Drive & Walk


Self-guided Walking Holidays


790 € per person

Hiking week with Car Rental ► Includes maps, descriptions & GPX-files for 6 amazing walks – Difficulty: ▲▲△△△

Walking holidays in Lanzarote  

Lanzarote con Graciosa en el norte

5 walks on LANZAROTE
1 Bike tour on LA GRACIOSA

▸ Includes 7 nights in 2 little charming hotels , bed & breakfast basis.

▸ 5 self-guided circular walks  through the most characteristic places of Lanzarote & 1 bike tour in La Graciosa

▸ Car hire for your whole stay and some taxi transfers to recover the car.


678 £

per person

The 6 best tours in Lanzarote

One-week trip

Waymarked trails + GPX directions

car rental included

Ferry boat to La Graciosa island

small charming hotels:

Mietwagen Rent a car coche de alquiler

car rental

All transfers will be done with your rental car. Circular routes with occasional taxi transfers.


Includes accommodation & breakfast in two small charming hotels in Lanzarote.


ferryboat transfer between Orzola's harbor (Lanzarote) and the island of La Graciosa

Con bicicleta en La Graciosa

bike rental

With rental bike included for your excursion around the island of La Graciosa.


arrival in Lanzarote

  • Car rental pick up at the airport and ownwards transfer to the hotel
  • 1st night in Arrecife > Hotel Lancelot

Climb to Caldera Blanca

  • walking distance: 9,7 Km
  • total climbs: + 340 m
  • total drops: – 340 m
  • 2nd night in Arrecife > Hotel Lancelot

Femés - Playa del Pozo

  • walking distance: 9,5 Km
  • total climbs: + 290 m
  • total drops: – 615 m
  • 3rd night in Yaíza > Casona de Yaíza

The Volcanoes of Soo

  • walking distance: 12,5 Km
  • total climbs: + 385 m
  • total drops: – 385 m
  • 4th night in Yaíza > Casona de Yaíza

On the North Coast

  • walking distance: 11 Km
  • total climbs: + 125 m
  • total drops: – 125 m
  • 5th night in Yaíza > Casona de Yaíza

Biking in La Graciosa

  • biking distance: 22,5 Km
  • total climbs: + 155 m
  • total drops: – 170 m
  • 6th night in Yaíza > Casona de Yaíza

The Famara Cliffs

  • walking distance:  9 Km
  • total climbs: + 370 m
  • total drops: – 370 m
  • 7th night in Yaíza > Casona de Yaíza


  • Ownwards transfer to the airport

with 7 nights hotel

more about difficulty...


Niveau 2

This trip is for you if you like walking and this is something you do on a regular basis; you are in decent physical shape with no health problems; you can overcome certain slopes both uphill and downhill; you love nature and you are respectful of the environment.
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What does this program include? 

con Alojamiento Accommodation – small charming hotel, B&B,  7 days



Videoconference information– personalised information by video-talk on your arrival day

mapa Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival

ICONO GPX GPX Tracs –  to follow your tourss with your mobile device

Car rental – during the entire stay in Lanzarote

Ferryboat – transfer by ferryboat between Lanzarote & La Graciosa and bike rental

ICONO 24h-Service Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or doubt you may have


Senderismo independiente en Canarias

Choose your dates and book

ICONO Calendario Any arrival date is possible. You decide your travel dates and programme start. However, we must first request availability to the accommodations.

ICONO EQUIPAJE Booking: With a firts payment of 150 € (per person), book now and guarantee your trip. We will confirm your reserve within 24 hours. But in the case of accommodations  unavailability, we will refund the paid amount or propose alternative dates.


Get in advance !!  …and get a 10% discount for bookings made 90 days before the arrival date.


Get in advance !!  …and get a 10% discount for bookings made 90 days before the arrival date.

  790 € per person in double room
2 persons

|    Supplement for single room use
(and 3rd person): + 225 €

  Solo Traveller (1 person only):  1.265 €

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What is NOT included?

Flights to and from your home city to Lanzarote are not included.

Cancellation Policy
– Up to 14 days before the date of arrival, 100% refund without justifying reasons.
– Between 13 and 7 days before the arrival date, 75% refund or free of charge dates change.
– Between 6 and 3 days before the arrival date, 50% refund or free of charge dates change.
48 hours before the arrival date, 0% refund or date change with 20% penalty of total amount.
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    Highlights of the trip:

    Timanfaya: Montañas del Fuego

    Haría: the 1000 Palm trees valley

    The Chinijo Archipelago and La Graciosa Island

    The work of Cesar Manrique in Lanzarote

    …and enjoy the best walks in Lanzarote !!

    Walking holidays in Lanzarote

    Lanzarote-caminar As the sun begins to cast its golden hues upon the rugged landscapes of Lanzarote, a haven for walking holidays, nature’s invitation to explore becomes impossible to resist. This volcanic island, adorned with breathtaking beauty, whispers tales of adventure and serenity to all who step upon its sacred paths.

    Embarking on walking holidays in Lanzarote is akin to wandering through a living canvas painted by Mother Nature herself. With each step, the island unveils a mesmerizing tapestry of contrasting colors, where vibrant wildflowers dance in harmony with the blackened lava fields. A symphony of scents fills the air, as the salty breeze from the ocean mingles with the earthy aromas of cacti and succulents, creating an olfactory symphony that awakens the senses.


    Lanzarote-UGA-senderismo con NATOUR Walking holidays in Lanzarote offer a blissful escape from the clamor of modern life, immersing travelers in a world where time slows down. The island’s diverse terrain caters to all levels of adventurers, from leisurely strolls along the sandy shores to challenging hikes up volcanic peaks. Crater-filled landscapes and ancient lava tubes tell stories of the island’s fiery past, while hidden coastal paths lead to secluded coves where azure waters caress the shore.

    Exploring Lanzarote on foot is a sensory feast, where the taste of adventure lingers on the lips and the touch of nature’s elements leaves an indelible mark upon the soul. The island’s enchantment unravels at every turn, revealing hidden gems like quaint fishing villages, vineyards nestled amidst the volcanic soil, and picturesque viewpoints that offer panoramic vistas of the Atlantic Ocean stretching beyond the horizon.

    Walking holidays in Lanzarote beckon the weary traveler to step away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. With every stride, the island’s untamed beauty captivates, creating a symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations that etch a cherished memory in the hearts of all who venture here. So let your feet carry you across Lanzarote’s mesmerizing landscapes, for it is through walking that the soul finds solace and the spirit of this volcanic paradise truly comes alive.

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    Lanzarote con Graciosa en el norte


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      • Destination
      • Included
        Bed & Breakfast accommodation
        Bicycle rental
        Car Rental
        Liability and accidents insurance
        Maps and printed descriptions
        Transfer by ship
        Transfers by taxi and regular bus
      • Not Included
        4WD transfer
        access permissions
        Arrival transfer
        Bus transfers
        Courtesy lunch
        field telescope
        Half board accommodation
        HAVEN hanging tent
        in/out Airport transfer
        Local flights + Ferry
        Luggage transfer
        Traslado en 4x4
        Two nights in a hotel
      Day 1

      MAPA-Lanzarote+La Graciosa ESENCIAL Arrival on Lanzarote

      Rental car at the airport and ownwards transfer to the hotel.  
      + Hotel Lancelot  (or similar - Arrecife)

      Day 2

      Lanzarote Caldera Blanca Climb to the Caldera Blanca

      The ascent route to the crater of Caldera Blanca is located very close to the Timanfaya National Park. It is the crater of a volcano that resulted from a single eruption. Its perfect crater has a diameter of 1.2 kilometres and the spectacle that opens up when you reach its summit cannot be described in words. From the village of Mancha Blanca, before arriving to Timanfaya, the path starts next to the road through some badlands until you reach the base of the volcano.
      ] After a continued ascent and reaching the edge of the crater, a huge mantle of volcanic slag and recent craters extends to the south. It is Timanfaya, the Montañas de Fuego National Park. And to the north, the small rural villages of Lanzarote colour the landscape until you reach the cliffs of Famara. And after the route, there is still room for a visit to the National Park.

      Niveau 2    9,7 km |  +340 m / -340 m
      + Hotel Lancelot (or similar - Arrecife)

      Day 3

      Lanzarote-caminar en el surFemés - Pico de la Aceituna - Playa del Pozo

      The mountain range of Los Ajaches, in the south of Lanzarote, was the seat of the aborigines. Today the village of Femés, with its farming and peasant tradition, is located in the upper part of the mountain range. Femés is a perfect vantage point with views to the south.  The islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura are within its visual space, as well as the Papagayo Natural Park, in the south of Lanzarote. The route starts with an ascent to the Pico de La Aceituna, whose summit is 450 metres above the sea.
      From there the path continues until it reaches the next peak: the Pico Redondo at 555 metres above sea level. After enjoying magnificent views towards the east and south coast of the island, you start a continuous descent through the ravine, with impressive views over the Playa de la Arena.  And when you reach Playa Quemada, a humble fishing enclave in the south of Lanzarote, you can enjoy a swim in the sea before returning to Arrecife.

      Niveau 2    9,5 km |  +260 m / -615 m
      + La Casona de Yaíza (or similar - Yaíza)

      Day 4

      Lanzarote y el Volcán CoronaThe Volcanoes of Soo

      A circular route along the line of volcanoes of Soo, a small rural municipality in the northwest of Lanzarote. From the village of Soo itself, the path ascends towards the Pico Colorado (206m) located behind the village.
      The Caldera Trasera can be seen in our ascent between the cisterns that collect the run-off water. The top of the Montaña de Soo, a huge Caldera of almost 300 metres high, offers extraordinary panoramic views over the different volcanoes of the area.
      ] Continuing then along the sea of Jable through cereal fields and sweet potatoes, we will arrive to the Montaña Chica (116m). Here we find a scenery made up of the remains of old buildings and a drinking trough for livestock, now in disuse. The islands of La Graciosa, Alegranza and Montaña Clara are outlined in the background next to the imposing Risco de Famara on the way back to Soo.

      Niveau 3    12,5 km |  +385 m / -385 m
      + La Casona de Yaíza (or similar - Yaíza)

      Day 5

      Lanzarote-caminarOn the North Coast

      The route starts directly at the Jardín de Cactus in Guatiza, a botanical paradise created by the Canarian artist Cesar Manrique. After crossing the village and reaching the church, the path goes towards the Caldera de la Montaña Tinamala (old mouth of the volcano) and runs along the coast, crossing the urbanization Los Cocoteros, reaching the Natural Swimming Pool Cueva del Agua and the nudist urbanization of Charco del Palo.
      This is a route that offers several possibilities to take a bath, along the way. La Olla, a natural pool of 10 metres in diameter, is possibly the most pleasant spot to do so.  Now the return path crosses abandoned farms with volcanic scoria and tuneras. A landscape full of contrasts in gentle ascent until you reach the Cactus Garden.

      Niveau 2    11 km |  +125 m / -125 m
      + La Casona de Yaíza (or similar - Yaíza)

      Day 6

      Lanzarote walking holidays - View to La Graciosa from the Mirador El Rio Biking on La Graciosa

      Today we are going to La Graciosa!  But first you have to drive to the port of Orzola, where the catamaran "El Graciosero" will take you in just over 20 minutes to Caleta del Sebo, the docking place in La Graciosa.
      There awaits you our bicycle with which you can ride along the tracks and discover such spectacular enclaves as Pedro Barba, the spectacular Playa de Las Conchas in the north or the Playa Francesa in the south.
      La Graciosa is a peaceful island of fishermen that lives away from the tourist frenzy of its neighbour Lanzarote. Its turquoise waters and the beautiful beaches of white sand invite to enjoy the sea. But the absence of traffic offers an unusual opportunity to cycle along its tracks in a slow and safe way.
      And in the late afternoon "El Graciosero" will take you back to Orzola to return to your hotel in Lanzarote.

      Bici-Tour         22,5 km | + 155 m  | - 170 m
      + La Casona de Yaíza (or similar - Yaíza)

      Day 7

      Acantilados de Famara vistos desde la playa de Famara The Famara Cliffs

      From the beautiful Villa de Haría the trail heads towards the Risco de Famara, a natural wall located in the northwest corner of the island of Lanzarote. From the top of the majestic cliff we will enjoy splendid views towards the small island of La Graciosa.
      The path runs southwards along the edge of the cliff with a spectacular panoramic view towards the Beach of Famara. And on the way back towards the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees, we are accompanied by a splendid view of the Volcano of La Corona. But at the end of this first route in Lanzarote, the house-museum of the artist Cesar Manrique in Haría is a must-see. There he lived and painted in peace with his land during the last years of his life.

      Niveau 2    9 km |  +370 m / -370 m
      + La Casona de Yaíza (or similar - Yaíza)

      Day 8


      Ownwards transfer to the airport for the departure and delivery of the rental car.


      Discover the essence of the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa. The Lanzarote ESENCIAL programme includes 5 hiking routes and a bike route, as well as the boat transfer from Lanzarote to La Graciosa. Undoubtedly, routes that you cannot miss on your visit to the island. With a rental car (included in the programme) you will be completely independent to organise your transfers in your own way. You will be able to approach your circular routes in the way that suits you best.


      Subject to availability:

      Hotel Lancelot - Lanzarote



      Arrecife, the capital of the island of Lanzarote, shows its cultural side with small workshops and exhibitions related to the work of Cesar Manrique. The Hotel Lancelot is located on the seafront, with great panoramic views. All around you will find an extensive gastronomic offer in a relaxed and playful atmosphere. And directly in front of the hotel there is a quiet white sandy beach where you can take a refreshing dip after the first walks.

      The hotel's deck terrace is equipped with a solarium and swimming pool. Its rooms have been recently renovated, offering a modern and very comfortable look. Arrecife is undoubtedly the ideal place to start Lanzarote ESSENTIAL.



      Small hotel accommodation located in the sunny south of Lanzarote, very close to the wine-growing area of La Geria, the Timanfaya National Park, the Papagayo Beaches in Playa Blanca and El Golfo and the Janubio Salt Flats. A pleasant and quiet rural environment but easily accessible to any corner of the island.

      The rooms have an exquisite ambience and are fully equipped. In the landscaped surroundings there is a small whirlpool pool.

      Yaíza is a small and pretty village, ideal for relaxing and enjoying a peaceful environment after the day's activities.


      Travel organisation

      Do you have any questions? I am happy to help you. I will answer any questions you may have!

      Additional overnights

      It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


      To successfully achieve the 6 Tours it is necessary a good physical condition, steady walk and lack of vertigo. According to the year season, temperatures can be extreme (hot and/or cold). Therefore, it is necessary to have suitable warm clothes permanently, to be removed as layers if necessary. Some parts of this trail include passages with slippery loose stone. Although most of this trail is roomy enough, certain sections are quite aerial and require caution. Using hiking poles is highly recommended.


      Lanzarote has a well signposted network of trails, over 1000 km long. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of Lanzarote, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

      We recommend 

      Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing.


      The program is suitable for single travelers, although it is subject to an additional charge.

      Luggage transfer

      We move your luggage from one accommodation to next, so on your hikes you should only carry a backpack with the essentials of the day. For the whole trip, it is recommendable to use a single suitcase, not bigger than 20 kg.

      You can book at any date!

      Price do not include flights, dinners, and picnics. 

      You can book at any date!


      rates for bookings less than 90 days in advance

      Price from: 869 € per person 


      • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast
      • Rental car
      • 5 Hiking tours
      • 1 Bike tour in La Graciosa island
      • Ferryboat from Lanzarote to La Graciosa & back
      • Luggage transfer, maps and printed descriptions
      • Video-meeting on arrival day

      The price does NOT include:

      • Flights to/from Lanzarote
      • Lunches and dinners

      Single supplement: +523 €


      With a firts payment of 150 € (per person), book now and guarantee your trip. Pay the rest amount 15 days before your arrival date. We will confirm your reserve within 24 hours. But in the case of accommodations  unavailability, we will refund the paid amount or propose alternative dates.

      Request more information

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        LANZAROTE airport (ACE) is located very close to the capital and the main tourist centre of the island: Puerto del Carmen.

        But Lanzarote also has other important tourist centres such as Costa Teguise, in the northeast, and Playa Blanca, in the south.


        ... And from Playa Blanca there is the possibility to travel to the nearby island of FUERTEVENTURA in a short 25 minute ferry ride with Fred Olsen, even with your rental car.



        Take out Cancellation Insurance for your trip for few Pounds and ensure you get a full refund of everything you paid, including your flights.

        Valid in more than 35 different cases for health, legal, labour or extraordinary reasons.