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Hiking La Palma

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Hiking La Palma

785 € per person

Without any doubt the Isla Bonita, on the Canary Island, is one of the most beautiful island and a paradise for hikers. We have selected the 6 most special routes so that you can immerse yourself in the enormous diversity of La Palma’s landscape on foot. After each route you will enjoy your small charming accommodation and the local atmosphere of Santa Cruz de La Palma.

Hiking La Palma, 6 Key Routes in 1 Week:

To discover the essential routes on La Palma

Includes 7 nights in small charming accommodations, breakfast included. 6 self-guided walking tours of the must-see routes on La Palma. Includes all necessary transfers.

1.- Laurel forest and northeast coast

2.- The Cumbre Nueva

3.- Poris de Candelaria: Pirates Cave

4.- The Riachuelo valley

5.- Climb to the Bejenado peak

6.- Volcanoes and Saltpans

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This programme is for you if you usually do sports and have a good physical background; if you can walk steep slopes up and down and don’t have health problems; if you love nature, are environmentally friendly and are a regular hiker. 
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Mapa La Palma SPECIAL

SELF-GUIDED walking tours

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Holiday Time Santa Cruz de La Palma


for your stay on La Palma, we have selected 2 small charming hotels, one on each side of the island.

What does this hiking La Palma programme include?       

  • Accommodations – 2 little charming accommodations through out your saty on La Palma, B&B
  • Information – face-to-face and personalised information, on your arrival day
  • Information material – maps to be picked up at the hotel reception, upon arrival
  • GPX Tracs – to follow your tourss with your mobile device
  • Taxi transfers – all necessary transfers for each route
  • Support 24h – we keep permanently in touch with you throughout your stay to solve any problem or doubt you may have


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    What does this trip include?
    • Accommodation with breakfast
    • Taxi transfers & public bus transfers
    • GPX Tracs
    • Support 24h
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    Hiking La Palma, walking routes on La Palma

    The island of La Palma, with just 724 square kilometres, rises majestically to 2,426 metres above sea level and is one of the most rugged in the world.  The central mountain range that divides the island generates different microclimates that differentiate the vegetation on each side. On the east side, we see evergreen heather and fayas.  In contrast, the west side has Mediterranean-type forests, with pine forests and scrubland such as rockrose. Although La Palma has recently suffered a very devastating eruption, the damage is confined to a small strip of the island in the southwest. The entire northern half of La Palma has lived relatively untouched by this eruption and its effects are not felt at all today.  The trails in the north of La Palma still offer the same scenery as before and remain as beautiful as ever. Our FANTASTIC programme offers you the 6 essential routes in the north of La Palma:

    routes and trails in the north of La Palma
    Along the coast and the cliffs of the northeast.  

    Puntallana is the starting point. The GR130 is a long-distance footpath that runs along the north coast and crosses one ravine after another. At 400 metres above the sea, the path leads gently towards the coast. We will pass over Los Nogales beach and cross the Barranco de La Galga ravine on our way to San Andrés.

    The laurel forests of Los Tilos 

    The forest of Los Tilos was the forerunner in the subsequent declaration of Biosphere Reserve for the whole island.  Its enormous botanical interest, formed by rare endemic species with a flora typical of the tertiary era. From there, the path leads slowly towards Barlovento, crossing a plant world of extraordinary beauty.

    The dragon trees of La Tosca, from Barlovento to Franceses

    Barlovento is the most northeastern village of La Palma and is situated on a promontory, 600 metres above the sea. From there, the GR130 takes us through the Dragos de La Tosca, crossing the trails in the north of La Palma. After leaving the village of Gallegos behind, we cross the most exquisite ravine before reaching Franceses.

    The north in depth

    From Franceses, situated in the perfect northern half of La Palma, we have a spectacular view of all the cliffs of the north. And from there our trail leads us to Roque Faro, experiencing the deep north of La Palma. It is a circular trail that then descends towards El Tablado and returns to Franceses, showing the most beautiful side of the villages and ways of life in the north of La Palma.

    Walking along the northern coastline

    Today we continue along the GR130 towards Santo Domingo de Garafía, enjoying unparalleled scenery. We pass Don Pedro and enter El Mudo, a sparsely inhabited area regularly dominated by the wind. The path continues its gentle descent, crossing many goat enclosures until it reaches the village of Santo Domingo. 

    Walking along the ridge of La Caldera de Taburiente

    The Roque de Los Muchachos, at 2426 metres, is the highest point on La Palma. It is home to the Astrophysical Observatory, a compendium of telescopes of different nationalities. The GR131 footpath crosses all these sites on a long, 84-kilometre trail, which can be walked in sections. The various viewpoints along the entire crest area offer splendid bird’s eye views.  It is an indescribable spectacle, with La Caldera at our feet as well as the whole island. But even in good weather it is possible to see the islands of La Gomera, El Teide and El Hierro. All the trails in the north of La Palma end up at crossroads leading to the Roque de Los Muchachos.

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    Day 1

    Mapa La Palma SPECIALArrival in La Palma

    Transfer to the hotel in Santa Cruz de La Palma.
    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Holiday Time  or similar
    Day 2

    Los Tilos bosque de laurisilva en La PalmaFrom the laurel forest through the northeast coast

    In the first part of the hike you will discover the prehistoric laurel forest and in the second part  you walk over one of the most beautiful stretches of the Camino Real runs through the north-east of the island (1). Climbing up and down through the gorges, this road was used as a link between the villages. In addition to the bananas, which are grown on the island, you walk through lush, succulent vegetation with a constant view of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Niveau 3        13 km |  +741 m / -912 m

    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Holiday Time  or similar
    Day 3

    Cumbre Nueva con vistas espectaculares en La PalmaCumbre Nueva

    On this trail (2), which is part of the GR131 hiking route, you will enjoy magnificent views on both sides of the island. You will walk leisurely along the ridge until you reach the Reventón. The descent along the old connecting path between east and west runs through a beautiful old pine forest until you reach the 800-year-old pine tree - the oldest on La Palma - at the hermitage of the Virgen del Pino.

    Niveau 2         11 km |  +175 m / -790 m

    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Benahoare  or similar
    Day 4

    Costa del noroeste de TijarafePoris de Candelaria

    This hike (3) on the northwest side of La Palma leads to Poris de Candelaria. The impressive bay under a huge rocky outcrop, popularly known as smugglers' or pirates' bay, is now used by locals as a weekend retreat.  

    Niveau 3    9 km |  +890 m / -926 m

    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Benahoare  or similar
    Day 5

    La Palma Cumbrecita

    From Riachuelo to the Cumbrecita

    At the foot of the Cumbre Nueva, today's route runs through imposing rock formations, crossing watercourses and old water galleries.  From the Riachuelo Valley, the path heads towards a splendid balcony overlooking the Caldera de Taburiente: the La Cumbrecita viewpoint. Centennial pines and almond trees make up a beautiful path of permanent ascents and descents. From La Cumbrecita you can walk to the Mirador los Roques, at an altitude of 1,300 m, from where there is a spectacular view of La Caldera. From there a circular path leads to the Mirador de las Chozas and back to La Cumbrecita. Return to the hotel by taxi.

    Niveau 3       10 km |  +704 m / -300 m

    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Benahoare  or similar
    Day 6

    Pico Bejenado una montaña con una vista panorámicaPico Bejenado

    The 1854 m high Pico Bejenado is a volcano that rises in the centre of the island and closes the crater of the caldera to the south. The ascent to the panoramic mountain is one of the classic hikes (5) on La Palma and offers a fantastic panoramic view over the island and into the crater of the national park.  

    Niveau 3       12,5 km |  +735 m / -1150 m

    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Benahoare  or similar
    Day 7

    Volcanoes and salt pans

    A varied route (6) with a fascinating volcanic landscape awaits you on your last hike. Geologically, it is the youngest part of the Canary Islands, with the San Antonio Volcano and the Teneguía Volcano, which is only 50 years old. But the vineyards and salt pans in the far south also characterise the image of the municipality of Fuencaliente - an impressive final walk!

    Niveau 4         19 km | +526 m / -1420 m

    Accommodation & Breakfast:  Hotel Holiday Time

    Day 8


    Transfer to the airport for departure.


    La Palma, located in northwestern side from African Atlantic ocean, belongs to the Spanish Canary Islands archipelago. Its rugged and wooded terrain is dotted with volcanoes such as Teneguía and Cumbre Vieja. Santa Cruz de La Palma, is the capital and a beautiful port town with narrow cobbled streets and houses with wooden balconies.


    • Price from: 785 € per person 
    • included:
      • 7 nights accommodation with breakfast
      • in/out Airport transfer
      • 6 Hiking tours
      • Taxi transfers and regular bus transfers
      • Luggage transfer, maps and printed descriptions
      • Meeting on arrival day
    • NOT included:
        • lunches & dinners
      Single supplement: +495 €


      according to availability:

      Santa Cruz:

      Holiday Time | El Galeon | Hotelito 27

      Los Llanos de Aridane:


      Additional overnights

      It is also possible to book some additional days, before or after the hiking week, or an additional week to relax.


      The hiking week is not suitable for vertigo sufferers. Some walks can be considered as strenuous and parts of some trails has narrow passages. Some sections can be slippery due to loose stones and/or wet parts, especially in rainy days. To join the hiking week and enjoy the tours, it is essential to be healthy and to have good physical condition.


      La Palma has a well signposted network of trails, over 1000 km long. All sections where from our tours are perfectly marked. In addition to the detailed map of La Palma, you will get from us precise indications of each route and assistance from the hotline on your walks.

      We recommend

      Appropriate hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the tours, it is necessary to have food and drink enough, as well as sun protection, a cap, wind jacket and, in the winter months, warm clothing. We do offer wooden walking sticks for free.


      The program is suitable for single travelers, although it is subject to an additional charge.

      Luggage transfer

      We move your luggage from one accommodation to next, so on your hikes you should only carry a backpack with the essentials of the day. For the whole trip, it is recommendable to use a single suitcase, not bigger than 20 kg.

      You can book at any date!

      Price do not include flights, dinners, and picnics. You can book at any date!


      Before formalizing your booking accommodations availability must be requested


    Because we know that flying to LA PALMA is not easy, we help you find the best options:

    If you can't find a suitable direct flight, try flying to TENERIFE or to  GRAN CANARIA. From there, you can easily reach LA PALMA by local flights or ferry.

    Fly to LA PALMA  (SPC) from Tenerife (TFN) or from Gran Canaria (LPA) with one of these local airlines:

    Binter Canarias     or     CanaryFly

    ... but if your flight lands at Tenerife South Airport (TFS), you may prefer to combine it with a nice fast-ferry sea crossing (3 hours) from Los Cristianos harbour with:

    Fred Olsen      or      Naviera Armas



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