Enchanted Forest

...a botanical trail through the laurel forest

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    Enchanted Forest

    ...a botanical trail through the laurel forest

    [guided hiking tour]
    a: From the "Cubo de La Galga", a pleasant path gently takes us through one of the most exotic and leafy environments on La Palma island: dense laurel and giant fern forests, perhaps the most lovely and spectacular in the entire Canary Islands archipelago, whose origins date back to the Tertiary Era, a time when the world was dominated by terrible predators, and enjoyed a fertile tropical climate.

    After reaching La Somada Alta, a lookout point located 900 meters (3,000 feet) AMSL, we are overwhelmed by the superb view out towards the small villages on the verdant northeast area of the island, and we prepare for the descent.

    Little by little, we make our way right into the very heart of the Enchanted Forest, a pre-historic jungle bursting with leafy vegetation, majestic ferns hanging from the damp cliffs, while lianas knit their networks through the tree tops, and a myriad beautiful plants and flowers fill every tiny corner of the forest.

    A little further on, the path brings us into the first of the clearings where farmers are preparing their crop terraces. Small houses start to dot the landscape, and now we can enjoy watching the locals as they go about their day to day life, working hard at their daily chores.

    a+b: In the village of "San Bartolo", with a superb view to the northern ravines, we complete the first part of this marvellous botanical route. From here, the road continues on for another hour, for those who want to explore the impressive La Galga ravine, delighting in the spectacular landscape of the east coast.

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    Part a:
    detail time
    Duration: 3.5 h
    detail distance
    Distance: 7 km
    detail trek height
    Altitude: +350 / -550
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    easy middle strenuous
    Part a+b:
    detail trek time
    Duration: 5 h
    detail trek distance
    Distance: 11 km
    detail trek height
    Altitude: +450 / -950
    detail indicator two
    detail trek gradient
    easy middle strenuous
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    Bus meeting point
    Los Cancajos: 9:30 h
    Puerto Naos: 8:30 h
    Princess Hotel: 8:15 h

    detail trek cart € 44,00
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    If you have a car and you want to use it
    Meeting point:
    Puntallana ·


    € 32,00

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    Suitable clothing and trekking shoes are recommended.

    Eating and enough to drink. To take sun protection, hat, wind /rain jacket and warm clothes for the winter months is also important. We offer gratis our guests on the tours our rustic wooden walking sticks. Feel free to bring your own hiking equipment.

    Download actual PDF leaflet (below)

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