Hiking on La Palma

Hiking on La Palma

Hiking on La Palma: the weather

Thanks to the mild climate of the island it is possible to hike the whole year through. La Palma has a number of micro-climates. Depending on the altitude, the temperature can change drastically. In summer as in winter climate is changing really little. For this reason the favourite activity of the visitors of La Palma is hiking. And the preferred tour is without any doubts the Caldera de Taburiente.

Hiking Trails

A big net of hiking treks is running on La Palma from the north to the south and from the east to the west. The GR 130 surrounds the whole island. And offers extraordinary perspectives of the coastal trails. It is a longway trek with many connections of short way treks. The trails marked as LP PR are connected with the GR weaving the whole network. To follow the GR on La Palma can be an exhausting experience if you are not in good condition. But the local treks permit to walk short ways even without good condition.

Landscape of La Palma

La Palma offers an enormous variety of landscapes. Precisely the people who come to La Palma to walk are the ones who specially enjoy this variety. The north-west is green and lush, with deep ravines (barrancos) filled with vegetation. The south is dry and of recent volcanic origin. In the heart of La Palma, the crater of the Caldera de Taburiente with its waterfalls and streams shows us a mejestic landscape. And at the summit of the Caldera, rising up to nearly 2.500 meters, you can enjoy ingredible views to the whole archipelago.

Hiking in La Palma: the North

But in the north of La Palma we can find the most interesting landscapes. We could say that here time has stood. Little halmets with beautiful landscape are spattered on the ridge of the deep ravines. And in between of each barranco the GR 130 expands and communnicates the locals. To walk in these sites is a real pleasure for any hiker. And come to hike on La Palma is still the preferred option of all visitors who visit the island. Nobody who come to hike should miss the tour to the Caldera de Taburiente.