Teide: Hiking in 4 seasons


Teide: Hiking in 4 seasons

Looking at Teide peak from the front makes us dwarfed by the strength of this giant that stands as the most important symbol of the Canary Islands. The third highest volcano in the world, it is not only the highest peak in Spain but also one of the most important landmarks in world hiking.
Hikers from all corners of the earth flock to the slopes of this sleeping monster in the hope of trekking up its sides. The 3,715 metres of El Teide are one of the most imposing challenges for hikers and lovers of adventure in nature. However, one of the aspects that most surprises hikers is that it is possible to walk its paths all year round.

The Mount Teide

Although many people associate the Canary Islands with beaches, sun and summer. The truth is that our islands offer fun and adventure 365 days a year.
The Canarian summer is one of the most pleasant in the world with mild temperatures, hours of sunshine and a great social atmosphere. But winter offers endless hiking adventures with the most extraordinary routes such as the excursion to Mount Teide.
The eternal guardian of Tenerife offers a wonderful alternative for hikers who wish to explore it during the winter season. Teide’s autumn and winter routes compete with the majesty of the summer and spring routes. There are no limits or excuses for visiting this wonder of nature during any season.
Let’s take a look at the best routes of El Teide during each season and discover the wonderful adventure of hiking in the Canary Islands.

Teide + Roque Garcia

The best spring-summer walks

From the end of March to mid-September, the Teide offers hikers an unforgettable spectacle. The slopes have overcome the thaw and a green carpet begins to dress the giant.
The beginning of spring is a time when we must be more careful with our steps, as the ground can be a little unstable. The thaw has left areas waterlogged or more muddy. However, the mostly volcanic soil is more porous and irrigated, so it offers better grip than other mountains.
It is a wonderful time because we can witness the awakening of nature first hand.
The Canarian summer is much milder than you might think. Compared to continental summer areas, temperatures in Tenerife rarely exceed 30ºC and on the slopes of the Teide they do not exceed 20º. A pleasant breeze greets us with very cool days and rather cold nights.
The humidity of over 60% and the low rainfall can be an incentive for those escaping the scorching continental temperatures.
Due to the characteristics of its soil, El Teide offers a smooth, grippy route decorated with some of the most beautiful views in the world. Let’s take a look at just a few of the dozens of hiking routes that the titan of the Canary Islands has to offer.

Senderismo Cañandas del Teide

The Pico Viejo hike

From the viewpoint of the Narices del Teide you can start a spectacular route of approximately 9.5 kilometres. The route starts at an altitude of 3500 metres above sea level, so it can get a bit cooler even in the middle of summer.

This route is considered to be of medium-high difficulty, with a gradient of almost 1,500 metres at some points. On the way we will come across the last lava flows of the Teide peak, a reminder that this now sleeping giant was once very active.

Pico Viejo Tenerife

Trail to Mirador de la Fortaleza

With a medium difficulty, this route is ideal for the summer as it starts at an altitude of 3,550 metres above sea level. It is one of the shortest routes on El Teide and lasts about 30 minutes.
However, this short route deserves a mention because at the end of the trail we will find one of the best views of the whole island. At the height of summer, it is possible for our eyes to appreciate the Riscos de la Fortaleza and a panoramic view of Tenerife in all its splendour.
This route is ideal for the whole family due to its short duration and distance.

mirador Fortaleza Tenerife Teide

Winter hikes at the Mount Teide

Teide has more than 40 trails that can be walked during different times of the year. From October to mid-March, we can do very interesting routes.

Temperatures in the winter months on El Teide can drop below -5ºC and temperatures of -10ºC have even been recorded. The wind chill can be even lower the closer you get to the top of the volcano.

The best routes for winter on El Teide are:

Caminata al Teide con Nieve

Walking tour from Montaña Blanca to Pico Viejo

This is one of the most popular routes among hikers all over the world, as it is a medium-high difficulty and very pleasant route. The trail has two alternatives of different length and difficulty.

The shortest route is done in Montaña Blanca going up and down the same path with a length of 17 kilometres. The more adventurous begin the route at Montaña Blanca and descend via Pico Viejo.

On the route we pass the crater of Pico Viejo, an impressive 800-metre diameter extinct lava outlet. It is undoubtedly one of the best natural spectacles on the island.

Night walk and stargazing

There is no experience that compares to climbing Mount Teide at sunset and staying on its slopes to contemplate the stars. Although it is a low-difficulty route, the experience on reaching the observation point will be unforgettable. The lack of light pollution and the clear skies provide a 360º view of the starry sky, an ideal route for the whole family.
The Canary Islands hold hundreds of secrets for hikers who visit us, a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Visit any of the hiking routes in the Canary Islands all year round.

Montaña blanca desde el Teide