La Palma – Isla Bonita

La Palma – Isla Bonita

Isla Bonita – La Palma

The island is free of COVID, or this was what the german TV reporter thought who has recently visited us. At the end the same one decided to stay and pass the winter on the island as here you suffer less COVID than in Germany.

The fact is that COVID incidence on La Palma is really low. Especially if you compare with other areas. The reason? Well…

An excellent management on the part of health authorities
A good public awareness using in all times masks and hydroalcoholic gel and maintaining the social distance
A downturn in the extraordinary connectivity, consequently a total lack of tourism
The bananas (maybe magnesium is acting as a reppelent for COVID)

Well, if La Palma is not free of COVID, it just need a bit.

Hiking on La Palma

This year on La Palma we also remember this summer because of COVID. Our tourists with masks in the street and in the places. Nevertheless hikers also use masks, but only in the bus transfers. On leaving the hotel use of masks in the bus is obligatory. But during he walks and in full nature it is not necessary.

Fortunately La Palma had a low COVID incidence. And already is nobody left with the virus in the hospital. From 1 of july tourism is revitalizing. But there are still few persons who decide to travel to La Palma. For this reason the bus trips and hiking tours are running in small groups.

Caldera de Taburiente

Before COVID it was necessary to order a permission for parking on the Roque de Los Muchachos. The same happened with the Cumbrecita. Also for parking in the Caldera de Taburiente. These permissions were highly coveted. Sometimes it was already impossible to get one. But now, at the height of summer, you can get permission without any problem.

Actually you can make the best hiking tours on La Palma without nearly meet other hikers on your way. Yesterday for example we made the volcano route. A fantastic tour starting in the Refugio del Pilar on 1450 m. We walked along the GR 131, ascending to the Deseadas. From there a magnificent show of volanic craters appears. We are on nearly 2.000 meters high. It is a indescribable landscape with views over the whole island. The way descends progressively until reaching Fuencaliente, after a 6 hours walk. It was a wonderful trekking and one does not meet a single person on the way.

Marcos y Cordero – The Springs

Another tyoical route for the summer is the one to the springs. The springs of Marcos and Cordero are in the very green and lush part of La Palma. After crossing 12 tunnels the waterfalls which give name to this tour appear. You get a bit wet when you follow this path. But the pleassure to feel the fresh water on your skin makes up any inconvenience. Then the path descends steeply until reaching Los Tilos. The last two hours of the track are running through lush laurel forests. I remember other days in summer with a lot of hikers walking around. But this year it is a privilege to make the trip of Marcos and Cordero. There are such a few walkers that it seems to be alone in the forest.


Exclusive trekking on La Palma

The COVID summer of La Palma is making us discoving a new manner of enjoy the nature. Walking routes, bus trips and trekking for exclusive walkers.