EL HIERRO: Camino Natural & GR 131

El Hierro Camino Natural

5 stages | self-guided

El Hierro Camino Natural

760 € per person

5 stages along the ◆Camino Natural & GR 131◆ Including transport of luggage & persons, maps, descriptions & GPX-files – Difficulty: ▲▲▲▲▲

Camino Natural El Hierro   Logo Camino del Guanche

Camino Natural & GR 131

EL HIERRO in 5 stages

▸ Includes 7 nights in strategic accommodation, bed & breakfast basis.

▸ 3 stages through the Camino Natural, from Lomo Oscuro to Valverde.

▸ 2 stages through the GR 131 from Valverde to Orchilla lighthouse.

▸ We organise all the necessary luggages transfers from hotel to hotel.


653 £

per person

full itinerary:  83,8 Km ICONO Distancia
total climbs: △  3755 mts 
total drops: ▽  3928 mts


Arrival to El Hierro

  • arrival transfer on your own
  • 1st night in Los Llanillos  Geko Hotel

1st: Lomo Negro - El Julán

  • walking distance: 15 Km
  • total climbs: 887 m
  • total drops: 334 m
  • 2nd night in Los Llanillos  Geko Hotel

2nd: El Julán - Las Playas

  • walking distance: 13,9 Km
  • total climbs: 264 m
  • total drops: 1034 m
  • 3rd night in Las Playas Parador de El Hierro

3rd: Las Playas - Valverde

  • walking distance: 19,5 Km
  • total climbs: 1585 m
  • total drops: 1011 m
  • 4th night in Valverde  Hotel Boomerang

4th: Valverde - Cruz de Los Reyes

  • walking distance:  17,2 Km
  • total climbs: 877 m
  • total drops: 52 m
  • 5th night in Valverde  Hotel Boomerang

5th: Cruz de Los Reyes - Faro Orchilla

  • walking distance: 18,2 Km
  • total climbs: 142 m
  • total drops: 1497 m
  • 6th night in Sabinosa  Hotel Pozo de La Salud

Rest day

  • 7th night in Sabinosa  Hotel Pozo de La Salud


  • airport transfer on your own


This programme is for you if you are in excellent physical condition; if you can cover steep slopes and have no vertigo or health problems; if you regularly do long walks and consider yourself a good sportsman, love nature and are respectful of the environment.  
See more details at:

WARNING: This stages itinerary along the Nature Trail and GR 131 of El Hierro requires good physical condition and walking safety, it is only suitable for experienced hikers.

Well-signposted trails

transfers included (taxi and/or regular bus) to/from your accommodation

Order our telescopic poles for 14 € each.

traslados en bus y taxi

taxi or bus transfers

Luggage transfers from hotel to hotel at each stage and transfers of people, by taxi or regular buses.

Parador El Herro


Small charming hotels and unique accommodation in strategic locations, with breakfast included.

senderismo en el hierro


5 stages of approx. 15-19 km each, to cross El Hierro from side to side, in a loop itinerary.

What does this programme include?

con Alojamiento Accommodation – 7 nights in different strategically selected accommodation, B&B basis.



Videoconference information – personalised information by video-talk on your arrival day

Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival

ICONO GPX GPX Tracs – to follow your tours with your mobile device

Taxi or public bus transfers – all necessary transfers for each route, except on arrival and departure day

ICONO 24h-Service Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or doubt you may have


Senderismo independiente en Canarias

Choose your dates now and book your trip !

ICONO EQUIPAJE Any arrival date is possible – You decide your travel dates and programme start. However, we must first request availability to the accommodations.

ICONO Calendario Booking: With a firts payment of 150 € (per person), book now and guarantee your trip. We will confirm your reserve within 24 hours. But in the case of accommodations  unavailability, we will refund the paid amount or propose alternative dates.


Get in advance !!  …and get a 10% discount for bookings made 90 days before the arrival date.

  845 ▸ 760,5 € per person in double room
2 persons

|    Supplement for single room use
(and 3rd person): + 185 € ▸ 166,5 €

  Solo Traveller (1 person only): 1.330 € ▸ 1197 €

Combine with other islands

Want to include other islands in your trip? You will save on ferry transfers or inter-island flights. We organise free of charge the connections between islands for you!


The Guanches were the ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands until the arrival of the Spaniards. The Guanche population is of Berber origin and it is assumed that they arrived on the islands around 1800 years ago. They developed differently on each island, so they have been given different names depending on the island: Benahoritas on La Palma; Bimbaches on El Hierro; Guanches on Tenerife and La Gomera…

But their way of life and customs were similar: they lived by herding, berry picking and local fishing. They lived in caves and did not know how to use metals. They did not sail, so there was no interaction between the tribes on the different islands.

In their journeys on foot with their herds, they used paths and trails previously marked by the animals. They used these trails to reach places suitable for grazing, crossed deep ravines and maintained relations with the various menceyatos of each island.

Today these trails are for the enjoyment of contemporary hikers and have technical designations such as GR 130 or GR 131. But we, in homage to those hardened hikers of the past, prefer to call them…

Logo Camino del Guanche   Camino del Guanche

Connect several islands

For more than 2 islands, we organise free of charge the connections between those islands that are arranged consecutively (next to each other).

This offer is not valid for islands with other intervening islands (e.g. La Gomera and Gran Canaria – La Palma and Lanzarote – Fuerteventura and Tenerife).

What does this proposal include?
  • Transfers by taxi and/or regular bus
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Information on arrival
  • GPX and graphical route information
What is NOT included?

Arrival and departure flights to your destination are not included. However, if you prefer, we can take care of the booking of your flights.

If you have difficulty boarding your walking poles on the flight, we can provide you with our telescopic poles for €14 each.


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    Take out Cancellation Insurance for your trip for few Pounds and ensure you get a full refund of everything you paid, including your flights.

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    El Hierro hiking
    El Hierro GR131
    El Hierro Sur

    Camino Natural and El Hierro’s GR 131

    Camino Natural together with the GR 131 of El Hierro is a fascinating hiking route that runs through the island in a loop, starting at the Mirador del Lomo Oscuro and ending at the Orchilla Lighthouse. El Hierro is the smallest and western of the Canary Islands. This route has a total length of 83,8 kilometers and the path offers hikers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty and rich history of the island.

    El Hierro’s Camino Natural and GR 131 route passes through a variety of spectacular landscapes, from laurel forests to steep cliffs and rocky coasts washed by the Atlantic. Along the way, hikers will enjoy panoramic views of the island, with its green valleys, extinct volcanoes and black sand beaches.

    In addition to its spectacular natural surroundings, the El Hierro Camino Natural is dotted with historical and cultural sites that offer a fascinating insight into the island’s rich heritage. Walkers can discover ancient aboriginal settlements, such as the El Julán petroglyphs, as well as historic churches and charming traditional villages.

    senderismo en el hierro

    The path is divided into several stages, each with its own charm and challenges. Some sections can be challenging, with steep terrain and significant gradients, while others are gentler and offer opportunities to relax and enjoy the scenery. Hikers can choose to complete the entire trail over several days, camping in designated areas, or choose specific sections for day hikes.

    Regardless of how they decide to explore the El Hierro Camino Natural, hikers will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for adventure, to immerse yourself in the island’s history, or simply a quiet escape into nature, this route offers all that and more, making it a must-see destination for lovers of hiking and exploration.

    Total distance on foot: 83.8 km

    Don’t miss out on exploring the spectacular Camino Natural and GR131 in El Hierro!! We will wait for you.

    The meaning of Camino Natural

    Together with El Hierro and other Canary Islands, the Spanish Camino Natural makes up an extensive network of trails that run through some of the most beautiful and diverse natural landscapes in the country. These trails are designed so that nature lovers, hikers and cyclists can explore and enjoy the natural, cultural and historical wealth of Spain in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. El Hierro Oeste

    Spain’s Camino Natural network has a wide variety of routes, ranging from old historic paths to coastal routes and mountain trails. Each of these trails offers a unique experience, with impressive landscapes, native flora and fauna, and points of cultural interest along the route.

    The most notable Caminos Naturales in Spain:

    1. Vía Verde de la Sierra (Andalusia): This natural path follows the old train track that connected the cities of Puerto Serrano and Olvera, offering spectacular views of the Sierra de Cádiz and passing through historic tunnels and viaducts.
    2. Vía Verde del Ferrocarril Vasco-Navarro (Basque Country and Navarre): This route follows the old route of the Basque-Navarre Railway, connecting the cities of Vitoria-Gasteiz and Estella through landscapes of great beauty, such as valleys, rivers and forests.
    3. Caminos del Agua (Aragón): This network of trails runs through various protected natural spaces in Aragon, following old towpaths and trails along rivers and canals, offering the opportunity to discover the importance of water in the region.
    4. Camino Natural del Ebro (Aragon): This trail follows the course of the Ebro River from its source in Cantabria to its mouth in the Mediterranean Sea, passing through highly diverse landscapes, historic cities and protected wetlands.
    5. Camino Natural de la Ruta del Cid (Castilla y León): Inspired by the exploits of the legendary medieval hero Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, this path runs through the lands through which the Cid Campeador passed, offering the opportunity to discover castles, fortresses and landscapes of great beauty.

    These are just some examples of Caminos Naturales that can be found in Spain. Each one offers a unique experience for nature and adventure lovers, allowing you to explore the diversity and cultural richness of the country through its trails.

    What you should not miss during your visit to El Hierro

    1. La Restinga y el Mar de Las Calmas: Visit this charming fishing town located at the southern end of the island. In addition, the Mar de Las Calmas is perfect for practicing water sports such as diving and snorkeling.
    2. La Peña view point: Enjoy the impressive panoramic views from this viewpoint, which offers a spectacular view of the famous Roque de La Bonanza and the Atlantic Ocean.
    3. Pozo de La Salud: This place is known for its natural hot springs, which are believed to have healing properties. It is ideal to relax and enjoy a rejuvenating bath.
    4. Roques de Salmor Natural Reserve: Explore this impressive natural reserve that is home to a wide variety of endemic flora and fauna, as well as unique rock formations.
    5. The Garoé Tree: Visit this sacred tree that, according to tradition, provided water to the ancient inhabitants of the island. It is an important symbol of the history and culture of El Hierro.
    6. The Orchilla Lighthouse: Discover this historic lighthouse, which marked the westernmost point of Europe for many years. It offers stunning views and is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset.
    7. Hiking on the El Hierro Natural Trail: As you mentioned before, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the El Hierro Natural Trail, which offers a unique experience for hiking and nature lovers.
    8. Local cuisine: Try the delicious cuisine of El Hierro, which includes traditional dishes such as Herreño cheese, gofio, fresh fish and Herreño mojo.


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      Day 1

      El Hierro - Camino del Guanche con 6 etapas NATOUR

      Arrival in El Hierro

      Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Los Llanillos.

      + Geko Hotel (Los Llanillos)
      Day 2

      El Hierro GR1311st Stage: Lomo Negro - El Julán

      Today's stage begins after a brief transfer from the hotel to the Mirador del Lomo Negro, at the northwest part of the island. The Natural Trail begins in an environment of recent volcanic activity, dominated by an impressive panorama. The route ascends, crossing the mythical junipers until reaching the edge of the cliff. Then the route continues south, heading towards El Julán, a place where you will find engravings and remains of the aborigines who inhabited El Hierro before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. The southern flank of the island is dominated by large cliffs that offer majestic views at all times.
      Niveau 3   15 km | +887 m / -334 m
      + Geko Hotel (Los Llanillos)
      Day 3

      El Hierro pino canario 2nd Stage: El Julán - Las Playas

      The driver takes us back to El Julán from where we return to the same Camino Natural, now heading towards Las Playas. A somewhat shorter stage that develops mainly in a downward direction.

      Until we reach the sunny municipality of El Pinar, we move through the altitude close to 700 meters above the sea, without significant differences in level.

      El Pinar gets its name from the extensive forests of large Canarian pines that populate the southern area of ​​El Hierro. After leaving the town behind, a steep descent begins along the zigzagging path that goes down to Las Playas, an area with calm seas and long Callao beaches.

      Niveau 3    13,9 km | + 264 m / - 1034 m
      + Parador de El Hierro (Las Playas)
      Day 4

      El Hierro Sur 3rd Stage: Las Playas - Valverde

      Today's stage is probably the most demanding of all. The path, next to the sea, continues flattening for 1.5 km before beginning an abrupt climb towards the Mirador de Isora. The path now skirts the spectacular cliffs on the east face of El Hierro, with vertical drops of up to 800 meters, before undertaking a new descent until reaching Puerto de La Restinga. Finally, we have to ascend again to achieve our objective: Valverde, the capital of the island. Here we will abandon the Camino Natural to continue, in the next two stages, walking along the GR 131, back towards the west.

      Niveau 4    19,5 km | + 1585 m / - 1011 m
      + Hotel Boomerang (Valverde)
      Day 5

      El Hierro Monteverde 4th Stage: Valverde - Cruz de Los Reyes

      Our first route along the GR 131 will take us from Valverde to Cruz de Los Reyes in a continuous ascent. The route takes place along the Camino de La Virgen, an itinerary that receives thousands of pilgrims from all the islands every 4 years. The GR 131 is a summit route, which is approached along the north face of El Hierro with a greater contribution of humidity. After passing San Andrés, some viewpoints towards El Golfo appear and we will cross impressive forests of fayas and heather. The Cruz de Los Reyes is close to Pico Mal Paso, the highest mountain on the island, with an altitude of 1,501 meters above the sea.

      Niveau 4    17,2 km | + 877 m / - 52 m
      + Hotel Boomerang (Valverde)
      Day 6

      5th Stage: Cruz de Los Reyes - Faro Orchilla

      The 5th stage corresponds to the initial part of the pilgrimage that is inexorably repeated every 4 years. After a brief transfer to Cruz de Los Reyes, the ascent continues to Pico de Malpaso, the highest point in El Hierro at 1,501 meters. From there we will have an extraordinary 360º view with the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma on the horizon.

      Little by little the path descends until it reaches the Cruz de Los Humilladeros, from where an abrupt descent begins that takes us to the Hermitage of La Virgen de Los Reyes. During the last 6 km, the path leads us through a volcanic landscape to the final point of this stage, the Orchilla lighthouse, which marks the end of the old world. There the taxi is waiting for us again to return to the hotel.

      Niveau 4    18,2 km |  +142 m / -1497 m
      + Pozo de la Salud (Sabinosa)
      Day 7

      El Hierro - Charco Manso Rest Day

      After completing a walking tour of almost 84 km, a well-deserved day of rest is in order, enjoying the hotel`s pool or visiting the extraordinary natural pools Charco Azul, La Maceta or Las Puntas, where we will find the smallest hotel in the world.

      + Hotel Pozo de la Salud (Sabinosa)
      Day 8


      Transfer by your means to the Airport, for departure, or extension of your stay in El Hierro.


      El Hierro Camino Natural & GR 131 is a path of great beauty and natural value that runs through the island of El Hierro. With an extension of almost 84 kilometres, it offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and a great variety of flora and fauna. This trail is a treasure for nature lovers and a unique experience for those who wish to explore and connect with the island's natural environment.


      Subject to availability:


      In the heart of El Golfo, on the north side of El Hierro, we find the quiet village of Los Llanillos, where the small Hotel Geko is located. It is a tiny but charming accommodation.


      The rooms, with wooden floors and ceilings in the purest traditional style, offer warmth and comfort in a family atmosphere. The proximity of the sea is omnipresent from every corner of the establishment.





      The cave that was once a wine cellar has now been converted into a pleasant dining room for the hotel's guests. However, the usual setting for breakfast is the outdoor terrace.


      This unique accommodation is located in a modern building, facing an endless ocean. The Parador de El Hierro is a sober hotel that incorporates elements typical of the Herreño style, including wooden floors and ceilings.



      Parador El Herro


      The marvellous setting of Las Playas is located under spectacular cliffs on the eastern side of El Hierro. An ideal place to relax after a week of activity, walking around the island.



      All the rooms offer an excellent view of the sea, with modern equipment and attention to detail, not without elegance and comfort. An extraordinary setting that invites you to extend your stay after the last route of this programme.

      Hotel Boomerang


      This is a small family hotel located in the capital of the island, Valverde. It has a simple but comfortable appearance and is run by a friendly staff, who take great care of their guests, going out of their way to attend to their every need. Valverde, with a population of barely 5,000 inhabitants, is a quiet urban centre situated 600 metres above the sea on the eastern side of the island.

      El Hierro - Boomerang

      With only 17 well-appointed rooms, the Boomerang Hotel offers basic breakfast services in a cafeteria attached to the hotel.

      All rooms have a private bathroom and television.

      The setting is ideal for tackling the first route and enjoying a quiet urban atmosphere in the heart of El Hierro.


      On the north coast, located in the municipality of Sabinosa, next to the mythical Pozo de La Salud and just a few metres from the Atlantic Ocean, we find the Hotel Balneario Pozo de La Salud. It is a 22-room accommodation with excellent facilities where you can enjoy a pleasant climate by the sea.

      All the rooms offer an excellent view of the sea, with modern equipment and attention to detail. An extraordinary setting that invites you to extend your stay after the last stage of the GR 131.


      rates for bookings less than 90 days in advance

       7   | 8 days:

        845 € per person in a double room (2 persons)
      | Supplement for single use (...and for 3rd person) + 185 €.


      ▸ 7 hotel nights with breakfast
      ▸ in/out Airport transfer
      ▸ 5 stages on the Camino Natural & GR 131 from El Hierro
      ▸ Taxi transfers and regular bus transfers
      ▸ Luggage transfer, maps and printed descriptions
      ▸ Meeting on arrival day

      NOT included:

      ▸ Flights to/from El Hierro
      ▸ Lunches & dinners


      The program is suitable for single travelers, although the final price is different due to higher costs:

        Solo Traveller ....  1330 €


      With a firts payment of 150 € (per person), book now and guarantee your trip. Pay the rest amount 15 days before your arrival date. We will confirm your reserve within 24 hours. But in the case of accommodations  unavailability, we will refund the paid amount or propose alternative dates.

      Additional overnights

      It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


      To successfully achieve the 5 stages on El Hierro, it is necessary a good physical condition, steady walk and lack of vertigo. According to the year season, temperatures can be extreme (hot and/or cold). Therefore, it is necessary to have suitable warm clothes permanently, to be removed as layers if necessary. Some parts of this trail include passages with slippery loose stone. Although most of this trail is roomy enough, certain sections are quite aerial and require caution. Using hiking poles is highly recommended.


      El Hierro has a well signposted network of trails, over 1000 km long. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of the island, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

      We recommend 

      Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing.


      The program is suitable for single travelers, although it is subject to an additional charge.

      Luggage transfer

      We move your luggage from one accommodation to next, so on your hikes you should only carry a backpack with the essentials of the day. For the whole trip, it is recommendable to use a single suitcase, not bigger than 20 kg.

      You can book at any date!

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        Travel organisation

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        Fly to TENERIFE from anywhere:

        Tenerife North Airport (TFN), is the convenient airport to connect with your local flight to the island of El Hierro (VDE). Although there are also connections to El Hierro from Gran Canaria (LPA)

        In order to optimize your flight to TENERIFE, we inform you of the local flight schedules from Tenerife to El Hierro, of Binter Canarias local airline


        Tenerife - El Hierro connection

        flight nr

        07:55 - 08:35 
        10:00 - 10:40
        12:20 - 13:00
        14:35 - 15:15
        16:45 - 17:25


        And on return, available timetables between El Hierro (VDE) and Tenerife (TFN) airport are as follows:


        El Hierro - Tenerife connection

        flight nr

        08:55 - 09:35
        11:10 - 11:50
        13:25 - 14:05
        15:45 - 16:25
        17:50 - 18:30


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        Valid in more than 35 different cases for health, legal, labour or extraordinary reasons.