Marcos and Cordero: the waterfalls

Marcos and Cordero: the waterfalls

The summer tour: Marcos and Cordero

The star tour in summer time brings us to the springs of Marcos and Cordero. They are situated in the north part of La Palma. It is the most green and humid area of the island. The humidity comes with the clowds which are pushed from the trade wind over the atlantic ocean. There you can find the big green laurel forest. But the springs of Marcos and Cordero are on 1500 m above sea level. On the opposite is situated the Caldera de Taburiente. Huge pine trees are mixed with big farn plants and fayal-brezal. The laurel forest is situated just below.

The Trail to the Springs

The trail to the springs starts in Casa del Monte.This place is on 1400 m. From there the path is going along the old water canal. You reach Marcos and Cordero with an 4×4 vehicle through a forest track. This starts in Las Lomadas and takes about an hour. Than the trail begins crossing 13 tunnels. After 1 hour you reach the first spring, Marco. Then, after a small descent and crossing another tunnel, you reach the next spring, Cordero. Now the trail descends steeply to Los Tilos. You will walk through dense laurel forest until you will have reached the end of the tour.

Through 13 tunnels

The springs of Marcos and Cordero supply the whole area with water. The flow rate remains constant even in dry periods. The water of these springs is used for watering all the banana plantations. For La Palma water is gold. But the water flow belongs to the community. Therefore the neighbours are the legal owners of the forest track and the hiking trail. They have digged the tunnels 150 years ago. They look after the water canal when a stone is blocking the water flow etc. On La Palma the springs are from the village. These springs are their biggest richness.

The Tour to Marcos and Cordero

The hiking trail to the springs seems to be easy. But the trail, due to the rocky, steep and rugged terrain, could be dangerous. Also because of falling stones. The way from Casa del Monte to the springs leads almost flat and you can manage without difficulties. But the path from the last spring down to Los Tilos is steep. It could be difficult for a person without good physical condition. La Palma is a really steep island. Therefore you have to consider that the trails are also steep.

NOTE: Before you start this trip, you should be informed about the state of the trail and if it is accessible.