Two Islands

Tenerife & El Hierro

Independent Hiking Week

Tenerife & El Hierro

1095 € per person

Walk over the 2 islands of the Canary Islands. Discover Tenerife and walk through the fascinating landscape of the Cañadas and in the mountains of Anaga. Discover on the small sister island the enchanting landscape of the valley of El Golfo, the lava landscape of the south and the warmth of the island’s inhabitants. Book your hiking week between Tenerife and El Hierro now!

6 Fascinating routes between 2 islands:

Hiking on Tenerife and on El Hierro:


Includes 7 nights in small charming hotels, including breakfast. 6 self-guided walks on Tenerife and El Hierro. Includes a rental car in Tenerife, the local flight between Tenerife and El Hierro and taxi transfers in El Hierro. Enjoy hiking on Tenerife & El Hierro for one week !



1.- Anaga – Cruz del Carmen – Chimanada

2.- Cañadas del Teide


3.- San Andrés – Jinama  – El Golfo

4.- Ruta de Los Carboneros

5.- Tigaday – Lagartario – Las Puntas

6.- Ruta del Meridiano

SELF GUIDED hiking tours

any date is possible:


Vuelo entre las islas canarias

local flights

between Tenerife & El Hierro

La Laguna Gran Hotel


3 small charming hotels included, with breakfast (more information in Hotels tab).

What does this programme include?

  • Local flight – from Tenerife to El Hierro, on day 4.
  • Accommodations – different charming hotels, B&B,  7 days
  • Videoconference information – personalised information by video-talk on your arrival day
  • Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival
  • GPX Tracks – to follow the walks on your mobile device
  • Taxi transfers – all necessary transfers for each route
  • Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or enquiry you may have

Any arrival date is possible 

You decide your travel dates and when to start. However, we must first request availability to the accommodations.

To do so, please fill up the contact form and send it to us.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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    • Destination
    • Included
      Bed & Breakfast accommodation
      in/out Airport transfer
      Liability and accidents insurance
      Luggage transfer
      Maps and printed descriptions
      Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    • Not Included
      4WD transfer
      access permissions
      Arrival transfer
      Bicycle rental
      Bus transfers
      Car Rental
      Courtesy lunch
      field telescope
      Half board accommodation
      HAVEN hanging tent
      Local flights + Ferry
      Transfer by ship
      Traslado en 4x4
      Two nights in a hotel
    Day 1

    Arrival to Tenerife

    Pick-up at the airport and transfer to the hotel in San Cristobal de La Laguna. On arrival at the hotel you will receive the necessary documents. We also offer you a video call to discuss the details of this programme.
    + La Laguna Gran Hotel  (or similar - La Laguna)  
    Day 2

    Tenerife Anaga senderismo TENERIFE ▸Anaga: Through the pristine north

    Our driver will take you to the remote village of Afur, the starting point of this impressive route towards the rugged coast in the north of Tenerife. Gradually, the path descends along the edge of the gorge to the sea and opens up a marvellous panorama with the blue sea in the background. The vegetation now appears as scrubland, very different from the beginning of the route. The path reaches Tamadite beach and climbs again towards El Chorro through deserted terraces. Once in Taganana, the path heads south again, past La Cumbrecilla and back to Afur, from where we can return by bus (line 076) at 14:35 or 17:30.
    Niveau 3   12,4 km |  + 799 m / -794 m
    + La Laguna Gran Hotel  (or similar - La Laguna)

    Day 3

    Tenerife - GR131 - Esperanza TENERIFE Taborno - Pico del Inglés - Santa Cruz   

    Today we discover the opposite side of Anaga, on a sunny descent to the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The bus (bus line 275) takes us to the hamlet of Taborno. From there we ascend to the Pico del Inglés (altitude 990 metres) and then begin a long descent towards the southern slope, in the direction of Valleseco. With spectacular views of Mount Teide, the path follows old paths as it descends, showing the most populated side of Tenerife, with the bustling port of Santa Cruz as its finish line. A route full of contrasts that allows us to enjoy both the rural atmosphere and the more cosmopolitan side of the island of Tenerife.
    Niveau 3   15,9 km |  + 543 m / -1.171 m
    + La Laguna Gran Hotel  (or similar - La Laguna)

    Day 4

    El Hierro La maceta EL HIERRO El Golfo: the Lagartario and Punta Larga        

    Early morning transfer to Los Rodeos Airport for a 40-minute local flight to the island of El Hierro. On arrival in El Hierro, a taxi will pick you up to take you to the Lagartario and the Ecomuseo de Guinea, which are a must to understand the native fauna and the lifestyle of the island's first settlers. The Lagartario is a centre for the preservation and recovery of the giant lizard of El Hierro, in serious danger of extinction in the past and now fully recovered in the Roques de Salmor. The Ecomuseum of Guinea reflects the way of life of the primitive Spanish settlers after the occupation of the island, in their hard rural chores. The route to Las Puntas is easy and follows the coastline after the visit to the Lagartario. It is a gentle descent between inhabited areas and mango and banana plantations. Las Puntas is home to the smallest hotel in the world, according to Guinness World Records. A primitive jetty next to the hotel facilitates bathing for the more daring. The bar-restaurant offers a fantastic chill-out atmosphere with spectacular views of the bay. The path continues along the coast from Las Puntas to the natural pools of La Maceta. With a genuinely popular atmosphere, these busy natural pools offer unbeatable options for a final refreshing dip. At the agreed time, a taxi will pick you up to take you back to your hotel.
       7 km |  + 80 m / - 145 m
    + Hotel B. Pozo de La Salud  (or similar - Sabinosa)

    Day 5

    senderismo en el hierro EL HIERRO The Jinama Way    

    Also known as the "Ruta de las Mudadas", not because of the absence of spoken language but because of the changes of residence that peasants made in the past on a temporary basis (they moved from one side of the island to the other using this route). From San Andrés, the path heads towards the cliff of El Golfo on a gentle ascent through green meadows. Leaving the Ermita de La Caridad behind, the path zigzags along the cliff in a long descent through a leafy path towards Frontera. In the final stretch, a few houses appear next to plots of farmland, with the peculiar shape of the Ermita de La Candelaria in front of you. After leaving Frontera, the path leads to the village of Los Llanillos, where the next accommodation is located.
    Niveau 3    12,1 km |  + 240 m / - 1.176 m
    + Hotel B. Pozo de La Salud  (or similar - Sabinosa)

    Day 6

    El Hierro GR131EL HIERRO The Carboneras Route   

    A deep dive into the lush laurel forests of El Hierro. Starting from Hoya del Pino, the trail climbs up to the Pico del Malpaso through a vast and dense Monteverde until it reaches the summit. From the top of Malpaso (1,502 metres above sea level) on clear days you can enjoy spectacular views of the island of La Palma and Pico del Teide on Tenerife. The path follows the route to the summit, beginning a slow descent that takes us to the Ermita de San Salvador hermitage. Here begins a zigzagging path that descends steeply until it reaches Frontera, the most representative locality of El Golfo.
    Niveau 3    12,5 km |  + 497 m / - 1.251 m
    + Hotel B. Pozo de La Salud  (or similar - Sabinosa)

    Day 7

    EL HIERRO Prime Meridian Path     

    The Prime Meridian Path starts at Mirador del Lomo Negro, after a short transfer. Shortly you will reach the well-known trees of impossible shapes that the relentless wind has shaped. The Ermita de Los Reyes is the most important place of pilgrimage for the people of El Hierro. The Patron Saint of the island motivates a secular procession every four years: the Bajada de La Virgen (Descent of the Virgin). The path descends towards the Orchilla Lighthouse, crossing enclosures where cattle graze in absolute freedom. The route ends in an exotic volcanic landscape in the extreme southwest, also known as the Prime Meridian. Mapped by Ptolemy in antiquity, it was considered the westernmost point of the known world. And it is here that today you will find the Orchilla Lighthouse and the surprising Cueva del Acantilado. A route that will reveal the enormous variety of landscapes of this tiny island, with multiple types of vegetation, contrasting colours and peculiar cultural features.
    Niveau 3    14,6 km |  + 609 m / - 849 m
    + Hotel B. Pozo de La Salud  (or similar - Sabinosa)

    Day 8


    Possible extension of your stay on El Hierro or transfer on your own to the airport from Valverde.


    Hike on 2 islands of the Canary Islands. Discover Tenerife on foot and hike through the fascinating landscape of the Cañadas at the foot of the imposing Teide. On the small sister island, discover the enchanting landscape of the El Golfo valley, the lava landscape of the south and the warmth of the locals. Book your hiking week between Tenerife and El Hierro now!


    • Price 1.095 € per person in double room
    The price include:
    • 7 night accommodation with breakfast Day 1 to day 3 hotel with breakfast (La Laguna - Tenerife.) Day 4 to day 8 hotel with breakfast (Frontera - El Hierro)
    • 6 hiking tours
    • Taxi transfers & line bus transfers
    • Baggages transfers Maps & info material
    • Local flight between El Hierro + Tenerife on day 4
    • The price do NOT include:
      • Transfers in/out
      • Flights from/to your place of origin to the Canary Islands
      • lunches & dinners
    Solo Traveller supplement: +595 €


    Depending on availability:


    El Hierro

    Additional overnight stays

    It is also possible to book some additional overnight stays, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


    The hiking week is considered demanding. Not suitable for vertigo sufferers as some trails run through narrow passages. In some sections the trail can be slippery due to loose stones and / or wet parts, especially in rainy days. To participate and enjoy the routes, it is essential to have an adequate state of health and physical condition.

    Walking trails

    The islands have a well-signposted network of trails. All the sections through which our routes run are perfectly marked. In addition to precise directions, you will receive a detailed map of the island.

    We recommend

    Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the routes, it is necessary to have food and enough drink, as well as sun protection, a hat, light windbreaker and in the winter months take into account warm clothing. We offer free chestnut wood canes.


    The program is suitable for single travelers, although a supplement payment is mandatory.

    Luggage transfer

    We organize your luggage transfer from hotel to hotel. In this way, you should only need a backpack to be carried with the essentials for the day hike. For the whole trip, we recommend to use a single suitcase, not heavier than 20 kg.

    reserves at any date are possible!

    Price do not include flights, dinners, and picnics. Reserves at any date are possible!


    Request hotel availability before formalizing your booking!