Lava, wine and tapas

...for connoisseurs

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    Lava, wine and tapas

    ...for connoisseurs

    [guided hiking tour]
    At the foot of Fuencaliente, 650 metres above sea level, we find the San Antonio volcano, about 3000 years old. From here, we can see the whole west side of La Palma and the small surrounding villages. The Teneguia volcano erupted in 1971 and is now below this one. The track descends from the crater of San Antonio, through an arid landscape of volcanic scoria and dunes of black sand contrasting sharply with the bright blue of the sea. The vines and other small shrubs lend a touch of green to the lunar landscape. On Roque Teneguia, a pale-coloured rock that emerges from the black cinders, we can see engravings in the stone, carved by the original natives of the island. It is believed that the old thermal springs that were buried in the 1677 eruption, and which the village of Fuencaliente (Hot Spring) is named after, were located here. Shortly afterwards, we get to the foot of Teneguia, the youngest volcano in the Canary Islands. Hot vapour stinking of rotten eggs, still emanate from the ground here. We can climb the left flank to see the rivers of lava that were spewed out and ran down the mountainside until they spilled into the sea. The scenery is spectacularly arid, giving us a dramatic idea of the extraordinary power that bursts out of the earth with a volcanic eruption. Our path runs down towards the Fuencaliente Lighthouse. The path is easy and pleasant to walk. Walking between the fields of volcanic sand, we reach the southernmost tip of La Palma. A refreshing swim in the Atlantic Ocean and the best paella from the island with a little bit wine we will taste in the end of our tour.
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    Duration: 3 h
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    Distance: 6 km
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    Altitude: +30 / -700
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    easy middle strenuous
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    Bus meeting point
    Puerto Naos: 9:15 h h
    Los Cancajos: 9:30 h h
    H. Princess: 9:45 h h

    detail trek cart € 49,00
    On booking, if you PAY WITH CARD (up to 21 days (until 18h) in advance)
    you’ll get 8% discount

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    If you have a car and you want to use it
    Meeting point:
    Fuencaliente (Los Canarios)

    € 37,00
    On booking, if you PAY WITH CARD (up to 21 days (until 18h) in advance)
    you’ll get 8% discount

    · Bar Centaurea crossing Ctra. Las Indias

    Suitable clothing and trekking shoes are recommended.

    Eating and enough to drink. To take sun protection, hat, wind /rain jacket and warm clothes for the winter months is also important. We offer gratis our guests on the tours our rustic wooden walking sticks. Feel free to bring your own hiking equipment.

    Download actual PDF leaflet (below)

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