Ruta de senderismo en el interior del Cubo de La Galga

Enchanted Forest

We start in the Cubo de La Galga, with its giant ferns, laurel trees and lianas, and walk up to the viewpoint of La Somada Alta, where we enjoy a magnificent panoramic view. From here we walk down to the picturesque village of San Bartolo. After a break at Doña Flora we walk through the canyon to the viewpoint of Playa Nogales.

40 € with Transfer

Volcán Martín en el GR131 de La Palma

Volcano tour

The southern half of La Palma consists of a chain of historic and recent volcanoes that serves as both a panoramic trail and an open-air museum of volcanology on our hike. The almost 2,000 m high volcano Deseadas forms the highest point on the hike from Refugio el Pilar to Fuencaliente.

40 € with Transfer

Rio Taburiente en el interior del Crater de La Caldera de Taburiente

Caldera de Taburiente

An adventure hike through the national park! Inside the approx. 8 km wide giant crater we hike from more than 1.000 m altitude through the canary-endemic pine forests. We reach the year-round flowing river of the Canary Islands, the Taburiente, visit the color waterfall and hike through the gorge Las Angustias.

40 € with Transfer

Nacientes de Marcos y Cordero

The Springs of Marcos + Cordero

With helmets and flashlights we walk along the long, old canal past exotic plants and through mystical cloud atmospheres. We cross 13 tunnels until we reach the springs of Marcos & Cordero. Afterwards, our path leads steadily downhill through the canyon of Los Tilos to the visitor center.

50 € with Transfer

Tajinaste en flor - Roque de Los Muchachos

Roof of the island

We experience all vegetation levels in one day on our drive to the highest peak of La Palma, the Roque de Los Muchachos. At 2,426 meters above sea level, we have reached the subalpine zone and hike on the rim of one of the largest erosion craters in the world, that of the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

40 € with Transfer

Dragos de La Tosca, cerca de Barlovento, en el norte de La Palma

Wild North

For millions of years, the powerful forces of erosion have created the unmistakable image of the north, with its deep gorges and imposing cliffs. We will hike through the untouched and lush green nature along the Camino Real GR130 from Barlovento to Gallegos, a picturesque village, where we will stop at Marleeny.

40 € with Transfer

ejemplar de Drago centenario en La Palma


On the traces of the past we walk from the romantic village Las Tricias on royal paths through the dreamlike northwest.  Like the last paradises, exotic fincas lie between dragon and almond trees. The Buracas caves and rock paintings are silent witnesses of the Stone Age. Visit to the farmer’s market in Puntagorda.

40 € with Transfer


Pirate bay and boat trip to Tazacorte

One of the most impressive gorges of La Palma is the Barranco de Jurado in the village of Tijarafe in the northwest of the island, which we hike down in serpentines until we reach Pirate’s Bay. The return is by boat to Puerto Tazacorte after a jump into the water. Adventure tour!

50 € with Transfer

Ruta de Los Volcanes por el GR131 en La Palma

Volcano and Bodega

We hike through spectacular lava landscapes, pine forests and vineyards to the San Juan volcanic stream. Gorgeous landscapes line our path until we reach the Tamanca. Local tapas and wine round off the day.

50 € with Transfer

Teneguia Tour

Teneguía Tour and Paella

The young, volcanically active part of La Palma, with its exotic lava landscape at the foot of the volcano San Antonio in Fuencaliente we get to know on the beautiful hike to the Teneguía volcano down to the salt flats of Fuencaliente and the 2 lighthouses. Swimming opportunity and a taste of the best paella of the island and wine complete this 6 km hike.

50 € with Transfer