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Saturday, 10-09-2022

El Hierro map Arrival in El Hierro

… and  transfer to the hotel located in the capital  Valverde

Informative meeting with the guide to know the details of the routes that are going to be done, throughout this week.

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Boomerang (Valverde)

Sunday, 11-09-2022

The Water Trail and the Garoé Tree

El Hierro charquito Arbol Garoé The island of El Hierro reflects its history through the water. Your past, your present and your future. This is a tour of the nature of the island that allows us to discover the meaning and importance of water on the island, both in remote times and in the immediate present and future. Walking from San Andrés towards Valverde, we will cross the mythical Garoé and its pools.

This was a sacred tree for the aborigines of the island, which was said to cry water. Located in a legendary forest in the middle of the route to Valverde.

And in the afternoon, when the route is over, a visit to the natural pools of El Tamaduste is essential. An exceptional enclave near Valverde to end the day with a refreshing swim and, perhaps, a walk through the Tamaduste lava flows

Niveau 3    12  km | + 150 m  | – 775 m

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Boomerang (Valverde)

Monday, 12-09-2022

San Salvador Hermitage and Isora viewpoint

El Hierro Mirador Isora En route along the edge of the summit, from the Hermitage of San Salvador to the Mirador de Isora. A panoramic route with spectacular views of El Golfo and the other islands: La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife.

At an altitude of 1,350 meters above the sea and with an extraordinary view of El Golfo, the path leads us along the edge of the cliff to the east, descending in altitude until we reach the Fireba mountain and the La Llanía viewpoint.

Through La Llanía we head through ancient hidden volcanoes towards Timbarombo and then descend through the Nisdafe Plateau until we reach the Isora viewpoint.

A shocking cliff opens at our feet, with vertical drops of up to 600 meters. The vision of Las Playas takes on a dramatic and spectacular aspect at the same time. And in the afternoon, we will try swimming in the natural pools of Las Calcosas.

Niveau 3     11  km | + 157 m  | – 635 m

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Boomerang (Valverde)

Tuesday, 13-09-2022

The south and Last Volcanoes Route

El Hierro Sur Today we are going to discover the volcanic landscape of the south. From the sunny town of El Pinar, located 800 meters above the sea, our path leads us south, descending to the sea. It is a route in permanent descent crossing a spectacular landscape of recent volcanoes.

After the obligatory coffee at the bar in the square, Calle La Paz heads downhill, converging with Calle La Hoya. And walking through these streets you will penetrate the magnificent volcanic environment around El Pinar, starting a permanent downhill that will end at El Tacorón Beach.

Next to this small paradisiacal-looking beach is the Devil’s Cave, which is well worth a visit. After a refreshing swim on the beach, the bus takes us back to Tigaday.

Niveau 2     8  km | + 0 m  | – 749 m

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Balneario Pozo de La Salud (Sabinosa – El Golfo)

Wednesday, 14-09-2022

Rest day

El Hierro La maceta Today is a free day to recharge, relax and enjoy the extraordinary tranquility of the island. Or take advantage of the splendid pools and natural pools located along the coast of El Golfo, such as Charco Azul , or La Maceta .

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast:Hotel Balneario Pozo de La Salud (Sabinosa – El Golfo)

Thursday, 15-09-2022

The forest trail: El Morcillo – Malpaso

Vista hasta La Palma desde El HIerro Today’s trail begins at Hoya del Morcillo to ascend towards the peaks, crossing beautiful century-old pine forests and reaching remote fayales and heather in magical ways.

A beautiful forest of large centuries-old pines makes its way on our descent until we reach the Hoya del Morcillo. This is a recreational and camping area located between volcanic cones, very close to the town of El Pinar.

From this point the ascent back to the summit begins, passing through the Cueva del Mocán. Shortly before reaching the Cruz de Los Reyes, it is surprising to find some dense forests with enormous laurels, fayas and heathers, which were used in the past to produce charcoal.

Now the trail is part of the “Camino de la Virgen” (GR 131) running along the edge of the El Hierro summit and enjoying exceptional views of both sides of the island.

Niveau 2     10,5 km | + 500 m  | – 465 m

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Balneario Pozo de La Salud (Sabinosa – El Golfo)

Friday, 16-09-2022

The World’s End Route

El Hierro - Sabinar Sabinosa is the westernmost town in El Golfo. It is located on a slope 300 meters above the sea. A path starts from there to wind its way up the cliff to the edge, with spectacular views of the semicircle that makes up El Golfo.

The route continues towards the Mirador de Bascos, located on a cliff 600 meters above the sea, with superb views over El Golfo, La Gomera and La Palma.

And after a brief break, we return to the path to the Hermitage of the Virgen de Los Reyes, patron saint of the island of El Hierro. The trail borders the Montaña de las Cuevas where we find the characteristic junipers in impossible shapes dotting the path.

The bus transports us back to the hotel crossing the majestic landscape of recent volcanoes in the west of El Hierro.

Niveau 3     10 km | + 780 m  | – 370 m

Accommodation + dinner & breakfast: Hotel Balneario Pozo de La Salud (Sabinosa – El Golfo)

Saturday, 17-09-2022


Transfer to El Hierro airport for departure.



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