The best hiking tours on La Palma

The best hiking tours on La Palma

La Palma

Hiking on La Palma is still the reason because of the island is recognized. But the island is also known as “la Isla Bonita” or as the green island. La Palma is situated in the north-west of the Canary Islands and due to its extreme topography, the permanent passing of clouds is leaving humidity on the island. Therefore the island owns an enormous woodland and a great vegetation, which gives her the name of “Isla Verde” (green island).

La Palma is known for its extraordinary possibilities of hiking. It was in the mid of the eighties of the last century when many german people, escaping from Chernobyl, settled down on La Palma. In these years tourism on the island was just starting. And one of the possibilities on La Palma was offering guided tours for the incipient tourists. The advantage of the same language and the willingness of the german tourists to hike made that many of these new islander turned into professional hiking guides in their new chosen home.

La Palma today

is having low times in tourism because of the COVID pandemic. Fortunately an important part of economy revolves around the agriculture. Particularly the cultivation of bananas. In the last years other cultivations also expand and move the economy of the island: avocado, mango, pineapple. Due to low population index (comparing with the other islands) the agricultural surplus is easily exported to the bigger islands, especially to Tenerife.

But let us come back to the trails f La Palma, which are covering an extension of more than 1000 km. These trails are part of the actual Island´s Network of Trails and can be consulted on the official web page of the Trails of La Palma (“Senderos de La Palma”). The trails are perfectly signposted and well marked. They are crossing from one side of the island to the other and are coming from the ancient ways which connected the villages and hamlets of the island. Nowadays you can use the services of public bus transport (“guagua”) to get or come back from any itinerary you choose.

The best hiking tours

From any hotel of the island. Departure in the morning. Return at halfway through the afernoon. Tours with different levels of difficulty. Enjoy hiking on La Palma. As much for experienced hikers as for first-time walkers.


The benefits of hiking are enormous. Legs are strengthened and mind is calmed down. While hiking all muscle groups are working. Life could be observed from another point of view. Thanks to its extensive network of trails, La Palma is the perfect destination for hikers.

La Palma

More than 1000 km of hiking tracks are crossing the island from one side to the other. From any point you can reach the highest peak by foot. There are long way tracks with sections of until 120 km. Other cross ways are connecting one side of the island with the other one. The most spectacular hiking trail is without doubt the one is going around the coast. The GR 130 connects villages and hamlets on the north part of the island. Walking on this track we cross deep ravines with spectacular vegetation.


Accomodations on La Palma offer a big diversity. There are big hotels conventionally styled in different points of the island. There are also little, nice hotels in remote municipalities. The rural lodgings in remote hamlets permit the hiker to walk from one point to anoher and each time stay in a different accomodation. This is an excellent option for hikers on La Palma. The accomodations options are varied and permit to enjoy every approach.

The best time of the year

On the canary islands each time of the year is good for hiking. Due to the mild climate the whole year through any month could be fine to travel to La Palma. Even in summer temperatures are more soft than on the mainland. Rainfalls are sporadics and on the island is no presence of hurricains. But we must bear in mind that in higher regions the temperature can fall suddenly.