4 stages

Tenerife GR131


Tenerife GR131

585 € per person

The GR131 programme is one of the most spectacular routes through the summits of Tenerife. An island with an enormous diversity of landscapes, trails and ecosystems. The GR131 is divided into 4 stages, you will stay in comfortable accommodation and you will have all the transport organised to successfully complete a route reserved for very experienced hikers. A challenge not to be missed!

6 days and 5 nights on the GR131 Tenerife island:


Includes 5 nights in strategic accommodation, breakfast included. 4 days on tour walking in 4 stages the GR131 Tenerife island, independently. All necessary transfers for each route.


1st stage:  29,8 Km – La Esperanza – Caldera de Aguamansa

2nd stage: 29,4 Km – Caldera  de A. – Parador Las Cañadas

3rd stage: 11,2 Km – Las Cañadas – Vilaflor

4th stage: 16,9 Km – Vilaflor – Villa de Arona


MAPA-Tenerife GR131

SELF GUIDED hiking tours

any date is possible:

traslados en bus y taxi

taxi or bus transfers

transfers to each stage, by taxi or public bus

La Laguna Gran Hotel


small charming hotels, with breakfast (more information in Hotels tab)

What does this programme include?

  • Accommodations – 5 nights stay in different charming hotels, B&B
  • Videoconference information – personalised information by video-talk on your arrival day
  • Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival
  • GPX Tracs – to follow your tourss with your mobile device
  • Taxi transfers – all necessary transfers for each route
  • Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or doubt you may have

Any arrival date is possible 

You decide your travel dates and programme start. However, we must first request availability to the accommodations.

To do so, please fill up the contact form and send it to us.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.


WARNING: The route in stages along the GR131 requires good physical condition and walking safety and is only suitable for regular walkers.

IDEA: Interspersing a rest day between each stage can help you to successfully complete this programme.



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    GR131 from Tenerife

    For a 6-day getaway, discover the most spectacular hiking route in four stages.

    Along the GR131 you will cross the Summits of La Esperanza and Las Cañadas walking from coast to coast from one end to the other. You will reach one of the most spectacular peaks on the island, the Montaña de Guajara , with the mythical Pico del Teide as the opening act. You will discover impressive landscapes such as the Lunar Landscape , near Vilaflor, or the Montaña del Conde .

    • 1st stage: from La Esperanza to La Caldera de Aguamansa
    • 2nd stage: from La Caldera to the Parador Nacional de Las Cañadas
    • 3rd stage: from Las Cañadas to Vilaflor
    • 4th stage: from Vilaflor to Villa de Arona

    Total route, on foot: 87.3 km .

    Don’t miss out on touring the spectacular GR131 of Tenerife !! We will wait for you.

    • Destination
    • Included
      Bed & Breakfast accommodation
      in/out Airport transfer
      Liability and accidents insurance
      Luggage transfer
      Maps and printed descriptions
      Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    • Not Included
      4WD transfer
      access permissions
      Arrival transfer
      Bicycle rental
      Bus transfers
      Car Rental
      Courtesy lunch
      field telescope
      Half board accommodation
      HAVEN hanging tent
      Local flights + Ferry
      Transfer by ship
      Traslado en 4x4
      Two nights in a hotel
    Day 1

    Arrival in Tenerife

    Transfer to the hotel in San Cristobal de La Laguna
    Accommodation + breakfast : La Laguna Gran Hotel (San Cristobal de La Laguna)
    Day 2

    1st Stage - La Esperanza - Caldera de Aguamansa

    The first stage of the GR 131 requires you to get up early and start the route before the sun rises. A short 15-minute drive will take you to La Esperanza, a village at an altitude of 900 metres above sea level.
    ] After crossing the Bosque del Adelantado and following the Grano de Oro street, the Rayo track and then the Las Barranqueras track take you to Cruz de Fune. And from there the road alternates between forest tracks and paths until you reach the rest area of Siete Fuentes.
    ] It is from Las Lagunetas that a continuous ascent begins, bordering ravines.  The path will reach the highest peaks (1800 metres above sea level) to start a new descent among the shadows of the pine forest and spectacular views to the Valle de La Orotava.
    After leaving behind the Corona Forestal Natural Park, the trail starts a relentless descent towards the Portillo del Topo, reaching the La Caldera Recreational Area, near Aguamansa. From there, a taxi will take you to the village of La Orotava, where you can spend the night and recover your energy for the next stage.

    29,8 km | +1950 m / -1683 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Alhambra or similar (La Ortotava)
    Day 3

    2nd Stage - La Caldera - Parador de Las Cañadas

    The former Camino Real de Chasna marks the route of the current GR 131 to Las Siete Cañadas del Teid. From the area of La Caldera there is a spectacular panoramic view over the whole of the Valle de la Orotava as we start our route.
    ] The path goes through a leafy pine forest up to the Cruz del Dornajito Fountain, crossing the Aguamansa Canal several times. It is from here that the old Camino de Chasna begins a relentless ascent to the top of Las Cañadas. Bordering the Barranco de Guamasa in its final stretch, the path reaches El Portillo and begins the path of Las Siete Cañadas, in the direction of the Montaña de Guajara.
    ] Las Siete Cañadas del Teide offer a singular landscape of endemic flora, crossing the whole cirque that forms Las Cañadas in its base. In the route there are peculiar formations of volcanic origin such as La Papelera and El Palomar, as well as ancient settlements of Guanche origin.
    The last stretch of the GR 131 in this second stage is the track of Las Siete Cañadas, which runs along the southern part, with the imposing view of the Montaña de Guajara (2718 metres) and the Pico del Teide (3715 metres), until reaching the Parador Nacional.

    29,4 km | + 1390 m / -426m

    Accommodation + breakfast:  Parador Nacional  de Las Cañadas del Teide
    Day 4

    3rd Stage - Las Cañadas - Vilaflor

    After a comforting night watching the stars in the privileged sky vault of Las Cañadas, today's route begins with a short climb to cross the Degollada de Guajara. From its top, we will enjoy an indescribable view of the whole southern slope of Tenerife, as well as of the whole cirque of Las Cañadas with its Pico Viejo, Pico del Teide and Montaña Blanca.
    From Degollada de Guajara, the way to Vilaflor is marked by a long descent through thick forests of Canary pine. It is a must to visit the mirador de Los Escurriales where we have a spectacular view over the Moon Landscape, a peculiar volcanic scenery of extraterrestrial aspect.
    The path crosses the ruins of the Casa de Marrubial, an old abandoned country house, and crosses the Barranco de Las Mesas in its descent towards the south.
    Vilaflor, located at 1400 metres above sea level, holds the title of being the village with the highest altitude in the Canary Islands. There awaits us a comforting accommodation with Spa to recover the energies that we will still need to tackle the last stage of the GR 131.

    Niveau 3 11,2 km | +331 m / -1032 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Spa Villalba   or similar (Vilaflor)
    Day 5

    4th Stage - Vilaflor - Villa de Arona

    Opposite the church of San Pedro de Vilaflor, the GR 131 heads back towards the sea along Calle Los Molinos. The Ermita de San Roque offers splendid views to the walker along an ascending path as it enters the Parque Natural de La Corona Forestal.
    ] After two kilometres, you start a long descent that crosses the Protected Landscape of Ifonche and alternates pine forest with cultivated terraces. After crossing the Barranco de Las Goteras ravine by the Guayero bridge, we enter an area intensely colonised by flowers.
    ] The area of Ifonche used to be a cereal producing place and even today there are plenty of cobbled threshing floors that follow one after another along the path. But before reaching Arona, the route enters the Reserva Natural Especial del Barranco del Infierno, from where we can see the islands of La Gomera and La Palma, as well as Adeje and Los Cristianos.
    The Roque del Conde, rising up to 1001 metres to the right of our path, already indicates the end of this last stage until we reach the Villa de Arona, a little more than 2 km away.

    Niveau 4 16,9 km | +419 m / -1248 m

    Accommodation + breakfast: Hotel Labranza Reveron Plaza or similar (Los Cristianos)
    Day 6


    Transfer on your own to the airport for departure.


    The GR 131 programme in the Tenerife chapter has been designed as one of the most spectacular routes through Tenerife. An island with the greatest diversity of routes, paths and trails.In comfortable accommodation and with well-organised transport, you can successfully complete the 4 stages of this GR 131 on the island of Tenerife. A programme reserved exclusively for the most experienced hikers. This will undoubtedly be the best experience of your life.


    • Price from: 585 € per person 
    • included:
      • 5 nights accommodation with breakfast
      • Airport transfer on arrival
      • 4 Hiking tours
      • Taxi transfers and regular bus transfers
      • maps and printed descriptions
      • Informations via Zoom
      The price does NOT include:
      • Flight from/to your country to Tenerife
      • Lunches and dinners
      • Departure transfer to the airport
      Price per person: (double room): 585 € Single supplement: +410 €


      according to availability:

      Additional overnights

      It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


      To successfully achieve the 3 stages fromGR 131 it is necessary a good physical condition, steady walk andlack of vertigo. According to the year season, temperatures can be extreme (hot and/or cold). Therefore, it is necessary to have suitable warm clothes permanently, to be removed as layers if necessary. Some parts of this trail include passages with slippery loose stone. Although most of this trail is roomy enough, certain sections are quite aerial and require caution. Using hiking poles is highly recommended.


      Tenerife has a well signposted network of trails. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of La Palma, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

      We recommend

      Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing. We do offer wooden walking sticks for free.


      The program is suitable for single travelers, although it is subject to an additional charge.

      Luggage transfer

      We move your luggage from one accommodation to next, so on your hikes you should only carry a backpack with the essentials of the day. For the whole trip, it is recommendable to use a single suitcase, not bigger than 20 kg.

      You can book at any date!

      Price do not include flights, dinners, and picnics. You can book at any date!


      Before formalizing your booking accommodations availability must be requested

    TENERIFE has two airports:

    Los Rodeos airport in the north  (TFN), close to the capital, is ideal for those staying in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, La Laguna or Puerto de La Cruz or for those intending to connect with a local flight to other islands.

    Reina Sofía airport in the south (TFS), close to Los Cristianos harbor and the tourist resorts in the south.




    Take out Cancellation Insurance for your trip for few Pounds and ensure you get a full refund of everything you paid, including your flights.

    Valid in more than 35 different cases for health, legal, labour or extraordinary reasons.