5 guided walks in 1 week

Gran Canaria Walking Holidays

in a group

Gran Canaria Walking Holidays

985 € per person

The 5 essential hikes of Gran Canaria. Discover the lush beauty of an island that deserves to be rediscovered at its wildest. From the sunny southern ravines to the lush forests on the very north. And a spectacular ascent to the highest point of the island: Pico de Las Nieves. With the Caldera de Tejeda and Roque Nublo on the horizon. An exclusive walking week to discover the hidden side of Gran Canaria.

Walkings holidays in Gran Canaria. 5 key hikes – Walking in Gran Canaria in a week:

Includes 7 nights in 3 small charming hotels, breakfast and dinner included;

5 spectacular tours to be walking in Gran Canaria in a week with all necessary transfers, including arrival and departure.

1.-  La Caldera de Tejeda

2.-  Ascenso al Pico de Las Nieves desde San Bartolomé

3.-  La Fortaleza de Tirajana

4.-  Por la Ruta del Agua hasta Agaete

5.-  Firgas: el Barranco de Azuaje

Walking in Gran Canaria

in a guided group

Groups:  min. guaranteed 6 / max. 14 participants

Duration:       8 days


more about difficulty...
This programme is for you if you usually do sports and have a good physical background; if you can walk steep slopes up and down and don’t have health problems; if you love nature, are environmentally friendly and are a regular hiker.
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with 7 nights hotel stay

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11th - 18th March 2023 · Booked up

6th - 13th May 2023 · Booked up

16th - 23rd September 2023 · Booked up

28th Oct. - 5th November 2023 · Booked up

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– Up to 20 days before the date of arrival, 100% refund without justifying reasons.
– Between 19 and 11 days before the arrival date, 50% refund or free of charge dates change.
– Between 10 and 3 days before the arrival date, 0% refund or free of charge dates change.
48 hours before the arrival date, 0% refund or date change with 50% penalty of total amount.
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What does this trip include?
  • Half board accommodation (breakfast + dinner)
  • All transfers by air-conditioned minibus, with a guide
  • 5 group trekking routes on Gran Canaria
  • Visitor Centres and sites with paid access
What is NOT included?

Flights to and from your home city to Gran Canaria are not included. However, if you want, we can book for your the domestic flights between the Canary Islands.


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    Highlights of the trip:

    Roque Nublo – Caldera de Tejeda – Pico de Las Nieves

    Guanches: an overview of their recent history

    3 unique accommodations in charming enclaves

    Walking in Gran Canaria, Why?

    Gran Canaria is a well known tourist destination due to the spectacular white sand beaches. But the distinctly rural character of the interior of Gran Canaria is much less well known.

    In the mountains you will find ancestral trails that were used by the aborigines and later by the locals. Today, these paths open up the possibility to discover a natural paradise, still largely unknown.

    The great variety of landscapes that Gran Canaria has to offer is another example of its rich biodiversity and excellent state of conservation. Walking in Gran Canaria means entering this world, which is still unknown to the vast majority of visitors to the island.


    Remnants of volcanism

    Gran Canaria is an island of ancient volcanic origin. Today there is no volcanic activity. However, ancient volcanism is clearly visible, both in the morphology of its basaltic rocks and in the remains of caldera or volcanic cones.
    La Caldera de Tejera
    or La Caldera de Bandama are two good examples that can be appreciated magnificently while walking in Gran Canaria. 

    Advantages of walking in Gran Canaria in a guided group

    The island of Gran Canaria is very large. Getting to and from the best routes takes time and effort. The inland roads are full of curves that make driving them an adventure.

    For all these reasons, it is much more comfortable to participate in a group with a guide, in which all these inconveniences are already solved: the transfers will be in an air-conditioned minibus with driver; and the program to walking in Gran Canaria will be carried out comfortably by a guide who knows the surroundings. 

    Nature of the island

    Gran Canaria was conquered by the Spanish between 1402 and 1496. Why did the conquest last so long? The original inhabitants, the Guanches, did not give in easily and took refuge in the rugged mountains of the interior. Some almost impregnable enclaves had to be besieged and fought hard. Today we can perfectly understand the affection of the aborigines for their island, walking through its mountains and enjoying its landscapes, walking in Gran Canaria at the Walking Festival.

    • Destination
    • Included
      in/out Airport transfer
      Half board accommodation
      Liability and accidents insurance
      Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    • Not Included
      4WD transfer
      access permissions
      Arrival transfer
      Bed & Breakfast accommodation
      Bicycle rental
      Bus transfers
      Car Rental
      Courtesy lunch
      field telescope
      HAVEN hanging tent
      Local flights + Ferry
      Luggage transfer
      Maps and printed descriptions
      Transfer by ship
      Traslado en 4x4
      Two nights in a hotel
    Day 1

    Gran Canaria - Mapa - viaje de senderismo guiado Arrival to Gran Canaria

    ...and transfer to the hotel located in the capital of the island, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
    Meeting with the guide to know  details of the tours that are going to be done during this week.
    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: The Lumm Hotel (Las Palmas)
    Day 2

    La Caldera de Tejeda

    From Fontanales village we set off on our first walk, heading towards Tejeda. This walk crosses a whole region of fertile pastures and beautiful pine forests. This is an ideal enclave for raising cattle, whose milk has made Gran Canaria's tasty cheeses famous.
    The village of Tejeda is located in the very centre of the island of Gran Canaria, 1050 metres above sea level and is bordered by steep peaks that form an ancient volcanic caldera.
    The path will take us to the top of these peaks, which enclose the entire perimeter of the caldera in a semi-circle. From the top we can see the iconic monoliths of Roque Bentayga and Roque Nublo, rising majestically above the peaks of Gran Canaria.

    Niveau 3     12,1  km | + 690 m  | - 660 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Parador Cruz de Tejeda
    Day 3

    Climbing the Pico de Las Nieves from San Bartolomé

    Gran Canaria - Pico Nieves

    Today we travel to San Bartolomé de Tirajana, situated in a sunny south-facing ravine. From there we start the ascent to the highest peak of Gran Canaria: Pico de Las Nieves.  The path is lined with almond and olive trees. And as we ascend, the vegetation changes to a pine forest.
    The ascent takes place along an old Camino Real that zigzags until it reaches the impressive Riscos de Tirajana. To our left we have the Ventana del Nublo. And on the horizon, the spectacular Pico del Teide on the neighbouring island of Tenerife.
    The spectacular views accompany us all the way up to the Pico de las Nieves, at an altitude of 1950 m above sea level.

    Niveau 3    10,8  km | + 1056 m  | - 83 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Parador Cruz de Tejeda
    Day 4

    The Tirajana Fortress

    Gran Canara - Fortaleza The Tirajana Fortress walk allows us to take a leap back in time to understand the heroic resistance of the Canarian aborigines to the bloody conquest of the island.
    The path runs along the famous fortress where the Guanches made themselves strong against the advance of the Spaniards and offered fierce resistance until their tragic end.
    A road that crosses the sunny southern gorges, leaving behind picturesque hamlets such as El Sitio de Abajo or El Sitio de Arriba until it reaches Santa Lucía de Tirajana, nowadays known for its exquisite honey and oil production.

    Niveau 2        9,3  km | + 480 m  | - 265 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Parador Cruz de Tejeda
    Day 5

    Rest day

    Gran Canaria - Agaete- dedo de dios After three spectacular walks, it's time to take a break. And Gáldar has some very suitable spots.  The nearby beaches of Boca Barranco or Playa Redonda and the natural pools in the north of Gáldar allow you to soak up the sun and enjoy a relaxing dip in the sea.
    But also the old town of Gáldar or the nearby Villa de Agaete, with its beautiful square lined with centenary laurels, offer a suitable environment to enjoy the local gastronomy with a multitude of craft shops.
    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Agaldar (Gáldar)
    Day 6

    Along the Water Route to Agaete

    Gran Canaria Agaete Today we go to El Junquillo, a small village in the northwest of the island. The water, essential for life, is dammed up in large reservoirs and ponds that allow it to be gradually dosed to the various plantations throughout the northwest of Gran Canaria.
    Our path climbs gently up to the Mirador de La Crucita viewpoint. From there, following the course of the Barranco de La Coruña ravine, we reach the Presa de las Hoyas, the Presa de Lugarejos and the Presa de Los Perez. Three consecutive reservoirs that provide abundant water for the irrigation of exotic plants.
    The imposing Barranco de Agaete is the starting point of a permanent descent that ends at the Hacienda de Las Longueras, an old mansion with a spectacular colonial style.

        Niveau 4      15,4 km | + 270 m  | - 1265 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast:Hotel Agaldar (Gáldar)
    Day 7

    Firgas: the Azuaje gorge

    Gran Canaria Auzaje Firgas Our last walk takes us into one of the lushest and most forested areas of Gran Canaria: the Azuaje gorge. From Firgas, an enclave known for its mineral water springs, the trail enters the Azuaje nature reserve, in an environment populated by thick reed and willow groves but also covered with ferns and laurel trees as well as other endemic plants.
    The walk is circular in nature. It ascends the ravine on the left side, descending it on the right, now transformed into Barranco de la Virgen. Here we will find a multitude of terraces dedicated to the cultivation of orange and lemon trees. The last route ends by crossing the beautiful Paseo de Gran Canaria, on arriving back in Firgas.

    Niveau 3        14 km | + 770 m  | - 775 m

    Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Agaldar (Gáldar)
    Day 8


    Transfer to Gran Canaria airport for departure or extension of stay for a week of relaxation.


    Discover the 5 most characteristic routes of Gran Canaria by participating in this guided group.


    Price per person 885 € in double room
    The price includes:
    • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast & dinner
    • 5 stunning guided walks
    • Information on arrival
    • Transfers in exclusive minibus
    The price does NOT include:
    • Flight/Ferry from/to your country to Gran Canaria
    • Lunches
    Single Supplement: +245 €


    Additional overnight stays

    It is also possible to book some additional overnight stays, before or after the trekking week, or an additional week for relaxation.


    The hiking week is moderate. It is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo as some trails run through narrow passages. Some sections of the trail may be slippery due to loose stones and/or wet spots, especially in rainy weather. To participate and enjoy the routes, it is essential to be in good health and physical condition.


    The Canary Islands have a well-marked network of trails. All the stretches along which our routes run are perfectly marked. In addition to precise indications, you will receive a detailed map of the island.

    We recommend

    Suitable hiking clothes and sturdy footwear. During the hikes, it is necessary to have enough food and drink, as well as sun protection, a hat, light windbreaker and in the winter months warm clothing. Chestnut poles are available free of charge.


    The programme is suitable for individual travellers, but is subject to a supplement.

    Luggage transfer

    We take care of the transfer of luggage from one accommodation to the next, so that during the routes you only need to carry a backpack with the essentials for the day. For the whole trip, it is best to have a single suitcase with no more than 20 kg.


    Flying to GRAN CANARIA allows you to enjoy an island full of contrasts. But it also gives you the chance to take advantage of the best low-cost flights to the Canary Islands.

    ...And from there, connect to any of the other islands of the Canary Archipelago with local flights of

    Binter Canarias     -     CanaryFly

    ... or perhaps take advantage of the excellent ferry connections to visit the neighbouring island of Tenerife, from Agaete harbor, in the north of Gran Canaria (1 hour and 20 minutes crossing), even taking your hire car with you.



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