Independent Hiking Tour

Cubo de La Galga on your own


Cubo de La Galga on your own

15 € per person

Every day we take you to the Cubo de La Galga, to walk on your own the Enchanted Forest hike, self guided. This is a circular walk that penetrates into the lush ravine of La Galga, with luxuriant vegetation. Discover a forest with enormous laurels and other large trees, whose origin dates back to the Tertiary Era. It is an environment surrounded by vines and giant ferns in which only dinosaurs are missing (fortunately).

Viaje de senderismo a La Palma con visita a Los Tilos y su vegetación de laurisilva

Transfer from Santa Cruz de La Palma

Depart from Santa Cruz: 09:30

Main road transfer: 20 minutes

Self guided hiking tour

Return with public bus, Line 100

Transfer available every day, from 2 persons onwards

Hiking in the Enchanted Forest

The hiking tour in the Enchanted Forest is a circular walk. It is a gentle tour (3.5 hours) with smooth slopes. The tour starts in the hamlet of “La Galga“, at an altitude of 680 metres above sea level. The path enters through the mouth of a water channel, heading towards the leafy laurel forest. The path leads uphill progressively and enters into the deep forest mass of Cubo de La Galga. After reaching the Somada Alta viewpoint (800 metres above sea level), begins the downhill along a track towards La Galga neighbourhood. The tour has an end at the spectacular San Bartolo viewpoint, 395 metres above the sea.

Self guided Tour
  • We will take you from Los Cancajos or Santa Cruz de La Palma to the starting point of the route.
  • We provide you detailed description of this tour and will assist you by phone, if necessary.
  • PRICE per person: 15 €  (minimum 2 people)
  • The return to Santa Cruz de La Palma will be done on your own, using the public bus (ticket price not included)

If you are a family group of 5 people or more, take advantage of our group discount! Just enter the number of people and a 15% discount will be automatically applied on booking.

More than 14 people? Contact us directly for group rates.

The transfer to the Enchanted Forest

From Los Cancajos or Santa Cruz de La Palma, the transfer to the starting point of this route takes no more than 20 minutes. The road from the north heads towards the neighbourhood of La Galga, where you will find the ravine of the same name that has given rise to this leafy forest.

La Galga

A neighbourhood belonging to the municipality of Puntallana, known for the fertility of its land and abundance of water.

The Cubo de La Galga

This is one of the ravines in the northeast of La Palma that, because of the north direction, become an abundant flow of humidity. This has favoured the development of a lush forest mass formed by endemic plants and different species of laurel trees, known as Enchanted Forest.

San Bartolo

A spectacular viewpoint in the neighbourhood of La Galga, a small group of houses next to the ravine. There you find the popular “Mari Luz” bar, called “El Recuerdo”.  An exceptional cook famous for her goat meat stews.

The tours

On the map you will see the route to the starting point of the route (red marked) and the circular from Enchanted Forest, which have an end in San Bartolo (green marked ).

The Enchanted Forest

The transport takes you to the Cubo de La Galga and leaves you right at the entrance to a water channel where the path begins. From there the path penetrates into the interior of the leafy ravine, crossing places of spectacular beauty. This route crosses one of the lushest and most unspoilt wooded areas on the island. After a long ascent, you will reach the viewpoint of La Somada Alta, located 800 metres above the sea, from where you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the eastern side of the island.

All that remains is to continue along the road back to La Galga, crossing the various farms and houses on a constantly descending path. After crossing the road, you will come to the Mirador de San Bartolo viewpoint, with a spectacular view of the lower part of the ravine. And before you take the bus back to Santa Cruz, don’t forget to have a “barraquito” in the bar El Recuerdo or try some of the delicacies prepared by Mari Luz, the owner of the bar.

Departure place :

Pick up in Santa Cruz de La Palma (check pick up point and time in the booking calendar)


Total ascent : + 325 m.

Total descent : - 525 m.

Walking time : 3,5 h

Walking distance : 6 Km

Important !

We recommend suitable hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the routes, it is necessary to have enough food and drink, as well as sun protection, cap, light windbreaker and warm clothing in the winter months.

Unexpected changes

Due to weather conditions or unforeseen issues, there may be changes to the tour itinerary. You will be informed as soon as possible.

Further questions ?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone:

+34 922 433 001

We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have!

Do you better want to do this walk in a guided group? 
…and walk together with friendly people enjoying the guide knowledges
  • Destination
  • Departure
    Santa Cruz de La Palma
  • Departure Time
    09:30 am
  • Dress Code
    Comfortable clothing / sturdy shoes
  • Included
    Bus transfers
  • Not Included
    4WD transfer
    access permissions
    Arrival transfer
    Bed & Breakfast accommodation
    Bicycle rental
    Car Rental
    Courtesy lunch
    field telescope
    Half board accommodation
    HAVEN hanging tent
    in/out Airport transfer
    Liability and accidents insurance
    Local flights + Ferry
    Luggage transfer
    Maps and printed descriptions
    Transfer by ship
    Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    Traslado en 4x4
    Two nights in a hotel


Transfer to La Galga for your hiking tour through the laurel forest of Cubo de La Galga - Return on your own from San Bartolo (public bus - line 100, hourly)

...And for the return, take the bus line 100 (every hour), from SAN BARTOLO
  • Public Bus 100 – Barlovento - Santa Cruz de La Palma

  • from Monday to Friday (timetables from San Bartolo)
    • 06:30  /  07:00  /  07:30  /  08:00  /  09:00  /  10:00  /  10:30  /  11:00  /  12:00  /  13:00  /  14:30
    •  14:00  /  15:00  /  16:00  /  17:00  /  18:00  /  19:00  /  20:00  /  21:00  /  22:00

    Saturday & Sunday (timetables from San Bartolo)
    • 06:30  /  08:00  /  10:00  /  12:00  /  14:00  /  16:00  /  18:00  /  20:00  /  22:00

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3rd Select the pick-up place

If you are a family group of 5 people or more, take advantage of our group discount! Just enter the number of people and a 15% discount will be automatically applied on booking. More than 14 people? Contact us directly for group rates.  

Once you have made your booking, you will receive a detailed description of this route by email, in PDF file.

Wanderwege Markierungen La Palma

Although the paths are perfectly signposted, we provide you with a very detailed description sheet so that you can do your walk safety and relaxed

And we'll keep in touch with you throughout your walk to make sure everything goes smoothly. We provide you a phone number permanently reachable.

Doubts? Just call us!

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