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Visit a mango farm

Organic farm

Visit a mango farm

15 € per person

The extraordinary flavour of mangoes; the subtle fragrance of the fruit at its ripeness point; the exotic smells of unknown fruits… All this you will experience in our MANGOMANÍA farm, as well as learning first-hand about the processes used to grow them in a strictly organic way.

Organic Mangoes

Tasting included on the farm !

Come and discover a plantation of mangoes and other tropical fruits, produced in an ecological way.

Since more than 13 years growing this delicious fruit,
now offers you the chance to get to know the different varieties of mangoes growing on the farm, as well as other tropical fruits: Lychees, Jack Fruit, Canistels, Pittangas, Mameys… and of course Bananas & Avocadoes !

Depending on the season, you will be able to taste some fruits, as well as observe the flowering process, learn about the growing methods of organic mangoes, and all the details related to each crop.

Our mangoes passion is a consequence of our aim to procure fruits of the highest quality for our own consumption.  We let the fruit ripen on the trees and only harvest them when they have reached their optimum ripeness.

In addition to fruit, the ecosystem of our farm consists of some sheeps and many free-roaming chickens. The sheep produce manure, which is needed to fertilise the trees. The chickens, in addition to producing eggs, constantly scavenge the soil for small insects. This helps to reduce weeds and aerate the soil. They also reduce the risk of pests by eliminating all kinds of insects.

100% organic fruit, CRAE certified. 100% tasty fruit, ripened on the tree.

Meeting point:   San Simón – LP2 road, cross on km11 (beside restaurant Titi Chano)

Available days:   Monday – Wednesday – Friday

Timetable:     from 10:30 am  to  12:30 am

Length of the visit:   aprox.:  2 hours.

Changes or unforeseen events:

It is important to confirm on telephone the availability of this visit, as it may not take place for various reasons beyond our control:

  • Lack of fruit due to being out of season
  • Due to maintenance work that needs to be prioritised
  • Due to personal unavailability or other reasons


Other questions ?
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone:
phone: +34 922 433 001

We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have!

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  • Destination
  • Departure Time
    10:30 h
  • Return Time
    12:30 h
  • Dress Code
    Ropa confortable
  • Included
    Liability and accidents insurance
  • Not Included
    4WD transfer
    access permissions
    Arrival transfer
    Bed & Breakfast accommodation
    Bicycle rental
    Bus transfers
    Car Rental
    Courtesy lunch
    field telescope
    Half board accommodation
    HAVEN hanging tent
    in/out Airport transfer
    Local flights + Ferry
    Luggage transfer
    Maps and printed descriptions
    Transfer by ship
    Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    Traslado en 4x4
    Two nights in a hotel
IMPORTANT: This activity requires a minimum of 2 people to take place. In the case of not reaching the minimum number of people you can change the reservation for another date, another activity or ask us for a refund. Also if you want you can do the activity assuming the minimum cost (30 €).