marvellous views of the sea and a permanent enjoyment of the extensive palm groves in the lower areas.

      Hotel Jardín Concha

      Simple but bright and well-equipped rooms, with balcony-terrace to enjoy the extraordinary sunsets over the valley.

      In the vicinity of the hotel you will find small craft shops, remnants of the bohemian atmosphere of the past.


      rates for bookings less than 90 days in advance

       7   | 8 days:

        695 € per person in a double room (2 persons)
      | Supplement for single use (...and for 3rd person) + 185 €.


      • Car rental
      • 7 hotel nights with breakfast - 3 charming hotels
      • Descriptions for 6 hiking routes
      • Maps, information materials and GPX files
      • Virtual meeting on arrival

      NOT included:

      • Flights & Ferry to/from La Gomera
      • Lunches & dinners


      The program is suitable for single travelers, although the final price is different due to higher costs:

        Solo Traveller ....  1.170 €


      With an initial payment of 150 € (per person), book now and guarantee your trip. Pay the rest amount 15 days before your arrival date. We will confirm your reserve within 24 hours. But in the case of accommodations  unavailability, we will refund the paid amount or propose alternative dates.

      Additional overnights

      It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


      To successfully achieve the 6 Walks it is necessary a good physical condition, steady walk and lack of vertigo. According to the year season, temperatures can be extreme (hot and/or cold). Therefore, it is necessary to have suitable warm clothes permanently, to be removed as layers if necessary. Some parts of this trail include passages with slippery loose stone. Although most of this trail is roomy enough, certain sections are quite aerial and require caution. Using hiking poles is highly recommended.


      The Canary Islands has a well signposted network of trails. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of La Gomera, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

      We recommend 

      Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing.

      Luggage transfer

      For the whole trip, it is recommendable to use a single suitcase, not bigger than 20 kg.

      You can book at any date!

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        Travel organisation

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        FAST - FERRY

        To get to  LA GOMERA  you need to fly to  TENERIFE. From there you can connect to La Gomera with Fred Olsen or Naviera Armas Fast-Ferry (50 minutes - 6 daily frequencies).

        Although the island of Tenerife has two airports, the most suitable is Reina Sofia Airport (TFS) in the south, closer to Los Cristianos harbor.

        ... check which Fast Ferry timetable best suits your flight to LA GOMERA from Los Cristianos harbor.

        This activity takes 50 minutes and dolphins and whales are often spotted during the trip.

        Fred Olsen             Naviera Armas



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