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La Palma Volcano

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La Palma Volcano

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This was the longest eruption in the recent history of La Palma. The new volcano has redesigned the island, enlarging it with a new strip of land and creating a different landscape in the Aridane Valley. But the destruction has hit a small part of the island, barely 10% of the island. The rest remains intact and La Palma is still a green and beautiful island. We encourage you to visit La Palma and discover the new volcano. With your visit you keep moving the island economy and help preserving jobs in small businesses directly or indirectly related with tourism. La Palma needs you! Come and see the volcano and help us to rebuild our island.

La Palma volcano

Sightseeing Bus Tour

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Guided excursion


La Palma volcano

It is no longer possible to see the La Palma volcano in full eruption, because the eruptive process has ended. Now it is only possible to observe the inactive crater and the petrified lava flows with the thousands of houses buried under its extensive mantle.

  • from the viewpoint of the Church of Tajuya, a little more than 2 km away, you can see the crater in all its grandeur.
  • from the Puerto de Tazacorte, you will be able to see the delta formed by the lava, widening the island by more than 40 hectares.
  • From the Mirador del Time viewpoint, with a wide perspective over the whole Aridane Valley, you will be able to see a general panoramic view of the whole volcano: from the crater to the sea.

A virtual look

We offer you a video to better understand what this volcano has been for the island of La Palma; to be aware that the drama is limited to only a small part of the island: the West.

The Aridane Valley is an intensely and extensively populated area of the island that contributes a substantial part of La Palma’s economy. After the eruption, the Aridane Valley has been broken into two halves. Whether in terms of tourism, agriculture or livestock, the economy of the valley has been decimated and its repercussions are now being felt throughout the island. The area through which the lava flowed, burying properties and farms, was inhabited by both humble people and well-to-do residents.

In this video you will see the story of an amputation. The loss of a limb, but not the death of the body. La Palma is being reborn after this eruption and is still the Isla Bonita, as beautiful as it ever was. We invite you to re-discover it! La Palma volcano, an historic story.

Departure locations :

We pick you up to mostly each accommodation on La Palma (check pick-up points and times in the booking calendar).

Visited areas :

The itinerary of this excursion will be on the west side of La Palma

Important !

Although the eruption is over, toxic fumes may still be emitted, even lethal. It is important to stay away from the lava flows.

Photographic devices

Don’t forget to take it with you!  The landscapes are so extraordinary that they deserve to be remembered 🙂

Unexpected changes

Due to adverse weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances, the itinerary of the excursion may change. You will be informed as soon as possible.

Further questions ?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone:

+34 922 433 001

We will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have!

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Eruption of the volcano at Cumbre Vieja

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