Organised hiking on La Palma

Organised hiking on La Palma

Organised hiking on La Palma

If you are planning to visit La Palma for the first time, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to organising the desired hiking routes. It is therefore advisable to get advice from local experts and enjoy organised hiking on La Palma. Even for penetrating into the national park of La Caldera de Taburiente it is ideal to do so in a guided group. Whether you prefer to walk on your own or in a guided group, there are very specialised companies on La Palma that will take care of all organisational matters. From transfers by taxi or all-terrain vehicle to the booking of accommodation. For walking with or without a guide. And participating in an organised group or an independent route, on your own .

Guided hiking tours in groups

The easiest way to participate in a route is to join a group for a specific route. This can be done once you are already on La Palma. On the island there are different options every day to join an organised group with a guide. Departures are in the morning from all hotels and the routes are to La Caldera de Taburiente and the Ruta de Los Volcanes, among others. The return is in the mid-afternoon, depending on the duration of each route. There is a wide variety of routes and an abundant offer for groups. Every day of the week it is possible to take part in a different route. For most visitors to La Palma, this is the best form of organised hiking in La Palma.

Organised hiking week on La Palma

The hiking format described above can be undertaken from a single accommodation, without the need to change. Therefore, those who prefer an active holiday and enjoy a week of hiking can simply choose their preferred accommodation. Through the web site, we offer saving packages for those who plan to do 3 or more routes during their hiking week.

Independent walking routes

Another way to enjoy organised hiking in La Palma is to walk independently. This also includes the Caldera de Taburiente. But leaving all the organisation of the transfers to a specialised company. This format is less known, but has many advantages. There is no need to adjust the pace of walking to that of a group with a guide. Nor is it necessary to be at a specific time at a specific point. Walking independently, you can enjoy nature more intensively. For many years, we at Natour have specialised in organising all the necessary transfers and support so that independent walkers can enjoy all their routes in a relaxed way.

Hotel-to-hotel routes, walking from one point to the other

But the most unique walking routes can only be done by walking from one point to another, staying each time in a different hotel. At Natour we have prepared different programmes for independent trekking, from hotel to hotel. This type of organised trekking in La Palma involves us taking care of accommodation bookings as well as transfers and logistical support. The programmes can be done at any time of the year, starting from just one person. Overnight accommodation ranges from small rural hotels to country inns. The trails are well signposted and it is possible to follow the route using a mobile phone or a conventional map.

independent transfers to walk on your own

Finally, it is also possible to hire only the necessary transfers to access certain places, where you can start an independent route. Natour will give you all the necessary indications to follow your preferred route. We will also organise the transfers in the morning and, eventually, the pick-up in the afternoon. But in many cases, you will be able to use public transport to return to your accommodation at the end of the route.