We are a team of hiking guides, originally from various places in Spain and other countries in Europe, and we love living in La Palma.

We have been living on and walking all around this beautiful island for many years, and in our every-day activities we have come to acquire a deep understanding of the environment in which we live. For some of us, the “La Caldera de Taburiente National Park” and the Visitor’s Centre have been excellent places for obtaining practical experience and perfecting our style of dealing with people. Others among us have specialized in fascinating areas, such as botany and geology, studying these fields in depth, in order to pass on our knowledge to those who hike our trails.

However, our best teacher is La Palma Island itself: step by step, through thousand of hours of walking, the island has shown us its unique natural phenomena, as well as the amazing variety of diverse natural scenarios. Little by little, our island has revealed its best-kept secrets.

All of this accumulated experience has brought us to the point where, today, we can show the best of our island to visitors while maintaining the highest standards of safety, along with the greatest respect for our environment... and of course, our renowned friendly spirit and willingness to do the best we possibly can. We are passionate about our work and we do it with great satisfaction. So during each of our hikes, from the very first moment, we try to show our participants the pleasure of discovering La Palma walking.

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