Trails of La Palma

Trails of La Palma

Trails of La Palma

La Palma is known for its extension of walking trails. Following international regulations these trails are clasified in short, middle and long. The short trails are local pathes connecting nearby villages. Middle and long trails are also connected. Together they build a wide net all over the island.

Hiking Routes

The GR 130 belongs to the long trails; it is running over the whole coastline of La Palma. As the island has steep coasts, the GR 130 is continuously rising and falling. In total it is 146 kmm long. The GR 131 is another long hiking trail and crosses the highest peek of La Palma. It starts in Tazacorte and ends at the lighthouse of Fuencaliente. In total it is 72 km long. The GR 130 and the GR 131 are connected at many points with the local trails LP.

Mountain Huts

At certain, strategic locations are mountain huts for spending the night. This is specially useful if you walk the GR 131. It is difficult to make the compete trip in one day. Therefore you can consider the possibility to spend the night in a mountain shelter. The first you can find is at Punta de Los Roques. The next one is at Refugio del Pilar. With these two mountain huts you can devide the GR 131 in 3 stages.

Local Hiking Trails

The local hiking pathes of La Palma are of medium difficulty. You can manage in a limited time period. These trails are suitable for beginners or persons who prefer a day trip and be back in the evening.