Independent hiking on La Palma

Independent hiking on La Palma

Independent hiking on La Palma

Independent hiking on La Palma allow you to decide where to go and what to see. Even though the hikes on La Palma are well signed, we provide you with detailed instructions and maps. Impossible to get lost with this during your tours. Nevertheless, if you have any doubt or problem, we stay in touch with you and help you faced with any possible emergency.

La Palma

The island offers many options to be discovered by foot. Routes with different difficulties on treks through huge diversity of landscapes. In the center of La Palma appears a great erosion crater converted into National Park. The Caldera de Taburiente. And in the south of the island extends a spectacular mountain range of recent volcanic activity – the Volcano Route.


However, the north part of La Palma seems more interesting for us. The north remains the rural originality of yesteryear with lush areas. Here we can find spectacular laurel forest with huge fern plants. And in the forest of Los Tilos beautiful waterfalls at the Springs of Marcos and Cordero. In the western part of the island you can discover are more sunny landscape. In january and february almond blossom is covering white the whole surface of this area of the island.

Hiking trails

The trail network of La Palma is approved by the mountaineering federation. All treks are well signed and permit realizing individual hiking on La Palma. The routes run on old royal roads which in ancient times connected the little villages of the island. Today, these trails permit to walk from one spot to the other and discover on your own the huge diversity of such a small island. The whole north part of La Palma is cutted by great ravines (barrancos). Therefore its hiking trails are rough and steep. But in the south of the island the landscape is more soft due to the recent volcanic activity. Therefore hiking trails are more gradual in this part.

The surface of La Palma is just about 706 square meters. In this little area 11 municipalities form a group, each one connected by different hiking trails. But in many cases, to walk from one to another takes not more than 2 or 3 hours.

Walking Hotels on La Palma

Even though there are a few turistic areas with different types of accomodations, La Palma offers little remote rural hotels. These little hotels and lodgings have limited availability and it is necessary to book in advance. In Natour we take care of organizing and booking all necessary accomodations for your individual hiking program. We also organize the different transfers, for you as support if necessary and for your luggage.

Trekking Programs

Find inspiration in the different trekking programs we suggest. Of course, these programs can be modified and adapted to your preferences or necessities; also depending difficulty or length of each route.

Do not doubt, if you like to enjoy individual hiking, in this summer La Palma is the best option!