See the volcano of La Palma

La Palma volcano

See the volcano of La Palma

It was a first reaction of excitement followed by panic that the inhabitants of La Palma and its visitors experienced at the beginning of the eruption.

Many tourists, faced with uncertainty, opted to leave the island. And later, as the eruption became more established and prolonged in time, some residents of the area opted to look for places further away from the island where they could spend their days.

To see the volcano on La Palma and the destruction it has caused, you need to contain your emotions !

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After more than 70 days of eruption, La Palma is once again experiencing a tourist zero. The first one was caused by the pandemic. But this time all the media focused on news of the catastrophe, selling an image of total chaos and ignoring the fact that the rest of the island is relatively untouched and in pleasant tranquillity.

Cancellations followed one after the other and to this day it is difficult to reach La Palma due to the lack of flights.

Video of the current volcano, comparing it with the eruptions of 1949 and 1971.

Volcano situation on La Palma

The tragedy has struck in the west, in a strip of land that does not occupy more than 10% of the surface of La Palma. Although it is true that this part of the island was overpopulated. And that is precisely what has transformed this eruption into a tragedy of extraordinary proportions.

volcan de La Palma

But there is an interest in visiting this volcano and this has led to a tourist revival. Every day a steady stream of visitors from neighbouring Tenerife come to see the volcano. These visitors are one-day visitors: they arrive, look at the volcano, take selfies and leave the same day for their safe haven in Tenerife.

However, it is now also possible to visit the volcano comfortably from La Palma. There is the possibility to participate in small groups with a guide or to take advantage of organised transfers to see the volcano on your own.

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Options to see the volcano

Virtual tour flying over the Volcano on La Palma

Very quickly the ferries that connect Tenerife with La Palma have been organized to offer several daily connections. And this enables a permanent flow of curious people to come and go every day, giving some work to unemployed tourist guides and companies in the sector.

Night excursions are organized from Tenerife spending the night in the open and thus being able to observe the incandescent red of the lava in its incessant flow towards the sea. Without a doubt, an unrepeatable show that is worth having seen, at least once in your life.

Flying directly to La Palma from anywhere on the mainland may be an improbable adventure. To come and see the volcano, it is best to fly direct to Tenerife. From there you can either get a local flight (Binter and CanaryFly connect the islands very frequently) or use the Ferry

How to see the volcano of La Palma from Tenerife?

In an organised way:

Companies like GetHoliday have done their homework and have quickly placed excursions to La Palma to see the volcano, both day and night, on the market. All you need to do is book online and follow their instructions. They include the ferry to La Palma, lunch or dinner and transfers by bus, with a local guide.

On your own:

From Los Cristianos harbor, in the south of Tenerife, both Fred Olsen and Naviera Armas connect Tenerife and La Palma several times a day. Timetables and prices can be consulted online. You can take a seat or hire a car from Tenerife.

When you reach the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma, you only have to drive half an hour along the LP3 in the direction of Los Llanos de Aridane. After crossing the summit tunnel (open, despite the tremors), you first reach El Paso and shortly afterwards Tajuya.

Tajuya is a neighbourhood of El Paso very close to the place where the monster emerged. From the Tajuya square next to its small church, there is a splendid viewpoint overlooking the crater and all the lava fields it has formed over the last 73 days.

Spend a night on La Palma:

If you just want to spend the night in the open air watching the volcano, I don’t need to recommend any accommodation. But if you prefer to watch the spectacle at night and sleep comfortably in a warm bed, the best thing to do is to look for a hotel or holiday home in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

The island’s capital is located on the eastern side of La Palma and its atmosphere is completely different from that of the west. Santa Cruz is relatively free from the tremors, the sulphurous air and the volcanic trembling. In addition, there are small atmospheric corners and nice places where you can have a good dinner.

Santa Cruz is also an ideal starting point for excursions to Roque de Los Muchachos or the northern part of La Palma. Places such as Cubo de La Galga or Los Tilos, with their lush vegetation, are completely unaffected by the eruptive phenomenon. And the idyllic villages in the north, such as Gallegos or Franceses, are paradises for walking, far away from the volcanic core.

In Santa Cruz de La Palma you will find small charming hotels at very moderate prices. There are also charming holiday homes and emblematic houses where you can stay.

If you have any doubts or questions, call me. I will be happy to help you. I’ve been living on La Palma for 30 years.

Excursions from La Palma:

You can now use the transfers to different viewpoints to see the eruption from several angles or you can join a guided tour in a small group.

Both options take place in the evening to enjoy the spectacular red incandescent lava flows.

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