Excursion on La Palma

Walk to the new Volcano Cumbre Vieja

Guided walk

Walk to the new Volcano Cumbre Vieja

48 € per person

…And La Palma gave birth to a new volcano! This time it was destructive, but also wildly beautiful. The excursion will take you to different viewpoints to see the lava rivers flowing down to the sea. Observe the new lava delta from Puerto de Tazacorte. Walk along the slopes of the new volcano, approaching its enormous crater. And admire its imposing edifice of different mouths, from a higher altitude, very close to its smoking cone. A simple 2.5 hour hike through volcanic sands near the crater, guided by an accredited guide.

excursión a la Palma para ver el volcán

Guided hiking tour

Depart : 9:15 / 9:30 am

Arrival: 5:30 / 6:30 pm

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday

Difficulty level0%

Walking to the new volcano


It was a sunny day in September when the mouth of a new volcano opened on the island of La Palma. The earth had been trembling for months. The volcano was waking up from a 50-year lethargy and signalled that it was alive. Roaring from within the bowels of Cumbre Vieja, it was looking for a way out. And finally it burst before the astonished gaze of its inhabitants. Its rivers of lava flowed for three long months without stopping, devouring entire neighbourhoods and encroaching on the homes and farmland of a large neighbourhood. The volcano forever altered the face of the island, and tore away the hopes of the people.

Cabeza de Vaca

It was there that the volcano had its premiere, on 19 September 2021: an area called Cabeza de Vaca, located below Llanos de Jable, within the Cumbre Vieja volcanic range. Its main cone rises up to 1,127 metres above the sea. A giant florunculus in the middle of a desolate but wildly beautiful landscape.

Cumbre Vieja

The new volcano on La Palma has sprung up in an ancient fracture of the Cumbre Vieja. This is the volcanic range of the southern part of the island, all of it a huge volcano of periodic eruptions. Each new eruption seeks its outlet in the most fragile area, sometimes finding it further north or south of the Cumbre Vieja.

¿But, what is the name of this volcano?

Officially, the volcano does not yet have a name. Since it arose on the Cumbre Vieja, it has been called by this simplified name. In the beginning, however, the name of the area where it had arisen, Cabeza de Vaca, was used. But controversy soon arose. Those who called it “Cabeza”, those who called it “Cabezavaca”, those who thought that it should be called “Tajogaite”. And so on to the present day…

The Paradise of the Sun

The west of La Palma is rightly considered the paradise of the sun. Paradise because of its mild and sunny climate, which has attracted European visitors, convincing them of the suitability of the place to establish their residences. But it is also a paradise for the palm growers, whose banana plantations, avocado trees and vineyards boast high productivity. The Aridane Valley was therefore an area of high human concentration. Until the new volcano wiped out their hopes and dreams. The new volcano created a spectacular scar and mercilessly destroyed countless properties. Reconstruction is expected to be arduous and it will be many years before the Paradise of the Sun can once again be called “paradise”.

The Excursion

Visits from different viewpoints, to see the whole route of the lava river, from its cone to the sea, where it widened the island by about 40 hectares. From the fishing enclave of Puerto de Tazacorte we will have an impressive view of this lava flow.

A 2.5 hour walk through the upper part of the crater, getting as close as possible to it from Llanos del Jable, with guides accredited by the Town Hall of El Paso.

Departure locations :

From all accommodations on La Palma (check pick-up points and departure time at the reservation calendar)

Walking distance : 5 Km

Total ascent: + 100 m.

Total descent: + 100 m.

Walking time: 2,5 h

Difficulty level0%

Important !

We recommend suitable hiking clothing and sturdy footwear. During the routes, it is necessary to have enough food and drink, as well as sun protection, cap, light windbreaker and warm clothing in the winter months. We offer wooden sticks for free.

Unexpected changes

Due to weather conditions or unforeseen issues, there may be changes to the tour itinerary. You will be informed as soon as possible.

Further questions ?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone:

+ 34 922 433 001

We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have!

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    Comfortable clothing / sturdy shoes
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    4WD transfer
    access permissions
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    Bed & Breakfast accommodation
    Bicycle rental
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    Courtesy lunch
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    Half board accommodation
    HAVEN hanging tent
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    Maps and printed descriptions
    Transfer by ship
    Transfers by taxi and regular bus
    Traslado en 4x4
    Two nights in a hotel


Place where the new volcano of La Palma erupted, from 20 September 2021 until a few days before Christmas.

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