Independent hiking in the Canary Islands

Independent hiking in the Canary Islands

Independent hiking – enjoy your adventure!

Walk at your own pace without belonging to a group. This is the concept of independent hiking on the canary islands. In Spain individual hiking (self-guided) is not as common as in other countries. But it is more and more accepted and more and more people opt for it. To enjoy a few days walking at your own pace walking through beautiful landscapes. But on the canary islands this also requires certain physical condition. You can go for a short walk without special difficulty. But you can also walk through steep slopes and areas full of contrasts on the canary islands.

Walk on your own

If you would like to escape from routes with fixed schedule, then trekking on your own is a perfect decision. Escape from hurry und moving in big groups. Walk on your own, at your own pace, but with all necessary information and personally organisation. We invite you to discover independent hiking on the canary islands. You will be part of trekking- and adventure tours, which are designed specially for these persons, who do not like to be part of a group. You choose the dates and the tours. We offer different walking programs designed for individual hiking. We provide the necessary information: Hiking maps, GPX tracks. We organize the necessary transfers. We bring your luggage from one accomodation to another. We are available for you in case of doubts or emergency.

Spectacular Hiking Tours

On each of these so different islands we have chosen the more beautiful hiking routes. On your arrival day you will be handed over a dossier with complete information of the chosen tours. Now there should be nothing to prevent from hiking on your own on the canary islands. Very easy and comfortable. We recommend the following equipment:

Hiking shoes, we recommend to wear good, waterproof hiking boots or half high shoes, with a good profile, to protect the ancles. It should be not the first time that you wear them. If you have bought new shoes for this trekkingg trip, we recommend wear them before to break them in.

Backpack, the most important is that the backpack is adapted to your back and that the weight is distributed. The recommend volume for realizing this trekking trip is between 30 and 40 liters (about 8 kg). You should get in all your things, if not you will be fully loaded down and might lead to have to walk more slowly and have more difficulties to make the route. The backpack should be waterproof and if not, you should have a water protection in case of rainfalls. If things in the backpack get wet, you will have a problem.

Sunglasses, in altitudes the solar radiation is higher. If we do not protect our eyes, we could suffer conjunctivitis.

Compass, it is a small and light object to ensure safety and help to orientate if necessary. It do not need batteries, so we can use it whenever we need it.

Suncreme, sun protection is very important. Without sun protection you can get sunburnt. As you already know sun rays in altitudes are more intensive. It is recommendable to use at least protection factor 30.

Hiking poles, the poles reduce the risk of injuring, they give us two more points of support and more stability when slipping up. They help us to distribute physical effort among arms and legs and give us more safety on descents or crossing a river.

Bottle of water, it is very important to have at least 1 liter of water with you. Keep in mind that the natural water can be soiled due to dead animals or faeces. Therefore it is recommendable only take the water which is coming out of a stone like a spring.

Handy or GPS, a handy or GPS with geocoding to find the way in case of fog or getting lost. It is an important tool to afford the best possible connection and safety during your tours. Furthermore you can call from every point of your tour the rescue service or stay in contact with us through messages. It is always recommendable to carry an external battery charger (for GPS or handy).

Headlight, a headlight is another important item which for safety we always should have with us. If for any reason it goes late/dark we will be able to follow until reaching our destination. Today many handys have integrated flashlights, but in altitudes/in cold weather the batteries don´t last long way. It is recommendable to put new batteries for the hike and have spare batteries with you as a precaution.

For all planned hikes you will be provided with detailed instructions as well as a good hiking map. We recommend hiking clothes and good hiking shoes. Enough water and food is needed. As well as sun protection, sun cap, light wind jacket, warmer clothes for the winter season.