5 guided walks in 1 week

Lanzarote Walking Holidays

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Lanzarote Walking Holidays

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Week of 20 to 27 May 2023<< Lanzarote, the Island of Volcanoes, also has great trails that run through lunar landscapes of incredible contrasts. With valleys of extensive palm groves and spectacular cliffs. Our hiking programme in Lanzarote covers the 5 essential routes that you can't miss if you visit the island. And also a trip to the paradisiacal island of La Graciosa, just 30 minutes away by boat. Lanzarote, its volcanoes and trails are waiting for you!

5 best walks in Lanzarote along 1 week:

Walking in a guided group. Includes 7 nights in a small charming hotel, breakfast and dinner included; 5 best walks in Lanzarote with all necessary transfers for each route, including arrival and departure.

1.- The Caldera Blanca

2.- On the GR 131 from Haría to Orzola

3.- La Graciosa: on the way to La Cocina beach

4.- Along the Timanfaya Coast to El Golfo

5.- From Haría to Caleta de Famara

Lanzarote Mapa - una semana senderismo guiado

Best walks in Lanzarote

in a guided group

Groups:  min. guaranteed 6 / max. 14 participants

Duration:       8 days


more about difficulty...
This programme is for you if you like walking and this is something you do on a regular basis; you are in decent physical shape with no health problems; you can overcome certain slopes both uphill and downhill; you love nature and you are respectful of the environment, then you are welcome to the 5 best walks in Lanzarote.
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with 7 nights hotel stay

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11th - 18th February 2023 · Booked up

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20th - 27th May 2023 · Booked up

30th Sept. - 7th Oct. 2023 · Booked up

25th Nov. - 2nd Dec. 2023 · Booked up

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48 hours before the arrival date, 0% refund or date change with 50% penalty of total amount.
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What does this trip include?
  • Half board accommodation (breakfast + dinner)
  • All transfers by air-conditioned minibus, with a guide
  • 5 best walks in Lanzarote
  • Boat trip to the island La Graciosa and back
  • Visitor Centres and sites with paid access
What is NOT included?

Flights to and from your home city to Lanzarote are not included. However, if you want, we can book for your the domestic flights between the Canary Islands.


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    Highlights of the trip:

    Timanfaya: Montañas del Fuego

    Haría: the 1000 Palm trees valley

    The Chinijo Archipelago and La Graciosa Island

    The work of Cesar Manrique in Lanzarote 

    …and enjoy the best walks in Lanzarote !!

    ¿Why Lanzarote?

    Lanzarote is a land of enormous contrasts combining in perfect harmony. Its volcanic facet gives it some Dantesque landscapes that are difficult to imagine unless you walk through them.

    But its idyllic valleys in the north with centuries-old palm groves and beautiful farming villages show a completely different side of Lanzarote.

    The ancient Lanzarote people travelled their island on foot, moving from north to south and from east to west with goods. From the south came fish. From the north, pulses and vegetables… Today these ancestral paths allow us to offer the best hiking routes in Lanzarote, over the course of a week full of contrasts.  

    Volcanic landscapes 

    The volcano erupted for six long years. Day by day Lorenzo Curbelo, the island’s parish priest, wrote down the agony. On the 1st of September 1730 the earth opened up, creating a scene of fire and lava. Nine villages disappeared under the slag. Lanzarote was depopulated. Its inhabitants emigrated.   

    Today the reality is different. The island has taken advantage of the disaster of the past. The spectacular volcanic landscapes have become a major tourist attraction. Walking and hiking in Lanzarote through its volcanoes and lava fields is an unrepeatable experience. 

    Walking tours on Lanzarote

    Our programme of 5 best walks in Lanzarote covers the most diverse landscapes. It also includes a trip to the neighbouring island of La Graciosa, only 30 minutes away by boat. The routes range from luscious palm groves, through volcanic scenery to trails along the coast, with beaches of crystal clear water and pristine white sand.  

    These are routes of a medium level of difficulty, suitable for people in normal physical condition who do sport from time to time. 

    Island nature

    Lanzarote is an island of gentle relief. The Los Ajaches mountain range in the south and the Peñas del Chache in the north do not exceed 700 metres in altitude. The trade wind clouds cross the island without stopping to deposit their load of humidity. This is why the island’s nature is sparse, with scrub vegetation predominating. Only in the northern valleys do we find extensive palm groves that offer a different view of the island. 

    Cesar Manrique

    The multifaceted Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique has left his mark on his island.  A forerunner of conservationist ideas, he promoted measures to prevent tourist overcrowding that are still in force today. In addition, he devised unique architectural spaces perfectly integrated into the volcanic environment of Lanzarote. Today we can visit them through different centres such as the Cesar Manrique Foundation, the Jameos del Agua or the Mirador del Rio, among others. 

    • Destination
    • Included
      in/out Airport transfer
      Half board accommodation
      Liability and accidents insurance
      Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    • Not Included
      4WD transfer
      access permissions
      Arrival transfer
      Bed & Breakfast accommodation
      Bicycle rental
      Bus transfers
      Car Rental
      Courtesy lunch
      field telescope
      HAVEN hanging tent
      Local flights + Ferry
      Luggage transfer
      Maps and printed descriptions
      Transfer by ship
      Traslado en 4x4
      Two nights in a hotel
    Day 1

    Lanzarote Mapa - una semana senderismo guiadoArrival in Lanzarote

    ...and transfer to the hotel in the capital of the island, Arrecife.
    Informative meeting with the guide to know the details of the routes that are going to be done during this week.
    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 2

    The Caldera Blanca

    Lanzarote Caldera Blanca The first of our walking routes on the island of Lanzarote takes us to the Caldera Blanca, located in the Parque Natural de los Volcanes. It is a large crater whose rims are encrusted with white limestone. The trail runs through the lava fields until it reaches the Montañeta Caldereta.
    We climb to the crater rim from where a spectacular view of the entire volcanic landscape and the Caldera Blanca itself is revealed. The tour completely surrounds the large crater, descending again along its western slope. From there, our trail heads back towards Mancha Blanca along the Camino del Islote.

    Niveau 2     9,5  km | + 326 m  | - 324 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 3

    On the GR 131 from Haría to Orzola

    Lanzarote Orzola Senderismo guiado

    Today we will walk along the northern section of the GR 131, from Haría to Orzola, the port of embarkation to the neighbouring island of La Graciosa. Our walk starts in the idyllic village of Haría, nestled in the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees.
    After leaving the village of Máguez behind, we pass by the Natural Monument of La Corona, an imposing volcanic cone some 20,000 years old that has generated such interesting volcanic tubes and jameos as the Cueva de Los Verdes and Los Jameos del Agua.
    After reaching the Mirador del Rio viewpoint, an iconic spot from where you can enjoy a spectacular view of La Graciosa, the path begins a continuous descent towards Puerto de Orzola, with permanent views of the different islets of the Chinijo archipelago.

    Niveau 3   14,3  km | + 358 m  | - 631 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 4

    La Graciosa: on the way to La Cocina beach

    La GraciosaFirst we head for the Orzola harbor, in the far north of Lanzarote. From there, the boat "Graciosero" sails to the neighbouring island of La Graciosa in just 30 minutes.
    The island of La Graciosa is a tiny paradise of pristine white sandy beaches. It is part of the Chinijo Archipelago Marine Reserve. The main centre is Caleta del Sebo, a fishing settlement that lives far away from the tourist bustle of its big sister: Lanzarote.
    The walk goes along the south coast, with spectacular views towards the cliffs of Famara. The crosses Salado Bay and heads towards Playa Francesa and Playa de la Cocina, two idyllic beaches with crystal clear waters that invite to take a refreshing swim.
    The small volcanic cone known as Montaña Amarilla calls for an ascent. From the summit we will enjoy a great view of the whole archipelago and the cliffs of Famara, before setting off on the return journey.

    Niveau 2       12,4  km | + 230 m  | - 230 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 5

    Rest day

    Lanzarote - Cesar Manrique - Jameo de AguaToday is a free day to recharge your batteries, relax and enjoy an island full of contrasts. An ideal day to discover the artistic icons of Cesar Manrique: the Cesar Manrique Foundation or the Peasant's Museum, the Contemporary Art Centre of Arrecife, stroll through the old town of the capital and discover its art shops...
    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 6

    Along the Timanfaya Coast to El Golfo

    Lanzarote El Golfo senderismo guidoThe Timanfaya National Park is situated in the extensive volcanic scenery of Montañas de Fuego, an enclave that had 6 years of volcanic activity in the 18th century. The Coastal walk along the Timanfaya Coast crosses this volcanic area from north to south along the coast.
    Along the way, we will cross lava fields with large volcanic bombs while enjoying the permanent view of the sea, next to the path. The route is dotted with small coves and black sand beaches where bathing is not possible, although this is compensated for by the enormous contrasts and colours along the route.
    The Arco de Hércules, a curious rock formation by the sea, marks the end of the walk, shortly before reaching El Golfo, a coastal site with marvellous sunsets.

        Niveau 2     13,8 km | + 80 m  | - 80 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 7

    From Haría to Caleta de Famara

    The last walk in this programme takes us back to the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees. From Haría, a path that runs between fig and pine trees heads towards the Malpaso Valley.
    Walking along the high plateau we will soon reach the Mirador del Risco de Famara. Here we have a splendid view over the extensive beach. And on the horizon the silhouette of La Graciosa and the other islands of the Chinijo archipelago.
    Along a zigzagging path the trail starts to descend towards Caleta de Famara through the Barranco de La Poceta ravine. Today's route ends in the picturesque Caleta de Famara, an enclave of populated fishermen and white sand dunes. And the day ends with the enjoyment of its beach and a leisurely lunch in one of its typical restaurants.

    Niveau 3       10,6 km | + 345 m  | - 620 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Finca de La Florida  (San Bartolomé)
    Day 8


    Transfer to Lanzarote airport for departure or extension of stay for a week of relaxation.


    Enjoy the 5 best walks in Lanzarote and La Graciosa, in our guided group.


    Price per person 985 € in double room
    The price includes:
    • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast & dinner
    • 4 stunning guided walks in Lanzarote
    • 1 stunning guided walk in La Graciosa
    • Boat trip to the island La Graciosa and back
    • Information on arrival
    • Transfers in exclusive minibus
    The price does NOT include:
    • Flight/Ferry from/to your country to Lanzarote
    • Lunches
    Single Supplement: +275 €


    Group guaranteed from 6 persons (and up to a maximum of 14 persons)

    If the minimum number of participants is not reached, NATOUR reserves the right to cancel the trip 21 days before the start date.

    Additional overnight stays

    It is also possible to book some additional overnight stays, before or after the trekking week, or an additional week for relaxation.


    The hiking week is moderate. It is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo as some trails run through narrow passages. Some sections of the trail may be slippery due to loose stones and/or wet spots, especially in rainy weather. To participate and enjoy the routes, it is essential to be in good health and physical condition.


    The Canary Islands have a well-marked network of trails. All the stretches along which our routes run are perfectly marked. In addition to precise indications, you will receive a detailed map of the island.

    We recommend

    Suitable hiking clothes and sturdy footwear. During the hikes, it is necessary to have enough food and drink, as well as sun protection, a hat, light windbreaker and in the winter months warm clothing. Chestnut poles are available free of charge.


    The programme is suitable for individual travellers, but is subject to a supplement.

    Luggage transfer

    We take care of the transfer of luggage from one accommodation to the next, so that during the routes you only need to carry a backpack with the essentials for the day. For the whole trip, it is best to have a single suitcase with no more than 20 kg.

    LANZAROTE airport (ACE) is located very close to the capital and the main tourist centre of the island: Puerto del Carmen.

    But Lanzarote also has other important tourist centres such as Costa Teguise, in the northeast, and Playa Blanca, in the south.


    ... And from Playa Blanca there is the possibility to travel to the nearby island of FUERTEVENTURA in a short 25 minute ferry ride with Fred Olsen, even with your rental car.



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    Valid in more than 35 different cases for health, legal, labour or extraordinary reasons.