Guided hikes – Canary Islands

Guided hikes – Canary Islands

Escorted hiking tours, your best choice!

To embark on a hiking tour or trekking holiday is not a complicated task. You can participate in guided hikes. But sports in nature also have its drawbacks. Jump into an adventure without having an idea where we are getting into, can be costly. Although the path seems to be easy you must be careful. Maybe it isn´t a high-risk sport, but trekking is an activity with risk of accidents. The dangers can be natural. For example the condition of the path. There could take place landslides, risk of high or low temperatures, fog, strong rain falls, etc. Therefore, taking the decision to go hiking we need to know the risks we take on.

It is important not to carry an overloaded backpack. But also blisters on your feet can destroy the adventure. Or if we did a wrong choice of cloth. Footwear is fundamental. Unconfortable walking boots could spoil the whole day.

More and more people decide to explore the treks of the island and to enjoy its natural environment. And we observe more and more accidents due to these errors. Poor physical preparation or inadequate equipment, overconfidence or lack of information can be the reason of coming to a bad end of the day.


Important issues during the hike

A good hiking guide is more than an expert in the field. The guide is more than a person with good physical condition and technical knowledge. A hiking guide leads his group, handles risks and covers a distance knowing all necesarry details. An experienced guide knows each crossroad or junction, reference points or signposts. He has the best sources and knows about the distance. To join escorted hiking tours is experienced to take clear and fast decisions in an exeptional situation. The trekking guide looks after a good advance planning, the safety and the completeness of the group. He observes any possible variable and leaves nothing to chance. Without doubt, a guided hiking tour is the safest option.


Escorted hiking tours

Tasks of an experienced guide are: lead the group safe through the countryside, plan and organize the hiking activities, care in all moment the security of the members of the group during realizing the activity. The guide plans and realizes the route in any terrain. He/She supports promotion of cultural heritage of mountains and forests as nature conservation.

A hiking guide provides information about: route, duration, physical demands, terrain conditions, difference in altitude, necessary material, etc. Normally the guide is the person who distributes information about the activity and where, when and how it will be realized. The guide is considered as the person who chooses the way, when to take a break or who takes any other decision concerning the safety and welfare of the group.

Be part of a hiking group and enjoy the guided hikes! Discover the highest peaks of the canary islands!

Take in mind, there are so many hiking treks as ways to cover them.

The guide checks the treks for finding the best course for you.

Nature is a so beautiful as sensible place.