Canary Islands, 7 Tours, 7 Islands

Canary Islands, 7 Tours, 7 Islands

The awakening of the earth on La Palma shows once more that the canary nature is more alive than ever. The Canary Archipelago offers hundreds of natural unique events and presents a perfect setting for trekking.

It is a magic and unforgettable experience to make trekking on one of the seven islands of the archipelago.

There are tens of routes which bring us to natural landscape of incomparable beauty.

To live the experience of the canary biodiversity brings us to rough and rural landscapes as to lush forests.

On the same tour you can run through different reliefs delighting the senses and impregnating in the soul.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are on the top of the to-do list of hikers of the whole world. The summits, valleys, waterfalls, rivers and volcanoes are a natural present which yearly attracts hundreds of hikers of the 5 continents.

On our islands are tours of each experience level. From soft walks for the whole family to the most special and demanding ones for experienced hikers.

Los Tilos Barranco La Palma

Canary Islands natural trails

The bautiful canary archipelago is with its “only” 30 million years one of the youngest geographic landforms of the world. The beautiful topography of the islands is forged by the fervent volcanic activity .

The violence of the activity of the underwater volcanoes has been appeased by the calm of the atlantic ocean and has created an indescribable natural event.

Each island has its own geological age and has progressed in reliefs, flora and fauna in a singular way.  Due to this particularity it is possible to walk from rough, volcanic wasteland to fertil, tropical landscapes.

bajada a la costa del noroeste de Tijarafe

El Hierro: Biosphere Reserve

The youngest of the Canary Islands is at the same time the less known and the one with the smallest number of international tourism. This particualrity offers many advantages for the trekking as the island has many sceneries still to discover.

El Hierro was declared world natural heritage for its one of the richest biodiversity of the world. The rock formations of the island has created natural swimming pools hidden behind the most exciting tours and the best views of the world.
The routes next to the coast permit to delight the romantic sunset which is reflected in its beaches with crystal clear water. An idyllic place to enjoy alone or in good company.

senderos en El Hierro para caminar por la isla del meridiano de Canarias

La Gomera: The eternal spring

If the Garden of Eden would have coordinates for sure the GPS would bring us directly to La Gomera.
A natural paradise where time seems to have frozen its beauty for the hikers who walk on its wonderful routes.
Lush laurel forests are as a natural museum of biodiversity offering landscapes which you cannot enjoy in another part. Its steep routes with deep cliffs and caves are a real challenge for experienced hikers.
Nevertheless you can find on La Gomera options for everybody and tours of each level of experience.
Its viewing points with breathtaking views serve as a framework for the most beautiful natural images of the world.

senderos en La Gomera por el Parque Nacional de Garajonay

La Palma: living island

The Isla Bonita is one of the best-kept treasures of the world.
The fervent volcanic activity of La Palma has forged by fire a geography of indescribable beauty. The fertility of its valleys has given place to lush forests and the most biodiverse mountains of the planet.
Without doubt, the fiery volcanic activity is the most outstanding point of the island and offers world-wide unique natural events. The Caldera de Taburiente is one of the most world-wide desired trekking destinations with routes from the sea up to the heights.
On La Palma you can choose between unforgettable tours as the one to the Springs of Marcos and Cordero or the one to the Teneguía-Volcano – just two of the hundreds of wonderful experiences of the island.

Vista desde el Roque de Los Mucahchos hacia la Caldera de Taburiente

Tenerife: At the foot of the Teide

The Teide is the highes peak of Spain and a natural breathtaking event for yearly millions of tourists. The wonderful hiking tours of the Natural Park offer an unforgettable natural scenery.  On the hillsides you can make a soft family trip or choose the most steep and demanding trips on the world´s third largest volcano.

Tenerife offers many options of majestic beauty as its impossing massifs, big caves or its mountain routes.  An unforgettable landscape on the most populated and most visited island of the Canary Archipelago.

Minaretas de Tenerife walking holidays

Gran Canaria: The heart of the Canary Islands

The second largest island of the archipelgo disputes the first place with its six sisters regarding beauty and diversity. The idyllic climate presents dozens of incomparable trails through forest, mountain or coastal topography.

Fertile valleys are situated under huge mountains where you can find the great diversity of flora and fauna with fantastic views.

It is an incomparable experience to walk through the island from tropical beaches to lush forests.

Roque Nublo en Gran Canaria con el programa de Gran Canaria Esencial

Fuerteventura: Tropical paradise

The spectacular beaches of Fuerteventura have nothing to envy to the Pacific or Caribbean beaches. But the natural trails are giving to this island a special place for the world-wide hikers.
Going around the island from the Zarza Peak to the Dunes of Corralejo – Fuerteventura is a dream destination for trekking. Beautiful rock formations offer its inhabitants and visitors an unsurpassed natural beauty.

Fuerteventura Islas Canarias

Lanzarote: Space Trekking

The experts say that the surface of Lanzarote is the closest thing to explore valleys and mountains of Mars. In fact, the landing spot of the first martian space probe of the NASA was called “Timanfaya”.
The hikers love to walk through the rough reddish routes of Lanzarote and feel like discovering the surface of the red planet. But, the island offers dozens of mountain tours with all the beauty that is offering the `different island´.

Definitely, to make trekking on the Canary Islands is one of the most memorable experiences for its vistors. We have all climate zones and the routes keep hidden beautys as treasures for the most adventurous.
Discover the Canary Islands by your own steps and come to live a 360 º experience on the best place of the world. We await you to make of your visit un unforgettable moment to which you always would like to return.

Lanzarote Islas Canarias