Hikes in El Hierro

Hikes in El Hierro

The best hikes in El Hierro

El Hierro is the smallest of the Canary Islands and it certainly does not go unnoticed. The fervent volcanic activity on the island of El Hierro has astounded nature lovers on more than one occasion. But it is the trails on El Hierro that attract thousands of visitors year after year.

Beneath the Canarian earth there is fervent activity that surfaces from time to time, reminding us that the planet is alive. The recent eruption of Cumbre Vieja is just one example of the volcanic ferocity that has been legendary on the seven islands.

From the Tagoro volcano to the Cumbre Vieja of La Palma

Prior to the eruption of Cumbre Vieja on La Palma, the 2011 eruption of Tagoro was one of the most impressive in the archipelago. An underwater eruption whose effects were visible for more than six months and intrigued thousands of scientists worldwide.

This underwater volcano served as one of the most reliable proofs of the powerful underwater and subterranean activity of the Canary Islands. Undoubtedly one of the most attractive features of all the islands of the archipelago.

The incessant volcanic activity beneath the surface of El Hierro has given rise to the appearance of a large number of natural phenomena. It has also defined the geography and orography of the island, making it unique in the world.

In the same way, it has created a series of breathtaking landscapes for those fortunate enough to have travelled along its routes. All these landscapes have been influenced directly or indirectly by the aggressiveness of its volcanoes.

From the most beautiful laurel forests in the world to the most impressive coastline and the largest biosphere reserve in the Atlantic. The fertility of its soil and the most spectacular natural contrasts make El Hierro one of the most complete hiking destinations on the planet. As the best kept treasure of the Canary Islands, the routes of El Hierro are perfect to escape from the tourism of the crowded Canarian beaches.

Let’s enjoy this route full of nature, fresh air and the unparalleled beauty of the hiking trails of El Hierro.

La Restinga: witness of the Tagoro

In 2011 the water in the Atlantic began to boil and change the colour of the surface until the fury of the Tagoro volcano became evident. This eruption showed no mercy on the seabed off La Restinga for six continuous months.

The eruption was followed by a series of earthquakes of varying intensity that led to the imminent evacuation of the population. Fortunately, the volcano did not leave any unfortunate aftermath, although it did leave a series of changes in the marine and underwater biosphere.

Starting from La Restinga, a peaceful fishing village, picturesque, beautiful and full of special nooks and crannies. This trail is 5.7 kilometres long and aims at the volcano Puerto Naos with its imposing beauty.

A route along the southern coast of El Hierro with all the freshness of the sea breeze and a breathtaking view. One of the most impressive landmarks of this route is that we pass through the southernmost point of Spain.

It is a low complexity circular route with a maximum height difference of about 150 metres that can be done in a couple of hours.

There is an extended route from La Restinga to Los Pinos through the Mar de las Calmas, which is 23 kilometres long. This route is also less complex but has a panoramic view of both sides of the island’s coastline.

Way to La Llanía

El Hierro is one of the most beautiful natural treasures in the world, a journey into the prehistoric past of our world. The Camino de la Llanía is one of the most idyllic hiking routes in the Canary Islands.

A rainforest with high humidity and a temperature much lower than the rest of the island. The Camino de la Llanía is a very low complexity route and is ideal for the whole family, especially for the little ones.

The route starts in El Brezal in the far north of the island and takes approximately 2 hours through the forest to the gulf. The 7 kilometres of the Llanía pass through the greenest landscapes of the island and through one of the most impressive laurel forests in the world.

This route can increase in complexity if we take it to the Hoya del Morcillo. To do so, we must pass the Fuente del Lomo and the Caldera de la Hoya de Fireba.

This route has a mystical bonus if we add a small but very interesting detour through the Bailadero de las Brujas. A place full of legends and myths about the esoteric activity of the Canary Islands and for many a singular energetic experience.

The Northern Route: The Roof of El Hierro

Walking along the north coast of the island of El Hierro is one of the most sublime experiences for expert and amateur hikers alike. It is a magical route that offers one of the best views of all the Canary Islands.

Passing through what is known as the roof of El Hierro, this route starts at La Ermita de la Virgen de los Reyes; one of the most idyllic and enigmatic constructions in the whole world.

19 kilometres mark a linear path of medium complexity that has positive slopes of 1100 metres, as well as negative slopes of 1600 metres.

The whole route takes between 8 and 10 hours depending on the experience of the hiker and the inevitable stops to contemplate the beautiful scenery. A large part of the route is done on open paths that are guarded by the Mencafete. It also includes the ascent to the Pico de Malpaso, which is about 1500 metres high.

The descent from the peak is through the most beautiful, fresh and lush laurel forests that refresh the route. This point is one of the most beautiful endings of the route, as it will recharge your energy with every step.

El Hierro offers hikers a range of landscapes that go from the wildest nature to the lushness of its cloud forests. Mythical trails full of mysticism that are far removed from corporate packages and crowded with tourists. The hiking routes in El Hierro are a gift for hikers eager for nature and fresh air.

All the spectacular scenery of the southernmost of the Canary Islands awaits you to offer you all its natural activities and breathtaking beauty.

State of the trails on El Hierro

In general, the trails on El Hierro are well signposted and in good condition. However, depending on the time of year or circumstances, there may be some trails that are closed. It is important to obtain information from the Cabildo Herreño about the state of the trails before setting out on any route.